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5 Reasons You Need a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator

It’s one of our favorite California wedding trends: posh, self-planned weddings that exude creativity and romance.
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(And How to Find the Perfect One For You!)

It’s one of our favorite California wedding trends: posh, self-planned weddings that exude creativity and romance. Couples all over are opting to plan their own weddings because they want ultimate control over the details, and they want to feel proud of the day they created.

But as these couples near their wedding day, they often struggle without the help of one essential vendor: a San Diego day-of coordinator

Wondering if a day-of coordinator is right for you? Here are the top 5 reasons your wedding needs this pro, and how to find the type of coordinator that’s right for you. 

#1 – Your Loved Ones Deserve to Enjoy Your Day

Coordinators work 8-12+ hours during a wedding, with few breaks. A guest cannot (and should not!) take on that responsibility while also trying to enjoy your day. And chances are, your loved one isn’t as skilled as a professional coordinator who has the experience and resources to keep everything running smoothly. 

#2 – A Coordinator is Emotionally Removed from the Wedding

When emotions are heightened, your coordinator will become a valuable asset. They’ll think clearly, prioritize the couple, and make the tough calls that would be impossible for someone tied up in the day’s complicated (and beautiful!) emotions. 

#3 – You Need Someone Dedicated to Your Timeline

Your timeline will rule your day, so you need a true expert to plan it perfectly. An experienced coordinator can ensure every moment is accounted for, including treasured downtime. They will also make any necessary changes in the moment and keep everyone in the loop. 

#4 – You Don’t Want to Be the Main Point of Contact on Your Wedding Day

If you’re trying to run your own wedding day (or having a guest do it), you’ll quickly become overwhelmed by the number of questions that vendors and guests will have. A day-of coordinator will minimize interruptions by communicating with everyone and overseeing the little details. Now you can focus on your biggest jobs: getting married and enjoying your day. 

#5 – A Coordinator Elevates Your Entire Event

A quality coordinator adds a polished touch to your wedding. Vendors and guests can recognize when a wedding has a professional running it. Your day will have an effortlessly posh vibe that can only happen when someone is dedicated to executing each beautiful detail. 

Types of San Diego Wedding Coordinators

Now that you know why you need a coordinator, you’ll want to ensure you hire the best fit for your wedding day. Here are the most common types of wedding coordinators and what their jobs are:

  • Venue Coordinators manage the venue’s function and make sure you’re following the rules. They won’t direct guests and vendors or have a full idea of your wedding vision.
  • Day-of coordinators direct wedding days. Make sure to hire someone who provides communication leading up to the day. If they simply show up at the wedding, they won’t be equipped to ensure everything runs smoothly. 
  • Month-Of Coordinators are a great fit for many weddings, as they’ll help with key tasks in the month leading up to the event and will guide you through the day.
  • Wedding Day Managers go beyond day-of or month-of coordination by providing even more services, like venue walk-throughs, multiple consultations, and thorough vendor communication. San Diego Wedding Day Management is an excellent service for couples who want to plan their own super-polished wedding.

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