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5 Best Marijuana Seeds: Top Cannabis Seed Banks

In the world of cannabis seeds, there are some excellent prospects. While there are thousands of options, wisely choosing the best cannabis seeds source is a good idea.
Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 12.06.09 PM.png

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 12.06.09 PM.png

In the world of cannabis seeds, there are some excellent prospects. While there are thousands of options, wisely choosing the best cannabis seeds source is a good idea.

However, which ones are the best? This article will talk about that to help the readers figure it out!

Top 5 Cannabis Seeds of 2023 At a Glance

  1. OG Seeds – Most Affordable Cannabis Seed Bank

  2. ILGM – Best Cannabis Seeds Offered In The US

  3. Seedsman – Finest Selection Of Cannabis Seeds

  4. Herbies Seeds – Best Seed Bank For Feminized Seeds

  5. Seed City – Best Online Cannabis Seed Bank For Rare Seed Strains

There are many different kinds of cannabis seeds on the market, and they can be challenging to choose from because they all have pros and cons. Some have higher yields than others, some take longer to grow than others, and some seeds are more costly than others.

Worry less because this article put together the list of the best cannabis seeds to guarantee readers they get good quality seeds at an affordable price!

#1 OG Seeds – Most Affordable Cannabis Seed Bank

OG Seeds takes pride in partnering with reputable seed breeders. They have been in the weed industry for over two decades, giving them an edge in having some of the best indoor and outdoor cannabis growers.

As a reliable online seed bank, their team understands the importance of producing high-quality cannabis for their customers.

The company believes in the plant’s medical uses. It is their mission to spread the healing powers of cannabis seeds to the world.

On top of rigorous testing, OG Seeds has a long story of successful growth. Their cannabis seeds undergo extensive vetting and various laboratory verification processes to ensure their efficacy. 

OG Seeds offers cannabis seeds with divinely-modified genetics to provide customers with comfort and peace of mind knowing that they are getting the best out of their purchase.

In addition, OG Seeds holds long-term business relationships with breeders who always encourage collaborations while offering free shipping and a 100% guarantee of quality seeds.

The price of marijuana seeds can change quite a bit depending on a few aspects, such as genetics, potency, sex, and where to buy them from. For instance, a single medical seed could cost as low as $1 or as high as $30. 

Check out OG Seeds’ pros and cons to see if they deserve the spot on this list!


  • OG Seeds’ cannabis genetics are phenomenal and have lovely dense bud yields.

  • OG Seeds’ customers can unlock a 25% discount on their first purchase.

  • They have excellent customer assistance.

  • They sell cannabis seeds at an affordable price.

  • They are well-informed on its rare marijuana strains.

  • They offer customers a wide range of plant selections.


  • OG Seeds needs to update its payment methods and add more options. 

  • They only allow item returns for original unopened packages in 30 days.

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#2 ILGM – Best Cannabis Seeds Offered In The US

ILGM, short for I Love Growing Marijuana, is among the best sites for buying marijuana seeds online. As one of the most reputable seed banks, it vows to provide top-quality Amsterdam marijuana seeds to over 35,000 customers daily on its website.

To this day, the company continues to reign as one of the few best seed banks online. 

Unlike other online seed banks, I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) has more than 200 grow guides and blogs for hacks on troubleshooting, harvesting, germinating, and more. This feature is an excellent initiative to assist beginner growers in gaining their footing. The ILGM forum can serve as a marijuana growers’ support group.

In addition to their fantastic customer support service and a wide variety of feminized marijuana seeds, they offer tons of discounts and sales while educating their customers via an extensive library of seed farming resources. They are a reputable seed bank with a well-earned image. 

Safety speaking, I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) has an exceedingly solid reputation. The company’s seeds are superb quality and supported by a germination guarantee. They also have a variety of classic marijuana strains.

Moreover, I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) offers “Buy 10, Get 10 Free” deals on their popular feminized marijuana and autoflowering cannabis seeds.

