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Best 6 Delta 9 THC Gummies That Will Get You High, Are Lab Tested & You Can Buy Online Shipped To Your Door Legally In 2024.

If you are anything like us you want the good stuff! You want the perfect high from the best THC gummies on the market today at the best prices. Look no further!
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  1. Toms THC – 100% VEGAN GUMMIES
  1. Sherpa – BEST TASTING

If you are anything like us you want the good stuff! You want the perfect high from the best THC gummies on the market today at the best prices. Look no further!

You’ve probably tried Delta 9 or maybe you are confused about all these new “delta” strains and terms. And more than likely you are skeptical about all of buying of online weed even though it’s super popular today.

With over 10,000, yes 10,000, online THC brands selling real THC products, that are no different to the products you’ll find in a medical dispensary, what do you do? Who is legit, who is not? Because you want the best stuff and that’s why, again, you’re here.

Here’s what you’ll know by the end of this article.

1. How you can get the same high quality grade if not stronger [more than likely] than medical dispensary edibles online legally delivered to your door. 

2. We’ll show you difference between “Real THC Gummies” and the “Delta 8 Products” so you get the high you want. 

3.How to make sure you are safe and not scammed when you’re purchasing Delta 9 THC products online. 

Also I’ll tell you some extra awesome cool stuff so you’ll become the guru of Delta 9 THC

What Is Delta 9 THC And The Difference Between THC? 

Nothing, zero, nada. 

THC is just the abbreviated term for Delta 9 THC. Delta 9 is the compound inside cannabis that gets you high. This is not to be confused Delta 8 which is THC’s weaker cousin. No one likes the weaker cousin.

Buying THC Gummies Online 101:

If you want to only buy legit THC gummies online you must be aware of these so you get the best highs and the best experiences

Factors to Consider When Choosing D9 Gummies

First off, potency is key. You want the strongest don’t you? You want to be so high you’re on the mood or even better another planet. Jokes aside you’ve got to get this right otherwise if it’s too weak you’re just eating expensive candy.

Then we have flavor. Because no one ever said “ I love eating bitter gummies”. You all want all the buzz with all the flavor, right?

Ingredients; Only the best natural stuff here. So dissect the labels and filter out the chemical rubbish.

And finally, price! Get more bang for you milligram! 

With the baseline considerations down, let’s discuss dosage.

Recommended Dosage for D9 Gummies

So how much when?

Dosage is super important with D9 gummies. Smart with a small amount, like very small [like half gummy] unless you are crazy and want to go to the moon.

Next and most importantly WAIT about 1-2 hours and see how you feel. 

This is the best dosing for beginners.

Activation Time  – 

The activation time can vary with Delta 9 THC Gummies. Some may be faster than others. 

Delta 9 THC Gummies can take 30 minutes to up to as long as 2 hours to take effect, hence why we’ve said WAIT before you take more. If you go hard you may not be going anywhere, let alone home.

Take your time and make sure your gummy has kicked in before you decide you need more and take another. 

So I’ve covered the dosing of D9 THC gummies. Now let’s discuss what makes a great gummy

What Makes a Good Delta 9 Gummy?

d9-4 - Medicinal Daily

Firstly, let’s clear up that good doesn’t mean strong that will blast you to the moon. 

Good means the gummy has the perfect blend of feel good vibes without a crazy high.

It’s also about the quality of the gummy.

It’s about getting you to that sweet spot where you’re feeling chill, happy, and still yourself. It’s made with care, using the best THC and natural ingredients, and of course is Lab Tested.

Explore the world of Delta 9 THC gummies and try new brands, you’ll find that picking the right one can really make your experience a ride to remember.

How We Picked the Best Delta 9 Gummies?

To pick and find the best D9 gummies that get you the best quality high was a huge task, but well worth it.

We had some low moments but we had some moments, that actually I can’t remember some were that strong.

The goal was to find gummies that were not only effective but also safe and tasty. 

So, how did I narrow down the list? Let me break it down for you.

Lab Testing

Safety first, lab testing is key. It tells us if the gummies are legit and safe, and by looking at the lab report you can even tell how you should feel from the gummies. I looked for gummies that had clear lab reports and QR codes on the packaging. These reports show everything that’s in them, making sure there’s nothing bad like pesticides or heavy metals. Always better safe than sorry, right? With lab testing checked off, it was time to jump into what these gummies are made of.


Ingredients are everything, with so much rubbish in 95% of brands. 

I searched for gummies made with natural stuff, avoiding any with weird chemicals or things I can’t pronounce. 

We even found some Vegan Delta 9 Gummies.

High-quality ingredients mean a better, cleaner high, end of story!

Plus, it’s important knowing you’re munching on something that’s not bad for you, well I mean aside from sugar, but let’s ignore that now and just say that’s essential for the best buzz.

d9-2 - Medicinal Daily


Let’s be real, no one ever said “I love crappy tasting gummies”

You may like the taste of smoking cannabis, almost no one likes the bitter taste of gummies that are just too overpowering. 

Flavor is everything!

I looked for gummies that come in cool flavors, making sure they’re as yummy as they are effective. 

Once I found the tastiest ones, I checked how strong they are.

The only problem with them being so tasty is managing dosage as you’ll munch to many. Been there done that so be cautious. 


Potency and the 3rd party lab testing tells us how strong the gummies are. 

It’s all about finding that sweet spot. 

Too weak, and you won’t feel much. 

Too strong, and you might be on the moon. 

I picked gummies that have a good balance, so you can have a chill time without going overboard. 

However you just up the dose if you want to go to the moon on the clean rocket.

