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5 Best Essay Writing Services: Only Legitimate and Verified Companies

Essay writing services are companies that help students with their writing assignments. These services typically tackle tasks of any complexity and length, often accommodating tight deadlines, sometimes even as short as 3 hours. There are two primary models for these services.

Essay writing services are companies that help students with their writing assignments. These services typically tackle tasks of any complexity and length, often accommodating tight deadlines, sometimes even as short as 3 hours. There are two primary models for these services. In the traditional model, the company assigns a writer best suited to the student’s needs. Alternatively, the marketplace model allows users to select a writer based on price, reviews, and experience themselves.

Essay writing services often face criticism, as many believe they undermine the educational system. However, they remain in demand, especially among students for whom English is not their native tongue. People seek out these companies for various reasons. Many students grapple with tight deadlines, juggling multiple assignments, part-time jobs, and extracurricular activities. This makes time management challenging, and these platforms provide a safety net. Moreover, some students might find certain topics challenging or may not be confident in their writing abilities, making such services a valuable resource.

With a multitude of companies available, each boasting different levels of quality and service, selecting the right one can be daunting. How does one navigate through this vast sea of options? We undertook comprehensive research, comparing companies based on a set of specific criteria, to identify the essay writing services you can rely on when you need help with your paper. 

Top Essay Writing Services

Here is the list of our top picks among a vast number of various essay writing companies on the market. These companies offer high-quality papers and services and have a great reputation.

RankWebsiteOur Comment
1Write My EssayOverall best essay writing service
2Essay MarketBest marketplace
3Ivory ResearchBest quality
4EssayProBest choice of writers
5Paper CoachBest reputation and reviews

How We Selected Essay Writing Services

To compile our ratings, we adhered to the following criteria:

Paper Quality: We ordered 5-page college essays on the same topic, which were subsequently evaluated and graded by a college professor who also provided feedback.

Plagiarism: We used Turnitin and GPTzero to check for plagiarism in all papers. Services whose papers were detected as plagiarized were excluded from our list.

User Experience: The user experience is crucial for essay writing services. We scrutinized the website design, the ordering process, the pricing policy, and customer support effectiveness.

Online Reviews: We examined verified online reviews on platforms such as TrustPilot, SiteJabber, and

Based on these criteria, we assessed each team, compiled a list of our top five selections, and will discuss the specifics of each.

Write My Essays

Write My Essays is the best combination of price, quality, and service. It is our definitive choice for regular academic writing.

Paper Quality:

The paper we received fully met the instructions, had sufficiently in-depth research, was formatted correctly, and the professor who evaluated it gave it the highest mark. We ordered the work from a regular writer, although the company also offers Top and Advanced writers who are supposed to write even better.

We received the work several days before the deadline, which was a pleasant surprise. If we needed to make revisions, we would have had a few more days. The company also offers a service to write papers in as little as 3 hours. We didn’t use it, but customers in the reviews write that the quality of the essays does not suffer.

User Experience:

Write My Essays has a simple and pleasant design. It’s easy to find all the necessary information. The calculator allows you to immediately calculate how much the required work may cost.

Prices start from $7 per page for a high school level paper with a 14-day deadline. This is one of the most affordable prices on the market.

The order process was intuitive and smooth. Support was happy to answer all our questions and advised on how to place an order better. Write My Essays has a very convenient customer admin panel where you can check the status of your order, add missing information, and see the number of bonuses.

Online Reviews:

The site has high ratings on review platforms, such as 4.83 on SiteJabber, 5 on, and 4.7 on Google My Business. Clients speak highly of the service and its offerings on Reddit and Quora.

Customers praise the fast turnaround time, friendly and intuitive website, high paper quality, and friendly customer service

Essay Market

Essay Market is the best essay writing marketplace in the market.

Paper Quality:

The paper we received was well-written, the deadline and all our requirements regarding particular sources were met, and the whole process was quite seamless and quick. The professor who evaluated the work generally liked the essay, although it wasn’t a masterpiece. We didn’t particularly fuss over choosing a writer; we’re confident that if one were to spend more time and communicate with more writers, it would be possible to get an essay that 100% satisfies your professor.

User Experience:

Essay Market is a marketplace where you can choose a writer based on their rating, specialization, and the number of completed works. There is also the opportunity to communicate with the writer. Overall, this model is suitable for those who prefer more control over the process.

The prices start from $8 and may vary depending on the additional services added to the order.

A great thing about Essay Market is that you pay after you receive the paper. You make a deposit that is released to the writer only when they finish your order and you confirm that everything is correct.

