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19 Best Eye Creams for Men of 2023

There’s an eye treatment option for everyone, whether you’re trying to combat puffy eyes, dark circles, or dried tired-looking skin.
Men's Eye Cream

Men’s Eye Cream

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If “eyes are the window to the soul,” then eye cream is the paint we need to help our ‘windows’ come alive.

When you wake up, you want to look rested, energized, and ready for the day. You don’t want black under-eye circles that scream -I watched Netflix until 2 am and forgot to set an alarm clock- even if you did. Enter, eye cream. A product that helps you live your best life (nightlife included) and appear well-rested the next day.

The real problem in this scenario is finding a suitable eye cream. There are too many options, they all look and sound similar, and it’s boring to read product reviews all day. We did the heavy lifting, so you don’t have to. This article is a carefully curated list of the 19 best eye creams for men, from us to you.

There’s an eye treatment option for everyone, whether you’re trying to combat puffy eyes, dark circles, or dried tired-looking skin.

1. Blu Atlas Eye Stick 

All-natural skincare lines have been hitting the beauty product circuit at higher volumes than ever before. With so many incredible options, how could there be one “best” grooming brand to help you achieve the skin, hair, or look you’re chasing. Well, the votes are in, and Blu Atlas provides the highest quality products that people love and trust to take care of their most precious features. Their grooming line includes the winner for best eye creams for men, Blu Atlas Eye Stick.

Their products combine all-natural ingredients that your skin will greedily devour. The Blu Atlas Eye Stick uses algae extract and caffeine as all-natural antioxidants to help fight the signs of aging. With the addition of vitamin C to fight wrinkles, help the skin recover from sun damage, and give your skin all the anti-aging goodness it needs. The Eye Stick takes care of pesky dark circles and that annoying under-eye puff after a great night out.

You’ll worship the Eye Stick if you want to live the life you love while still maintaining your youthful under eye skin.

2. Clinique Anti-Age Eye Cream

A simple approach to anti-aging eye cream, Clinique has been a department store classic for decades. Their products are known for being high-quality, effective, and long-lasting.

The small bottle will last you a few months because you only need to apply a thin layer to receive the many benefits. The thin layer of cream will apply smoothly and not feel heavy on your under-eye. The formula uses green tea extract and other botanical ingredients to help reduce fine lines, wrinkles and restore your under-eye skin.

You’ll love Clinique’s Anti-Age Eye Cream if you want a time-tested product and brand with a lightweight eye cream.

3. Kiehl’s Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado 

Avocados on toast, avocados IN eye cream, what delectable item will be next? We can’t see into the future, but we know the skin surrounding your eyes will feel rejuvenated and lustrous with this avocado-based product. We love this creamy, thick eye treatment option and think you will too. It provides intense under-eye hydration in a paraben-free and fragrance-free eye product.

Their unique formula mixes avocado oil and shea butter to nourish tired skin deeply, with additions of beta carotene and vitamin A to enrich it. The lush, fluffy product targets puffiness and brightens the skin.

You’ll love this if you’re looking for a rich, hydrating eye cream to use in the evening.

4. Anthony High Performance Continuous Moisture Eye Cream

Anthony has an outstanding eye cream option included in their array of products for men. The eye cream has an advanced time-release formula that can help the skin around your eyes remain bright and camera-ready. Anthony’s eye cream is a lightweight option to tackle the problem of fine lines, wrinkles, and other eye problem areas.

Their unique formula combines several natural, plant-based ingredients to help you fight fine lines and those pesky dark circles. Vitamin A, C, and E combine with jojoba oil, shea butter, squalane, and carrot root to hydrate, nourish, and refresh your skin deeply. The arnica and caffeine keep the party going by keeping the puffiness and dark circles at bay.

5. Brickell Restoring Eye Cream for Men

We love Brickell’s for bringing another high-quality men’s skincare product to your bathroom. Their eye cream comes packaged in a jar so you can apply the perfect amount to your skin, sparingly, of course. This 0.5oz bottle will last at least 45 days if used morning and night. Time for some well-rested eyes!

