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You Have a Lot to Do at SAN

A look at the airport's new art

By Gloria Tebelman

You Have a Lot to Do at SAN

the San Diego Airport

Frank Rogozienski

Arrive early for your next flight out of the San Diego airport. There’s a lot to see. Several new artworks have just been revealed as part of the Green Build. Our airport takes art seriously—Art Program Manager Constance White oversaw each work from conception to completion. The artists are from all over the world but every piece reflects characteristics of San Diego. Here are just a few:

You Have a Lot to Do at SAN

The Journey

The Journey (artist: Jim Campbell) is the biggest scale piece. It stretches over the walkway throughout a large part of terminal 2. It’s made of 38,000 led lights and images float across the sculpture like birds and ocean waves, giving a sense of the outdoors and reminding you that you haven’t left San Diego yet.

You Have a Lot to Do at SAN

Footprints in the sand

As you make your way through terminal two, the floor resembles footprints in the sand. We know it’s tempting but don’t go running around barefoot in the airport.

You Have a Lot to Do at SAN


Sublimare (artists: Merge Conceptual Design) transforms the underside of the departure road into an ocean with huge aluminum kelp and fish shapes. No better way to grab a cab after arriving in SD than to be reminded of the city’s jewel. Soon the work will include a light projection that uses real time wave data from a buoy in the San Diego Bay to create patterns and color.

You Have a Lot to Do at SAN

Taxonomy of a Cloud

Sunset cove is a beautiful new space that brings the outdoors in with palm trees, an expansive window wall, and clouds. Taxonomy of a Cloud (artist: Stuart Keller) is made of aluminum tubing and over 35,000 Swarovski crystals.

You Have a Lot to Do at SAN

Palm trees

Don’t be fooled, those palm trees aren’t real. The trunks are ceramic and the frawns are freeze-dried frawns from Temecula.

You Have a Lot to Do at SAN

Donde Esta

Donde Esta (artist: Erik Carlson) hangs on bathroom outer walls throughout; each has a different video from a specific spot in San Diego, and the coordinates are below. The images are revealed as you walk towards the bathroom entrance.

You Have a Lot to Do at SAN

Reflection Room

My favorite new spot is the Reflection Room (artist: Norie Sato), the airport’s play on a chapel. This is a quiet space for people of all backgrounds; the sculptural piece can serve as a point of meditation or an altar. The room can also be divided, for a yoga class or other activity. The space isn’t quite done but hopefully it will be open in time for hectic holiday travel.

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