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19 Best Natural Body Washes in 2023

Body wash is probably the most essential part of anyone's shower routine. Forget that old, slippery bar of soap — it doesn’t suit you as well as a body wash.
Blu Atlas

Blu Atlas

Body wash is probably the most essential part of anyone’s shower routine. Forget that old, slippery bar of soap — it doesn’t suit you as well as a body wash. Frankly, there are a million reasons to switch to body wash, but the best reason is that it cleans your body better. That’s because body washes have a much thicker lather that helps remove oil buildups, dead skin cells, and dirt. 

However, a lot of this lather comes from harsh chemicals like sulfates, parabens, and phthalates. While these ingredients can deeply exfoliate the skin, they also can cause irritation, redness, and increased sensitivity. For that reason, we recommend staying away from these ingredients altogether.

To make it easier on anyone looking for natural body washes, we decided to hand-select the 19 best natural body washes in 2023. We’ve included completely organic options at high price points and drugstore products that are easily accessible. So, no matter what you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered.

1. Blu Atlas Body Wash 


Our favorite body wash that we tested came from Blu Atlas. Blu Atlas is a men’s skincare brand based out of New York City. The Blu Atlas Body Wash is reasonably priced, environmentally friendly, and incredibly effective. Additionally, they provide a stress-free way to sample it with a like-it-or-your-money-back guarantee.


Green tea extract, aloe vera, sugarcane, and other naturally occurring components make up 99% of the Blu Atlas Body Wash. These ingredients deliver hydrating and purifying antioxidants, minerals, and fatty acids that strengthen the skin’s protective barrier.


You won’t need to worry about your skin when using Blu Atlas’ Body Wash. That’s because their product is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, and synthetic perfumes. Also, the US-based company’s whole line of products is vegan and cruelty-free. If you enjoy their body wash, you can also subscribe and save 20% on your purchase. Although other companies offered a similar model to pay, Blu Atlas provided the most savings.

2. Bulldog Lemon and Bergamot Body Wash


At number two on our list of the 19 best body washes in 2023 is Bulldog’s Lemon & Bergamot Body Wash. This product boasts overtones of basil, rosemary, and cedar in addition to citrus and bergamot. If you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, this body wash will help you feel energized and alert.


The scent of this body wash is its standout quality. But that’s not to say the rest of the product isn’t up to par with the scent. Bulldog made sure that their body wash moisturizes your skin while also cleansing. The result is healthy skin that won’t crack or appear dry — giving you the best-looking skin possible.


Moreover, Bulldog ensures that the ingredients in this body wash are acquired ethically. Additionally, all their products are paraben-free. We think that Bulldog’s Lemon and Bergamot Body Wash could be the right product for you if you’re looking for something to wake you up in the mornings. 

3. Black Wolf Charcoal Body Wash 


This sleek-looking charcoal body wash from Black Wolf is a must-have. And we promise you that the quality of this body wash is just as nice as its packaging. Black Wolf uses some of our favorite natural ingredients to give you the cleanest experience imaginable. When using this product, you’ll detect the enticing aroma of fresh citrus and blue sage.


Cucumber extract, salicylic acid, and black charcoal powder help to naturally and chemically exfoliate the skin — while keeping things moisturized and irritation-free. 


The charcoal and salicylic acid in this product aid in preventing more breakouts if you’re prone to acne. The cucumber is also calming and soothes your skin and reduces redness and potential rashes.


Charcoal is a key ingredient in eliminating toxins that build up on your skin. Your skin endures a lot throughout the day — especially if you live somewhere dry. Luckily, the charcoal will keep your pores clean by absorbing toxins and debris.

4. Every Man Jack Eucalyptus and Mint Body Wash 


Every Man Jack is all about refreshing your body. We think it’s a great choice for an after-workout body wash. Every Man Jack’s Body Wash is both deeply cleaning and hydrating — two things that are essential in all body washes!


After a long day at work or the gym, the eucalyptus and spearmint will help you feel refreshed. This body wash comes with a handy pump and is available in a bigger 1000 mL bottle, which is great if you need to use it more than once a day. 


Natural glycerin and sodium coco-sulfate are the main ingredients of this body wash. With this straightforward formulation, the coco-sulfate gets to work and deeply cleanses your skin while the glycerin moisturizes for long-lasting results.