With their delectable combination of natural ingredients, it’s hard to resist. The hyaluronic acid richly moisturizes the skin and locks in as much glow as possible. Caffeine will jump in to combat any dark circles, and MSM will brighten the skin around the eyes.

6. Burt’s Bees Sensitive Solutions Calming Eye Cream 

You’ll be obsessed with Burt’s Bees eye cream, especially if you have sensitive skin. Their specially formulated cream is for anyone who experiences annoying or frustrating skin irritations and everyone else looking for a gentle organic option!

Burt’s Bees want you to discover the best way to take of your eyes, with their own 98.9% natural origin Sensitive Solutions Calming Eye Cream. They know the eyes are one of the most sensitive places on your body and want to help!

The cream is hypoallergenic and is not thick! Their formula uses cotton extract as its sensitive skin champion. They combine aloe, coconut oil, and shea butter to hydrate richly.

7. Dr. Dennis Gross Triple Correction Serum

If you’re skimming through the list to find the best retinol serum, you’ve hit the jackpot with Dr. Dennis Gross’s Triple Correction Serum. This serum helps you see immediate results, especially with fine lines and wrinkles. Dr. Dennis Gross created this serum to help anyone aging or with tired skin around the eyes restore their natural luster and beauty.

This incredible serum has revolutionary ingredients to help restore and stimulate new collagen around your eyes. The formula uses retinol to smooth any lines or wrinkles and ferulic acid to combat any damage caused or triggered by the retinol. Bakuchiol creates retinol-like effects, without any irritation, in a natural way. Rambutan is another collagen-stimulating ingredient and is also an antioxidant.

You’ll love this serum if you want a doctor-created and recommended product with life-changing retinol properties.

8. ClarinsMen Line-Control Eye Balm

Made in France, Clarins Line-Control Eye Balm is an excellent choice for all skin types. It is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested and will help improve your tired skin. It is a luxury eye balm at an incredible price.

A thick, fluffy balm that goes on smoothly while feeling luxurious. The balm uses a botanical blend of maritime pine to blast away dark circles and paracress to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. It is best used for nighttime applications due to its thick, creamy texture.

You’ll enjoy this eye balm if you’re looking for the perfect treatment for any skin type.

9. Dr. Brandt needles no more No More Baggage

The name of Dr. Brandt’s product paints a pretty picture, No More (under eye) Baggage for you. This eye gel cream combo is made for all skin types and addresses dark circles and under-eye bags. It’s smooth and lightweight when applied to the skin, and possible to see results after just one application!

With such a significant promise, what magical ingredients do they use? Inside are peptides that perform similar skin miracles to retinol, creating new levels of firm skin and strengthening elasticity. Along with caffeine to keep away those bothersome dark circles and other plant extracts to keep skin relaxed and not puffy.

You’ll love this product if you want to leave the -puffy eye- baggage behind and discover a quick fix.

10. The Ordinary Caffeine Solution

There is nothing ordinary about The Ordinary Caffeine Solution—a small bottle of caffeine solution that delivers precisely what it promises. The Caffeine Solution targets dark circles and puffiness with their uncomplicated fusion of ingredients. The price is literally killer, and their simple ingredients deliver the result you want to achieve.

The Ordinary uses a simple combination of ingredients to bring brighter eyes to your life. The caffeine and EGCG will fight both puffiness and dark circles. You’ll love The Ordinary’s eye product if you want the most affordable product that gives you the biggest bang for your buck.

11. Healgel Eye

A cooling gel for all skin types, Healgel Eye is here to help you shrink fine lines and wrinkles. It’s a simple eye gel product with a simple goal, to help you have more youthful glowing skin. A gel perfect for both morning and night applications.

Their formula uses arnica to reduce puffiness around the eyes and stimulate collagen production. Their hyaluronic complex brings extreme levels of moistures and shields skin throughout the day.

You’ll love this product if you want a simple eye gel to battle wrinkles and dark circles.

12. Lab Series Daily Rescue 

Calm your tired eyes and skin with Lab Series Daily Rescue Energizing Eye Treatment. Their specialized men’s grooming products bring high-quality ingredients to the public. They are committed to making the world a better, more livable place and use recycled materials for their product bottles. Wake up LOOKING refreshed and rested, even if you only got 4 hours of sleep.