The most distinct downside of buying from I Love Growing Marijuana is its tracked shipping fee. It costs $25, which is pricey compared to their free standard shipping fee.


  • I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) has thousands of flattering customer reviews.

  • They understand the real sense of community. ILGM has a marijuana growers’ platform as a 24/7 support group. 

  • The company is highly reputable, and its quality seeds are top-rated.

  • They have germination guarantees.

  • They have monthly promos and discounts unlike other marijuana seed banks online.

  • They offer free standard shipping fees and discreet packaging.


  • ILGM only has about a hundred stocks of cannabis strains, which might be slightly lower than many seed banks. 

  • Their tracked delivery costs $25.

  • They do not ship their products to the United Kingdom or Canada.

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#3 Seedsman – Finest Selection Of Cannabis Seeds

This company rules the realm of specialized cannabis strains. Seedsman is breeding their seeds with an extra stock of 4,400 strains from over a hundred cannabis seed banks online.

Not only do they offer popular cannabis seeds, but they also sell medical seeds to help ease symptoms of arthritis, anxiety, fatigue, and anxiety.

Seedsman has been around for over two decades with an average of 4.5 ratings, according to over 10,000 reviews online. With that number, customers can get the assurance they crave from cannabis dealers.

Another thing to consider about Seedsman is how they give out free seeds when purchasing in bulk. This feature is valuable for customers who buy a more considerable amount.

In addition, they can reap some other high quality marijuana seeds by going through this company.

Seedman’s website has a strain finder segment for customers to have the initiative to search for seeds based on their desired characteristics, including high Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). They offer various high-quality seeds.

Whether customers are after autoflowering, feminized, or rare seed strains, Seedman could be their seed bank friend. They have got what most users want — OG Kush, Purple Haze, White Widow, and Girl Scout Cookies.

Further, Seedsman is a hybrid marijuana seed bank. They not only produce their own marijuana seeds, but they also source from numerous high-grade cannabis seed banks to deliver customers the luxury of options.

Despite all the complimentary reviews, Seedsman also faces negative comments. There have been concerns about the company’s slow USA delivery time.

However, the cannabis seeds get shipped via stealth shipping. The weed seeds are in airtight padded envelopes or small plain cardboard boxes to throw off anyone in the office who might get suspicious.


  • Seedsman has more than 4,400 weed strains for sale.

  • They offer flexible payment methods.

  • They ship worldwide.

  • Customers can get free seeds when they purchase in bulk.

  • Customers can get up to 20% discount on their orders.


  • Unlike most of Seedsman’s competitors, they still have subpar customer support.

  • They offer additional shipping charges.

  • Their somewhat clunky online site needs an update. 

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#4 Herbies Seeds – Best Seed Bank For Feminized Seeds

Who wants to avoid checking out a website with a convenient layout? Thanks to their easy-to-access and navigable website, it is much quicker to figure out which products are highly-rated and on discount. 

In addition, Herbies Seeds share several similarities with the other best cannabis seed banks in this article. They also share a wide range of quality cannabis seeds.

Interestingly, Herbies Seeds has more than 3,000 cannabis seeds for trade on its website. 

For over a decade, Herbies Seeds has delivered top-grade weeds to clients. Customers are eligible for free shipping discounts once their orders exceed £100 in the United Kingdom and Europe. 

Weed clients who fear getting order suspicions do not have to worry anymore. Herbies Seeds offers an option for stealth shipping and order tracking. This is beneficial for buyers living under restrictive weed rules and regulations. 

However, customers might have to wait for 19 to 23 business days for their US order. Refrain from worrying because Herbies Seeds have default stealth shipping for states with strict customs regulations, such as the US.

They will disguise the cannabis seed packages in a DVD case or a ziplock to make the parcel more secure and safer from party poopers.


  • Herbies Seeds customers can get free cannabis and bonus seeds for every £20 order.

  • They offer customers free gorilla auto seed with every successful purchase.