You’ll feel amazing all day long if you use this body wash in the morning. We also noticed that the scent of eucalyptus and mint lingers on your skin — making the perfect natural cologne or perfume. 

5. Oars and Alps Luxury Body Wash 


Fifth on our list of the 19 best natural body washes in 2023 is Oars and Alpine Luxury Body with hydrating jojoba spheres. There are three various scents available for this body cleanser, but after smell-testing them, we thought California Coast was the best.


California Coast has a sweet scent of patchouli, ylang-ylang, and sandy amber combined with a zingy and energizing citrus scent. While the smell is great, so are the ingredients. Specifically, the jojoba spheres gently exfoliate and hydrate your skin to promote softness and smoothness. When the jojoba spheres burst, they release nutrients and antioxidants for your skin — including vitamin E — to keep it strong and healthy.


Oars and Alps guarantee to give ingredients that are organically sourced and free of sulfates or parabens. As we mentioned, you can purchase this product in other scents, like Fresh Ocean Splash and Alpine Green Tea if the citrus aroma of California Coast doesn’t seem right for you. Nevertheless, if you find it difficult to choose from this list. You might switch between all three.


We think the jojoba spheres in this body wash from Oars and Alps are a wonderful addition with a wide range of benefits. We highly recommend this product. 


6. The Grandpa Soap Co. Apple Cider Vinegar Body Wash


This apple cider vinegar body wash from The Grandpa Soap Co. will give you that glowing look you so desperately want. Since The Grandpa Soap Co. was founded in 1878, they have been utilizing natural ingredients in their products to give you results that are free from harsh chemicals.


If you didn’t know, apple cider vinegar provides a number of health advantages — and not just in food! Apple cider vinegar also offers benefits for the hair and skin. We recommend trying this product if your skin appears lifeless and dull. The organic apple cider vinegar and apple juice in this body wash will make your skin glow and feel refreshed.


A lot of people drink apple cider vinegar for its skin benefits. If that’s you, we suggest stopping and using this body wash instead. You will still get all of the advantages of apple cider vinegar without the unpleasant taste. Overall, we believe that this product deserves to be listed among the top natural body washes of 2023. 

7. Ingreendients Daily Body Wash


Ingreendients — as the name implies — uses only organically produced, plant-based substances. So if you’re vegan or just environmentally conscience, we think this is the choice for you!


The Ingreendients Daily Body Wash is safe for anyone with sensitive skin. Gone are the days when your skin feels inflamed and itchy. Seriously, this body wash can heal your skin. If you’ve dealt with harsh products before, we recommend using this gentle option to help soothe and calm your skin while still receiving the benefits of a normal body wash. 


In the Ingreendients Daily Body Wash, there are no unpleasant synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates, or phthalates that might hurt your skin. Additionally, all skin types can use this daily body wash because it is pH balanced and does not alter the skin’s normal pH level.


What’s even better is that this product is ocean and freshwater safe. That means you can take it on a camping trip and use it in the mountains! 

8. Native Body Wash 

There are plenty of body washes without scents. Often, there are great for people with extreme sensitivity. We recommend Native’s Body Wash as an unscented option. It should be noted, though, that there are also nine distinct smells available for Native. You can also choose if you want a scented or unscented version.


But why pick an unscented body wash over one that is scented? For most people, it’s the fragrance rather than the soap that causes skin reactions. It’s most common for people with allergies to specific things — or if a body wash is using artificial fragrances. 


But we think this product is great in both the scented and unscented versions. Lavender, mandarin, orange, and vanilla are some of the options you have. Personally, we thought mandarin was the best scent! However, the floral and sweet ones were both very calming. All in all, you can’t really go wrong no matter what you choose!


According to Native, it foams up and envelops you with thick, soapy bubbles — in our testing, we found this to be completely true! It will moisturize your skin without leaving any residue or a greasy feeling. 


We think Native offers a wonderful product that has plenty of benefits, scents, and options. It’s a very customizable product. 

9. Harry’s Body Wash 


Harry’s Body Wash is another classic in the skincare world. This product has the aroma of redwood, with warm undertones and earthy notes. We think this is the perfect option for someone who normally steers clear of fruity or citrus scents in most body washes.


This body wash will help you feel centered and at ease each time you use it. Seriously, we think it smells like a trip to the spa. Additionally, for its reasonable cost, we didn’t find many other choices that had such a great smell. 