Their formula uses a unique blend of two exceptional ingredients, ginseng and caffeine. The caffeine delivers a dark circle free day, and the ginseng works to energize the skin around the eyes, helping your skin appear more luminous.

You’ll love this product if you’re looking for a new men’s grooming line with excellent outcomes.

13. Murad Retinol Youth Renewal Serum

Retinol, sweet retinol, where would our skin be without you? We think you’ll love this breathtaking retinol serum that can help tighten skin and significantly reduce the appearance of any fine lines or wrinkles. Murad’s Retinol Youth Renewal Serum is perfect for all skin types, and it’s ideal for morning and night eye brightening and skin tightening.

This unique formula is a potent mix of retinol. They bring together three types and stages of retinol to deliver you the best results. The first retinol uses a time-released formula to provide all-day skin tightening, with an immediate retinol boost upon applying and a booster to increase retinol effectiveness throughout the day. The last stellar ingredient, hyaluronic acid, boosts moisture and helps lock in your dewy glow.

You’ll love this serum if you want one of the best retinol eye treatments on the market.

14. Shiseido Men Total Revitalizer Eye Cream 

Step up your skincare routine with Shiseido’s eye treatment option. Eye cream tubes like this look small, especially when you splash big bucks to restore under-eye skin health, and they’re not always worth it. Shiseido’s Eye Cream is worth splashing extra cash for. It’s the ultimate formula for deep 48-hour hydration. It’s also great for those with sensitive skin.

So what’s not to love about it? Their blend of rice bran oil and nicotinamide takes care of skin and brings back your luster. You’ll love this product if you’re looking for a seriously hydrating eye cream.

15. Elemis Time Defence Eye Reviver

Men with dry skin love Elemis’ Time Defence Eye Reviver. The gel cream is lightweight and doesn’t irritate the sensitive skin. It is perfect for the thin skin around the eyes, and it absorbs quickly and lightly. It adds another barrier to protect your skin from outside elements.

Their formula uses unique ingredients to bring you ultimate hydration in a lightweight liquid. Hydroxyproline, ginseng, and acacia revive tired skin, promote elasticity, and protect you from harsh radicals.

You’ll enjoy this gel cream if you want the perfect lightweight liquid for sensitive skin.

16. Jack Black Eye Balm De-Puffing and Cooling Gel 

Rolling-ball applicators, step aside; the best eye treatment applicator is in town. Jack Black’s eye balm and gel were made to make applying your eye product as easy as 1, 2, 3. All it takes is a few quick swipes, and you’ll be on your way.

We love this lightweight gel for making skin feel fresh, young, and ready for the day. It’s easy to use but even easier to toss in a bag to take to work, the gym, or your next vacation. Their balm and gel formula rejuvenates and plumps the skin under the eye to prepare you for your next business meeting.

You’ll love this product if you want a cooling gel to treat under-eye difficulties.

17. Geologie Dark Under Eye Cream

The Geologie pump bottle takes out the guesswork of “how much product do I apply?” With one pump, you’re ready to dab and pat all the wrinkles away. Geologie undertakes the work to make some of the best skincare products for men. You can even get a trial with a month’s worth of products to see if they work for you! You can also get personalized skincare recommendations from their team of dermatologists.

The formula uses kojic acid and hyaluronic acid to lock in extra moisture and create a protective barrier for the skin. Along with caffeine to rid you of the dark under-eye circles and keep your skin brighter and tighter.

You’ll love this cream if you want a simple solution to under-eye issues and want to buy other skincare products in one place.

18. Cetaphil Hydrating Eye Gel-Cream

Is it a gel, or is it a cream? Both! Cetaphil packs in the properties of gels and creams in one tiny tube. While many great eye creams are expensive, we also wanted to bring you options that fit a lower budget without losing quality. Cetaphil is an affordable eye treatment option with their Hydrating Eye Gel.

They use hyaluronic acid to keep your skin intensely moisturized along with vitamin E, B, and licorice extract to brighten and protect your skin from outside elements.