  • They have more than 3,000 cannabis seeds on sale on their website.

  • They sell a wide range of seeds, including fat flowering, beginners, outdoors, indoors, Sativa, Indica, and photoperiod seeds. 

  • They have multiple payment methods, including credit card payments and Bitcoin.


  • Herbies Seeds has one of the industry’s slowest and weakest customer service support.

  • Their international delivery time could be faster.

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#5 Seed City – Best Online Cannabis Seed Bank For Rare Seed Strains

Established in 2010, Seed City lauds itself as one of the top cannabis connoisseurs. It is true because of their unique strain collection.

For over ten years, the company has been the house of exceptional cannabis seeds, complemented with reasonable pricing.

On top of the already low fees, Seed City stands out among other seed banks because it ships to the US with amazing offers and frequent promos. Not only do they deliver free seeds with every purchase, but the company also has 30% to 40% sales throughout the year.

Moreover, Seed City dedicates itself to presenting a sterling level of service. All their shipping options are under a stealth option, meaning they repackage the cannabis seeds into tubes while hiding them inside a present-like container.

This can be advantageous for patrons if the legality of cannabis in their area is still strict.

Seed City does a beautiful job with its high-quality cannabis seeds, but its website could use a little refinement. Their website offers cheese, Sativa, feminized, autoflowering seeds, high TBC, high CBD, and Sativa. 

Seed City also offers tons of cannabis seeds discounts. Customers can look for the company’s famous Amnesia Haze and Gorilla Glue marijuana seeds at a 40% deal. 


  • Seed City offers stealthy, discreet worldwide shipping.

  • Most of their US delivery time takes only 3 to 14 days.

  • Customers can have free cannabis seeds from €25.

  • They sell cannabis seeds at a lower price.

  • Their website includes tons of seed discounts, including 30% off a variety of marijuana seeds and standard free seed giveaways. 


  • Seed City’s website is a bit dated and needs some updates. 

  • Their customer service could be better.

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How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seeds Online: Buying Guide

Growing marijuana is more than just setting up a solid stash. It is a skill that rewards those keen to learn and interested in everything that goes into harvesting a satisfying yield. 

Once the customer has chosen which cannabis seed bank to purchase from, it is time to look at how one should select the best marijuana seeds for their needs and wants.

The following section is a simple breakdown of anything growers should know about their cannabis seeds.

Regular vs. Feminized vs. Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds

It is essential to remember that regular seeds combine male and female seeds. It means that customers can get around 50% of male cannabis plants.

In addition, they do not create buds and can pollinate the female ones if they are not cautious.

For beginners, growing feminized seeds could be the perfect option. They only produce female plants. For less hassle, autoflowering seeds grow without changing their light cycle and can blossom independently.

In feminized cannabis, growers can expect bigger plants and greater yields. Additionally, they do not have to worry about creating male cannabis plants.

This is a good choice for weed users who do not want to smoke cannabis high in CBD and THC.

On the other hand, autoflowering cannabis seeds are smaller, easier to cultivate, and quicker to reap than feminized seeds.

Moreover, they require a simple lighting timetable and are more resistant to temperature changes, fungi, and pests. This offers a perfect way for beginner planters to get into cannabis growing.

For those looking for maximum potency while getting the best yield possible, feminized seeds are their best friend. Alternatively, for those who are beginners or only have limited space, time, knowledge, and experience, then autoflower seeds might be the ideal choice, as they provide the easiest and quickest way to a bountiful yield. 

THC and CBD Content (Recreational or Medical Use)

As the legal benefits of hemp and other cannabis products grow, users become more interested in their options. This includes tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD), two natural compounds found in flowers of the Cannabis genus.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a primary psychoactive compound that makes a person high. Users can consume high-THC by smoking cannabis. They are available in edibles, oils, capsules, tinctures, and more.

On the other hand, Cannabidiol (CBD) is an active ingredient in marijuana plants that does not make a person highly stoned. They are available in gummies, gels, extracts, oils, supplements, and the like. 

