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As a Matchmaker, Is It Different Working With Men Versus Women?

The founder of Innovative Match weighs in.


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To Michael, a client: 

1. Why did you hire Cassie? 

I was dating, but it never worked out well. I was looking for the love of my life, albeit a rather lofty goal, and I was not finding the quality of woman that I wanted and was tired of being painfully lonely. I remember thinking that I use consultants, experts, and coaches in my business life, so why not use an expert in my personal life?

 2. What did you get out of hiring Cassie? 

I was a project for Cassie. After interviewing me to determine who I am and what I wanted, Cassie “tuned me up”! She coached me on my dating skills by tweaking a few things I did before, during, and after dates. And before my first date, Cassie upgraded my look. I remember her saying, “OK, now you are ready to date!” Cassie introduced me to very high-quality women, and within months, I met Liz and hit my lofty goal beyond my wildest dreams.

To Cassie: 

3. Why did you take Michael on as a client? 

It was all about Michael’s mindset and positive attitude. Michael was serious about finding someone to date. He was laser-focused. He told me he wanted to date a woman whose lifestyle would meld with his, someone in his age group who is sincere, likes to travel, and is as equally passionate about finding a partner. Michael was willing to commit to a relationship, but first, he was willing to commit to me, giving me the time and attention I needed to help him.

4. Is it different working with men versus women? 

Surprisingly, no. Men are easily misunderstood. So as with all my male clients, I talked to Michael and listened to him. Men have very specific needs, which align closely with women’s: they want intimacy and a quality partner with whom to share their lives. Men and women may be business leaders, but it doesn’t mean they are successful daters. It’s my job to merge these two identities.

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