You’ll love Cetaphils gel cream if you’re looking for an affordable option.

19. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Regenerating Cream

It’s time to turn back the clock on the delicate skin around your eyes with Neutrogena’s special retinol cream. An industry standard, Neutrogena has been producing this superior retinol product to fight signs of aging for decades. It can help fight signs of aging in four weeks, including fine lines and wrinkles—an incredible retinol cream at an affordable price. Retinol can irritate the skin, so it’s best used in conjunction with an SPF and not used by those with sensitive skin.

You’ll love this product if you want retinol that has stood the test of time, and people love it!

Types of Eye Treatment Products 

The main difference between eye creams will be how they feel on the skin. Or if the product feels oily, light, or something in between. Some of the many forms they come in are balms, gels, creams, oils, or serums.

3 Reasons to Use an Eye Cream

1. Reduces fine lines, wrinkles, and signs of aging

Time waits for no man. As you age, your eyes will gather wrinkles, fine lines, and crevices you didn’t know existed. With the correct eye cream, it is possible to lessen these signs. You’ll want to use an eye cream that harnesses retinol or peptides to stimulate collagen production and help your skin feel tighter, plumper, and more full. If you want to combat these signs of aging, you’ll want to use an eye cream daily.

2. Reduces puffiness

I’m sure you’ve experienced waking up after a restless night just to see new bags under your eyes. That puffiness is a build-up of fluids below your eye. You can cut down on the puff problem by using an eye cream with caffeine. It will help diminish the swelling and encourage circulation.

3. Reduces dark circles 

Dark circles are a common yet irritating problem. They’re in your face and one of the top reasons men want to use eye cream. Eye creams with skin brightening ingredients will be your go-to. Vitamin K and caffeine are two great ingredients to cut down on dark circles.

How to Choose Your Eye Cream

Skin Type 

When choosing the best men’s eye cream, gel, balm, or serum, your skin type matters and will guide you to the correct product.

If you suffer from dry skin, a thicker solution, such as a cream or serum, will be perfect for keeping dryness in check. Look out for extra hydrating ingredients such as oils or hyaluronic acid too.

Light but refreshing choices such as a gel or a serum may be perfect for you if you have sensitive skin. There are unique sensitive skin formulations to look out for, such as Burt’s Bees Sensitive Solutions Eye Cream.

Oily skin is best paired with a lightweight option because we don’t want to clog those pores and cause more acne. A light gel may be perfect for the under-eye area in those with oily skin.

Ingredients You Want in Best Eye Creams for Men

The perfect ingredients for your eye cream will depend on your skin type. Take note of any problem areas you’d like to treat before picking the best eye treatment option for you.


Known for helping skin become plumper, tighter, and younger-looking, retinol is a powerhouse for eye creams. It is a vitamin A derivative that enables you to increase and stimulate collagen production, making it one of the leading anti aging ingredients. It is not recommended for sensitive skin as it irritates the skin.


Neuropeptides are an ingredient that will lend you a brighter, more even-looking skin tone. It is better for sensitive skin and is an excellent substitute for retinoid products. It produces a similar type of retinol effect with fewer irritants.


An ingredient to help improve the strength of your skin. Ceramides help seal moisture and hydration into the skin. Ceramides provide excellent prevention against dry skin.

Hyaluronic acid

Skincare brands love using hyaluronic acid for its incredible hydrating properties. It’s hard to believe, but it can hold up to 1,000 times its weight in water, and its job is to draw water into the skin. What does this mean? It can provide your skin with obscene levels of hydration, leaving it feeling plump and sated. Even though it contains extreme moisture levels, it dries quickly and leaves your skin dry, clean, and fresh.


You want to keep your eyes peeled for caffeine if you suffer from dark circles or have puffy areas under your eyes. Caffeine uses its anti-inflammatory powers to reduce puffiness. It also shrinks blood vessels, reducing dark circles, tightening the skin, and making it feel more youthful.