The benefits of this body wash are long-lasting, which is ideal. We recommend using this product in the morning. That way, your skin will feel silky and smooth all day long. Just like a lot of the natural body cleansers we’ve highlighted, Harry’s stays away from parabens and other harmful substances.


All of Harry’s products are influenced by nature. We think this is perfect if you love to go on an outdoor adventure or on a hike. Additionally, you might find it difficult to pick one product since their entire line of skincare products are high quality. But we believe the best place to start is Harry’s Redwood Body Wash.

10. Sukin Botanical Body Wash


At number ten, we have an Australian-made body wash from Sukin. They provide a variety of natural goods, including this botanical body wash that’s free from traditional soap. As they avoid using harsh soaps that frequently irritate the skin, this kind of body wash would also be great for anyone with sensitive skin.


Rosehip, jojoba oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, and chamomile are just a few of the wonderful components in the Sukin Botanical Body Wash. Together, they nourish your skin while providing you with the deep clean you’re looking for. 


Sukin, like the other brands on our list, avoids parabens and other skin irritants in favor of high-quality ingredients.

11. Being Naturals Tea Tree Body Wash


This American-made, sulfate- and paraben-free body wash is packed with ingredients that are good for the skin. Many oils — including tea tree, oregano, eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint, and camphor wood — are used in Being Natural’s products. The combination of natural oils is helpful in treating a variety of skin conditions, including eczema, athlete’s foot, acne, and dandruff.


Moreover, stem cells and collagen are added to Being Naturals’ body wash, which are clinically proven to prolong the life of skin cells and lessen the appearance of aging. Furthermore, Being Natural’s body wash’s all-natural and organic ingredients are suitable for all skin types.


The smell of tea tree oil in this body wash will make you think you’ve entered a posh spa. In reality, this product brings the spa to your shower. We think that this is a perfect choice if you want to feel pampered and spoiled.

12. Cremo All Season Body Wash No. 4


Cremo’s All Season Body Wash has a natural woodsy aroma with overtones of lemon, blue cedar, and cypress. It has a wonderful mix of citrus and woodsy scents — which makes it feel high-end.


Luckily, that comes at a much lower cost that’s perfect for those looking for an effective body wash on a budget. Additionally, this product is packed full of antioxidants and skin-healthy vitamins that both nourish and moisturize the top layer of your skin.


We recommend this product for special occasions. The smell tends to linger and, for that reason, we think it’s ideal for a date night. In contrast, we’re not sure if this scent is too strong for a professional environment, so it might have to be an addition to your already-established skincare routine. All in all, we think Cremo provides a distinctive product with a fantastic aroma.

13. Dove Glowing Body Wash Mango and Almond Butter


One of Dove’s newest products is a body wash with mango and almond butter — two ingredients with intense moisturizing properties. We think this choice is ideal for anyone struggling with dry skin.


In contrast to other body washes, this one has a warm, fruity aroma. Every time you use this body wash, a tropical beach will come to mind, making your shower more enjoyable.


Your skin will be well moisturized by the mango and almond butter after each wash. Additionally, as you continue to use this product, your skin will become soft to the touch. You’ll also have a radiant shine thanks to the increased boost in your collagen levels.


Dove says their solution is 98% biodegradable, which is fantastic for a drug store product. That means you can purchase this product with a clear conscience, knowing that you aren’t harming the environment. We recommend this product to anyone on a budget. With the two main moisturizing ingredients, you’ll notice plenty of benefits when using Dove’s product.

14. Bevel Body Wash


Another great body wash with a deep, woodsy aroma is Supreme Oak Body Wash by Bevel. Bevel provides online-only products that are unavailable in physical locations. Don’t worry, though, they have extensive return policies so that you can try their products for free.


During exfoliating, this product both cleanses and hydrates your skin. Bevel’s body wash is the answer you need if you have previously avoided exfoliating body washes since they left your skin feeling dry. The argan oil in this product keeps your skin looking healthy for a longer period of time. To our findings, argan oil is one of the best natural oils for hydrating on the market.


The aroma of this item is another distinctive feature. The natural scent of almonds and bourbon are both present in the supreme oak choice. Compared to the other products we tested, this was one of the most pleasing scents. This product would also be excellent for anyone who wants to avoid alternatives with flowery, fruity, or citrusy scents.

15. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Sugar Soap


It is impossible to discuss natural body washes without mentioning Dr. Bronner’s product. For many years, Dr. Bronner’s organic soaps have dominated the US market — and for a good reason. Their organic sugar soap, in particular, has been around since 1948.


We recommend Dr. Bronner’s Organic Sugar Soap if you’re trying to stay away from soaps that include synthetic detergents, preservatives, or foaming ingredients — like sulfates. To make the ideal body wash, Dr. Bronner’s combined coconut oil, organic white grape juice, jojoba oil, hemp oil, and olive oil. In addition to these all-natural ingredients, Dr. Bronner’s is dedicated to lowering plastic waste.


Dr. Bronner’s Organic Sugar Soap bottle is packed ethically and may be refilled rather than thrown away. Overall, this is an ideal choice for anyone who is environmentally conscious.

16. Burt’s Bees Energizing Citrus and Ginger Body Wash


Yes, Burt’s Bees does make more than lip balm! Burt’s Bees’ Energizing Citrus and Ginger Body Wash is another one of the best natural body washes in 2023. In fact, we think it’s the perfect choice to start your morning with.


Burt’s Bees has a reputation for locating premium natural items. Like in all Burt’s Bees products, they use honey in this body wash as well. However, the scent is a bit different since they’ve mixed the energizing scents of ginger and citrus to stimulate your senses.


This body cleanser contains 97.8% organically sourced ingredients and is free of harmful parabens and unwelcome chemicals. Hence, this body wash can thoroughly clean your body without causing any skin irritation.


Ginger has many wonderful health benefits, such as increasing circulation and protecting your skin from harmful toxins in the air. 

17. Botanic Hearth Lavender Body Wash


This Lavender Body Wash from Botanic Hearth is full of calming and soothing properties. That’s thanks to the strong concentration of lavender in the product.


Because of the strong concentration of lavender, Botanic Hearth has combined it with coconut oil, jojoba, and shea butter to create a product that is not entirely lavender-scented. Instead, this product has a rich smell of herbs, spices, and flowers. Additionally, Botanic Hearth uses 100% lavender oil, which is the highest quality lavender oil you can find. That way, you can receive all the benefits of the plant.


This product will undoubtedly help you relax and unwind after a demanding day. In fact, many people use lavender to aid in restful sleep — either as an essential oil or room fragrance. You’re probably familiar with the use of lavender oil in aromatherapy. With this body wash, you will enjoy the same advantages of aromatherapy without having to purchase essential oils.


Even though this product has a floral scent, it’s gender-neutral. Overall, we love how multi-functional this product is and how soothing it is. We recommend it for anyone who has a hard time relaxing.

18. Dead Sea Collection Coconut Body Wash 


We think that everyone may benefit from using The Dead Sea Collection’s body wash. It’s another natural body wash that comes in a gender-neutral fragrance.


Their goods are — as their name implies — influenced by the Dead Sea, a large naturally occurring salt sea that’s located in Jordan. In direct influence, this product uses coconut oil and minerals that are local to the area, such as magnesium and potassium. 


Your skin will feel smooth and soft after using this product, thanks to the coconut oil. At the same time, the local minerals will exfoliate and bolster the nutrition in your skin. We really appreciated the aroma of coconut, and despite the fact that it is often modest, it is still pleasant and energizing. There is nothing as pungent as pine or spearmint. This body wash is perfect if you don’t like strong scents.


The 1000 mL bottle of this body wash is ideal if you need to share it with people in your home. We like its large size as it means you don’t have to purchase it as frequently. 

19. Nivea Men Deep Clean Body Wash 


Herbs, fruits, and vegetables are frequently thought of while considering natural products. Yet rock salt is one naturally occurring substance that many people overlook.


As a mechanical exfoliator, rock salt is excellent for eliminating dead skin cells and deep-cleaning the skin. It’s also an ingredient in our last choice, Nivea’s Men Deep Clean Body Wash. We think this product is perfect if you have any tough skin that needs to be removed.


Exfoliants are amazing for removing dirt, debris, or anything else that can stay on your skin, which is another fantastic feature. Generally, if you’re getting dirty, you’ll want to exfoliate more often.


The Himalayan salt’s small microbeads softly rub against your skin to scrub away any grime or dirt. Although this product is marketed for men, women who also need an effective exfoliant might benefit from using it. Overall, we recommend this product to anyone who is looking for an exfoliating body wash. 

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