Online Reviews:

The service has 4.98 stars on SiteJabber based on more than 10,000 reviews and 4.7 on TrustPilot. Students are mostly satisfied with the service and speak positively about it not only on the aforementioned sites but also on Reddit and Quora.

Ivory Research

Ivory Research is the perfect option for complex and important assignments. The company offers the best quality on the market.

Paper Quality:

The work written by Ivory Research received the highest grade from our professor. He was surprised by the depth of the analysis and the unconventional approach to problem-solving in the work. The formatting, choice of sources, and stylistic approach are all of the highest level. In terms of paper quality, it is the clear winner.

User Experience:

The site looks a bit understated, but everything is clear, accessible, and simple. The prices are steep, with one page of an essay with a 2-week deadline costing $83. Good writers come at a high price.

A downside is that Ivory Research’s primary market is the United Kingdom. Therefore, students from the USA need to specifically request that the essay be written in American English.

Online Reviews:

The site has high ratings on all popular review aggregators. It has a 4.81 rating on SiteJabber and a 5.0 rating on with 100% positive reviews for the last 12 months. Clients discuss high quality and expensive prices.


A popular marketplace with a huge database of writers.

Paper Quality:

The work was written superficially with some minor logical oversights, but with good English and correct formatting. The professor rated the work as satisfactory.

User Experience:

The website has a modern and beautiful design. Everything is intuitive and clear. EssayPro offers a very large database of writers for every taste and color. Unfortunately, most of the writers are of a fairly weak level, which can be understood during the bidding process by communicating with the writers. We had to make an effort to choose a worthy writer.

EssayPro’s prices are quite low. The more pages, the bigger the discount.

Online Reviews:

EssayPro is definitely one of the most popular companies in the market, which is evident from the numerous reviews on websites. On SiteJabber, the company has more than 20,000 reviews and a rating of 4.82. If you read the reviews, most customers are satisfied with the service, although many note the average quality of the work.

Paper Coach

A website with an impeccable online reputation.

Paper Quality:

The work we received was written without any significant complaints. The professor we asked to check the work was satisfied. The paper included research according to instructions, good style, and correct formatting.

User Experience:

Essays start from only $7.99, while the company also offers discounts and loyalty program benefits for returning customers. You can also add a bibliography and a title page completely free of charge.

What’s interesting about this essay writing service is that the company allows you to split payments apart via the convenient website form. That is a great idea, especially for students who cannot always pay the entire sum at once. Partial payment is definitely a huge advantage that makes the service more affordable.

Online Reviews:

More than 800 reviews with a 4.97 rating on SiteJabber and a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot. The majority of reviews state that the quality of the ordered essays and the service overall was perfect.

5 Reasons Why You Need an Essay Writing Service

While doing our research, we found thousands of reviews and feedback messages about how such services helped students with their academic assignments. Various stories and individual cases also show why so many people choose the option to turn to an essay writing service in the first place. Here are five reasons why you might also make the same choice.

Save Time by Delegating Tasks

Being a college student means taking care of many things at once. You must balance studies, social life, work, and a healthy daily routine. It means working on improving your time management skills and learning to prioritize.

That is where essay writing services can help – they take some of your tasks off your shoulders and help you save time. It allows many people worldwide to work their shifts, babysit their children, or focus on other studies and more exciting courses.

Nowadays, saving time on a daily routine, cutting corners, or using life hacks is more than just a lifestyle. It’s almost a necessity that many students face each day because they just don’t have time to do all the daily tasks. Constant stress and lack of sleep make studies much more complicated than they could be. Using an essay writing service allows students all over the world to ease their daily lives and improve their mental health. 

Ordering an essay that you are not interested in completing or don’t have time for means prioritizing more important things or tasks in your life, as not every academic assignment is the same.

Get Expertise and Professional Help

A lot of assignments make students feel stressed about how to even get started. If you have ever gotten a task that you have no clue how to handle, you know what we are talking about. Sometimes, you might not be confident about your knowledge and your skills, so you would instead ask for assistance from more experienced people.

Such professionals work for essay writing companies. They usually go through a few steps of the hiring process where their skills are tested and checked. This means that when you order an essay, you can be sure your paper will be in the hands of a professional.

Having an expert write an essay for you means learning something new and seeing how skilled and experienced people handle such tasks. You can get more insight on how to write better yourself and obtain more knowledge.

Improve Writing Quality With a Little Bit of Editing

Even if you want to write a paper yourself from scratch, you can ask a professional to edit and proofread it for you. When using editing services from essay writing companies, you can improve your grades by handing in pieces of better quality.