Vitamin C, K, and E

Vitamin E and C are both antioxidants with different roles. Vitamin C will help with skin elasticity, and vitamin E protects you against free radicals and puffiness. Vitamin K helps with blood clotting issues in the under-eye area. It will help solve this issue and reduce the dark under-eye.


If you’re regularly outside in the sun, it’s a good idea to find an eye cream that has SPF. Prevention (from wrinkles and fine lines) is one of the best forms of skincare.

How to Apply Eye Cream 

  1. Always start with clean hands

Clean hands are always the right place to start with skincare. You’ll want to ensure your hands are free from any dirt or bacteria before putting your finger near your eye. Not only bacteria, but you also want to be sure to wash away any oils or residues that may change your eye cream application process.

  1. Apply the right amount

Because the skin around your eyes is so delicate, we want to apply products to it sparingly. This means using the right amount of eye cream, serum, or balm. Check your eye cream bottle for specific instructions and amounts, but there is general guidance you can follow with any eye cream.

If your eye cream comes in a slim pump bottle, use around half of a pump for each eye. If it comes in a roller-ball applicator bottle, gently shake the liquid before applying and moving the tip twice over the eyes. If your glorious eye cream comes in a jar, you want to use a pea-sized (or q-tip sized) amount of product. The eyes are small, so you don’t want to overdo it, and there isn’t much skin to cover, making a pea-sized amount perfect.

  1. Lightly apply the eye cream

Protect the thin skin around your eye by gently patting the product around your eye. Gently patting or tapping the product onto the skin is best to protect this area of fragile skin. Use your ring finger, as it’s known to be the weakest, to apply the cream to the area.

Do your best to be gentle with this area of skin. Don’t rub the product in or press it into your skin. If you hastily rub the product in, you could be introducing your eyes to new wrinkles or puffiness and eradicating your eye cream’s hard work!

To apply the eye cream successfully, start at the outer corner of your eye (closer to your temple and hairline) and lightly tap and move in towards the inner corner. Then you’ll apply the cream below the brow line, your orbital bone, and gently pat it in. (The orbital bone is the bone you feel and see below your eyebrows).

  1. What time to apply eye cream?

Check your eye cream for specific guidelines or instructions, but you can use most eye creams day or night. Some eye creams will have ingredients that better suit them for particular times. Many morning eye creams will have SPF or caffeine, while night eye creams may have retinol or peptides.


How Often Do I Apply Eye Cream? 

Apply in the morning 

Before you head out and take on the day, you can benefit from the perfect eye cream. You want your morning eye cream to create a barrier between the world and your skin. Protecting your skin is, first and foremost, the goal.

 In the morning, it’s best to use a product with SPF -to protect your gorgeous skin-and a lightweight option. A lightweight formulation will dry quickly and help you get ready faster in the morning.

Apply in the evening 

When you’re ready to relax, head to bed, or pamper yourself in the evening, you can use a thicker, fluffier eye treatment. You want your evening eye cream to revitalize and repair skin overnight. No SPF is needed because you’ll be tucked up in bed rehydrating your skin.

How Long Until I See Eye Cream Results?

Well, it depends. Some eye creams may offer immediate results that make you feel younger the same day. These effects usually include reducing puffiness, brightening skin, and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. But as with other skincare results, it can take much longer than one day to see a difference. It can take six to even eight weeks to see progress or improvements with issues like dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, and dryness. It depends entirely on how your body processes the eye cream, the eye cream product itself, and your skin!

More Eye Skincare Tips

Wear a hat or wear sunglasses. A great way to protect the skin around the eyes is to keep direct sunlight off it.

Buy an eye cream with SPF for the skin around the eyes. Don’t apply your everyday sunscreen near your eyes, but an eye cream with SPF would be perfect for daytime use to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

What is the Best Eye Cream for Men?

The winner for 2022 is Blu Atlas’s Eye Stick. A vegan, all-natural ingredient, fragrance-free eye treatment will give you the results you’re looking for. Their composition includes ingredients that won’t irritate the delicate skin around the eyes and help you feel fresh.

You don’t want it to look like you just had botox, but you do want it to look like you got 8+ hours of sleep last night and woke up refreshed and oh so alive. Blu Atlas can help with that.

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