In general, a high-THC cannabis seed will make users get high  or “stoned.” Contrary, a high-CBD marijuana seed is for potential medical usefulness only.

In the simplest terms, if the customer wants to grow weed seeds for recreational pursuits, search for cannabis strains with a high THC content.

Indica and Sativa Strains

Some online seed banks stock new cannabis seeds. The strains are either Indica or Sativa dominant — and these two are way different from each other.

Indica strains are more sedating and relaxing, while Sativa strain plants are more uplifting and energizing.

Indica-dominant cannabis strains grow into bushy, consolidated plants and give relaxing or sedating effects or the famous “couch lock.”

Alternatively, Sativa marijuana strains produce taller with up to 10ft tall outdoors. This strain is more cerebrally stimulating compared to Indica.

Another distinction between the two is that Indica strains are for treating conditions such as insomnia, pain, and anxiety. On the other hand, Sativa strains treat conditions such as ADD or ADHD, depression, and fatigue. 

Growing Difficulty

Even the best online seed banks do an inferior job of depicting a seed strain’s problem front and center. Hence, one should ensure it is on their level before purchasing a strain.

In addition, some premium marijuana seeds will not have good outcomes if they do not conceive what they are doing or pick a tough-to-grow strain.

Besides the top four factors to consider when buying cannabis seeds online, one should also include the following:

Personal Preference

Above all, cannabis growers must buy seeds based on their liking. This is the best opportunity to develop unique and popular strains. Moreover, customers can stock up on their old favorites to avoid excessive dispensary trips.

Space Restrictions

For instance, Indica plants consume less space than Sativa plants. Indicas growers must therefore put them indoors in a smaller pot. On the other hand, if they grow  Sativa plants, they should be outdoors and in a larger space.

Grow Requirements

Note that some marijuana plants are more demanding than others. In order to produce a successful yield, weed growers must consult seed banks or breeders regarding the best practices for growing a particular strain. This includes the average growing time and nutrients required. 

How Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds Online Safely in the US?

It is best to shop for cannabis seeds at local shops. This means going to a local farmers’ market to look for high-quality weeds. Moreover, customers can quickly work with someone legally to help them order.

However, buying them online can also be a good alternative if they abide by state laws. The risk in this option is costumes can confiscate the package.

While it is unlikely to face criminal offenses, there is no assurance because of how the law treats marijuana products.

The first thing a marijuana buyer should do is find their perfect cannabis seeds dealer. Choosing one comes down to their specific preferences. This includes location, shipping time, reliability, payment method, and seed variety.

For customers who use one of the finest seed banks like Seedsman or I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM), their weed seeds can get to them in the USA without hassle with stealth delivery.

The last thing a weed customer wants is trouble with their order regarding government and customs involvement. As such, it is better to order from a seed bank that guarantees discreet shipping or stealth delivery.

Stealth delivery refers to when cannabis seeds are inside or around random objects, such as CD cases, pens, toys, and more.

This type of shipping reduces the chance of theft and avoids unnecessary attention from customs officers. This helps the package seem less suspicious. 

Another way to keep a low profile is to resist the desire for expedited shipping or a delivery option that requires the customer’s signature. And yes, it does matter how one pays for cannabis seeds. 

In addition, most seed banks let consumers purchase cannabis seeds with Bitcoin. This could be one of the most secure payment processes to keep a customer’s financial and personal details private.

Most online seed banks offer discounts for every cryptocurrency payment. This is because crypto payments are discreet and decentralized in nature.

Those who want to pay through credit cards should not worry since some cannabis dealers still accept those. However, most of them strongly prefer crypto transactions, such as Bitcoin. 

With the right seed banks, stealth delivery, and Bitcoin payments, anyone can significantly reduce the likelihood of their purchases getting caught.

Customers can rest comfortably while their weed seeds arrive safely in the United States.