Brilliant writing skills never come easy, and they require a lot of practice and knowledge. Requesting a little help to make your essay look polished will not hurt. You see, people hired by such companies have a lot of experience and sometimes are former professors themselves, so they know what your paper should look like. If you have a hard time making the structure of your paperwork, you can also learn that from an essay writing company.

Writing an essay yourself is a time-consuming process that requires you to take multiple steps. Besides researching and drafting, one such step would be to edit your final draft, make sure the formatting and style are okay, polish every sentence so the logical flow is excellent, and check the grammar. If you would like to omit this step, using an editing service would be an optimal choice. 

Get Proper Formatting

Formatting is a huge deal for colleges. They have their requirements and guidelines, which students must strictly follow. In case they want to get high grades, of course. So, it’s inevitable for a student to go through the formatting step of work on each written piece. Everyone who has ever done it knows how hard it is. 

Many of us might miss crucial formatting elements just because there are too many things that you need to keep in mind. Various formats, different requirements, personal professor’s guidelines – all of these things can surely result in making a mistake if you are not attentive enough.

But using an essay writing service means resting assured that everything will be done according to your requirements and college standards, including the formatting. No matter what you need – MLA,  Chicago, APA – the work will be done for you. There is no need to keep all the information in your head and remember the differences between the styles anymore. Be sure that you will receive a correctly done paper.

Meet All of Your Deadlines

If the word ‘deadline’ makes you nervous, you probably know what a blessing it is when you get help with urgent tasks. Meeting all the deadlines while in college is no longer a superpower. It is possible with essay writing teams that can help you do your thing and focus on other tasks while having your essay done. 

Urgent essays can cause a lot of stress; every college student knows that. You need to remember all the dates, check on the syllabus, and be ready to pull an all-nighter before the deadline. And if you miss the proper timing, you get a much lower grade, which is pretty annoying, especially if you have put much effort into writing. However, having someone who has your back in such situations is what any of us would appreciate.

Imagine you can meet even the tightest deadlines because a whole team works for you. A day or two is not even a challenge for them as they are very fast. No matter what you choose – ordering in advance or placing an urgent order, a team of experts can complete your paper on time. 

How to Use Essay Writing Services Properly

Getting back to the aspect of whether one should use an essay writing service means mentioning a few important things about how exactly it works.

As it was said earlier, one can get a lot of essential and valuable knowledge from an essay written by an expert. The structure, the sources used, the approach, the evidence, and the facts used in the paper – are crucial and might provide critical insights. That’s why we suggest you read your essay carefully after receiving a completed order. First of all, you would definitely want to check everything yourself, of course. The second reason is to understand why a particular style and structure were chosen by a writer for your order and what evidence they used to prove the point. Studying is all about getting deeply into various spheres of knowledge and learning something new. A completed paper allows you to use its content to your benefit.

Another important thing that should be mentioned is that every essay writing service suggests using the essay you purchased as a reference for your own written piece. Using someone’s work for inspiration or as a guideline is entirely ethical, so there should never be a problem with that. However, signing a paper that is not yours with your name might even get you expelled. That’s why submitting an essay that was written by someone else would not be right; keep that in mind.


Is an essay writing service legal?

Yes, an essay writing business is entirely legal if a company is officially registered and provides the offered services according to the terms and conditions. There is no such law that would determine hiring an essay writer as an illegal act. 

Serving as a learning aid or a guide, an essay writing service allows more and more students to improve their academic performance.

How much does an essay service cost?

The final cost of an essay or any other type of paper would depend on various factors such as the company you choose, the number of pages, the deadline, the academic level, additional services, etc. In our top list, we have Write My Essays – a company with a starting price of $7 per page, which is fair and affordable, considering the amount of work and effort put into the order.

Can you trust essay writing sites?

You can surely entrust reliable essay writing sites, such as those we have listed, with your academic assignments. Websites that provide such services are entirely safe to use as they protect your data.

What is the cheapest essay writing service?

The cheapest essay writing service among the ones that we have listed would definitely be Write My Essays, with their price starting from only $7. They also provide discounts and promo codes so that you can save even more on your order.

Is it safe to order an essay online?

Your safety is a priority for a company that values its reputation. That’s why providing secure payment methods, money-back guarantees, and customer support makes it absolutely safe to use their services.

Can professors find out if you bought an essay?

When ordering an essay, you don’t risk making your information available to third parties as it is secured and protected. All your information, including your name or address, will never be revealed to other people. Such an approach helps you stay anonymous.

What is the fastest essay writing service?

The fastest essay writing service would be Write My Essays, as you can order an essay and have it done and delivered in only three hours! 

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