How Do Seed Banks Work In the USA?

A cannabis seed bank is a business that specializes in not only storing and trading marijuana seeds, but also in feminizing weed seeds to lessen the chance of male cannabis plants developing to maximize yields for individual and commercial growers.

But how do they work, especially in the US?

Any seed bank in the US operates by breeding, drying, and executing extensive quality-controlled testing on cannabis seeds to see and check for their genetic purity. They seal their cannabis seeds in moisture-proof containers or bags.

When they get a successful order, the seeds are typically packaged discreetly and dispatched to the buyer’s delivery area.

What Seed Banks Ship to the USA?

Shipping marijuana seeds is legal in several countries worldwide already. This includes the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada, and the various seed banks ship to the USA, including Crop King Seeds, ILGM, and Seedsman.

Between the three seed banks, Crop King Seeds and ILGM tend to have shorter and more reasonable US delivery times. Typically, customers can have their marijuana seeds at their doorstep within a week after placing their orders. 

On top of that, these seed banks ensure that all purchases are under germination guarantees, with a good chance of getting ten extra free cannabis seeds with their acquisitions.

How Can You Identify if a Seed Is Male or Female?

When growing cannabis, it is essential to know their sex. The reason for this approach is simple: only female cannabis produces flowers, also known as buds.

However, it is nearly impossible to tell a male or a female marijuana seed at first glance. One can reveal the sex of a seed by performing a laboratory test or using a sex kit to look for the Y chromosome.

The most practical way to know is to sow, grow, and check them. Most female strains start to show their sex after four weeks or more — before its first stage of flowering.

As cannabis seeds begin pre-flowering, their visible distinctions start to occur. The tips customers can use to know the sex of their cannabis seeds are as follows:

  • Male marijuana seeds typically grow considerably faster.

  • Male cannabis seeds produce a pollen sack at their branch joints when pre-flowering.

  • Female marijuana seeds take longer to bloom on average.

  • Female cannabis plants grow a light whitish pistillate.

What Cannabis Seeds Should I Buy?

Ordering cannabis seeds online depends on a customer’s needs as a grower. If they are relatively fresh to the art of growing their cannabis, they can start getting beginner-friendly seed strains, including the following:

  • Cinex

  • Northern lights seeds

  • AK-47 seeds

  • THC Bomb seeds

  • Zkittlez seeds

Nurturing these seed strains could be more manageable since they are prevalent and rich in THC levels. In addition, they can survive in somewhat harsh weather conditions.

Better yet, most are autoflowering seeds, so customers only sometimes have to keep an eye on their seeds.

Fortunately, anyone can get these cannabis strains at most of the reviewed and reputable seed stores, such as Crop King Seeds, Seedsman, I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM), and others from the list.

However, for those seasoned veterans in growing weeds. They should try out the following:

  • Pink kush

  • Master kush

  • Chemdawg

  • Sour diesel feminized

  • Blue dream feminized

The cannabis strains mentioned above usually require specialized maintenance, like being raised in a calm protected habitat to ward off pests and frequent scrutiny.

However, if they catch them through their budding phase, they are guaranteed dense, exquisite buds with a solid high.

Moreover, anyone can get these high-THC strains on various cannabis seed banks.

Final Thoughts – Best Cannabis Seeds

Before wrapping it up, always remember that ordering the best cannabis seeds online depends on what the customer needs and wants as a grower. Of course, it would be advantageous if the seed bank offered a wide variety of quality seeds and would always put the welfare of its users.

The clear winner for the most sought cannabis seeds offered is OG Seeds. This seed bank also has an exceedingly solid reputation.

To this day, they continue to rule as one of the finest seed banks online. Their support group is something a grower should consider if they want to feel a sense of community.

On top of that, OG Seeds has a 25% promo on your first purchase, which is excellent for clients who want to buy in bulk. Lastly, not all online seed banks have germination guarantees, unlike OG Seeds, which could be a red flag for cannabis shipments.

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