What is the average THC Edible Dose?

To help you understand Potency and MG dosage. 

Let’s call a standard gummy 10mg. 

This is the average amount of THC per gummy found in a delta 9 gummy sold in a Medical Cannabis dispensary. 

5mg is considered a decent dose for a beginner. 

  • Micro Dose – 2mg
  • Starter Dose – 5mg
  • Average Dose – 10mg
  • Extreme – 30mg


Other than taste you don’t have much to go on in the world of gummies other than cost per gummy and cost per mg. 


Simply put, companies that tell you everything about their gummies are the real deal. 

This means showing lab results, ingredients, and how they make their gummies. The more open they are, the more you can trust them. Trust leads to a better, worry-free high.

This leads us onto reputation and reviews.

Company Reputation & Reviews

A good reputation means everything to a brand. 

And if it doesn’t stay away from the brand.

I checked out what people say about these companies. Good reviews mean they’re doing something right. I looked for companies that are using 3rd party review widgets such as Yotpo and Loox, and 

These review apps are 3rd party and can’t be manipulated and make sure that each person that lets a review is a real verified buyer

When people are happy with their gummies, it’s usually a good sign. 

Happy customers made it easy to see which gummies to try next.

I read lots of customer reviews. These are real stories from people who tried the gummies. Good reviews help paint the picture of what to expect. They tell you if the gummies are as good as they say. Happy customers mean I’m probably going to be happy too. After reading review after review, I felt ready to make my picks.

So there’s my process for picking gummies.

But you’re here because you want the best Delta 9 gummies so here they are, get stuck in.

The Best D9 Gummies for a Great High

d9-1 - Medicinal Daily

1. Strongest Delta 9 THC Gummies: Kandy Boy

Screenshot-2024-02-22-at-33925-PM - Medicinal Daily

Get KandyBoy D9 Gummies Here

Finding the right kind of high can be a journey, but with KandyBoy, you’ve hit the jackpot. These guys don’t just make any gummies; they’re all about creating a vibe that’s both chill and powerful. Let me break it down for you.

Why We Love Them

First off, KandyBoy has both vegan and non vegan options. With over 18 mouth-watering different flavors and types of gummies to choose from.

What Customers Love

Folks who have tried KandyBoy gummies can’t stop raving about them. The taste? Unmatched. Plus, they’re excited about getting such a cool product at a price that isn’t expensive.


  • Vegan and Non Vegan options of gummies that everyone can enjoy.
  • 7mg – 15mg – 30mg many options for all experience levels. 
  • Affordable, these were the cheapest gummies in the market. Deals Kandy Boy often sends emails that bring the price below wholesale cost. 


  • Big Menu – Had a hard time choosing with all the different options.
  • No Sugar Free Options- Kandy Boy doesn’t currently carry sugar free options 

If you’re looking for something with a bit more balance and wellness effect, and you are not looking to get out of your mind the next product is a sure hit.

Buy KandyBoy D9 Gummies Here

2. Best Balanced Delta 9 THC Gummies: Stile Live Resin Premium D9 + CBD Gummies

 - Medicinal Daily

Get Stile D9 Gummies Here

Now, let’s shift gears a bit. If you’re chasing a more intense experience, Stile’s got you covered. Their blend of CBD and Delta 9 hits different, in a good way.

Why We Love Them

Stile combines the chill vibes of CBD with the buzz of Delta 9. This mix ensures a chill yet vibrant experience. Plus, they’re vegan. I’m all for that.

What Customers Love

Fans dig the strawberry flavor. It’s like a sweet, tangy blast that complements the high perfectly. They also appreciate the quality and care Stile puts into their gummies.


  • Live Resin deliciousness.
  • Powerful mix of CBD and Delta 9.


  • No free shipping

And speaking of specific needs, let’s not forget about those seeking relief and relaxation.

Get Stile D9 Gummies Here

3. Best Taste: Sherpa THC Sampler Pack: Brownies, Krispie bites & Gummies

Get Sherpa Sample Pack 

By now you’ve got to be bored of gummies, right? What about a gooey brownie or sticky krispie bite instead? Their high THC edibles are packed with the good stuff.

Why We Love Them

You get all their ridiculous tasty, potent, products in one pack. And we warn you once you taste these you eat the whole thing which is not advisable, unless you are crazy or adventurous.

What Customers Love

The krispie bites feel and taste like a treat from your childhood, but these are definitely not for kiddos. 


  • Taste is unreal
  • Packed with THC “AKA super Potent”
  • Crazy Affordable 


  • No free shipping [but you won’t remember that after 2 bites]

Carefully crafted cannabis edibles to enhance exploration from guys that love cannabis.

Get Sherpa Sample Pack 

4. Best Delta 9 THC Gummies for Joint Pain: Toms THC Delta 9 Gummies

Get Tom’s THC D9 Gummies Here

Sometimes, the goal isn’t just to get high; it’s about feeling better, too. Barney’s Botanicals steps up big time for this, offering a tasty solution to chill and soothe.

Why We Love Them

These gummies are a flavor fiesta, with options that make me feel like I’m at a party, even if I’m just chilling on my couch. They’re vegan and organic, making them a guilt-free treat.

What Customers Love

People love the variety. Whether you want a little or a lot, Tom’s got you with doses from 12mg to 30mg. It’s all about finding what works for you.


  • Vegan and organic.
  • Variety of doses for personalized vibes.


  • The flavor party might not be for everyone.
  • Vegan goodness.
  • Doses range from 12mg to 30mg.

No matter what you’re looking for, there’s a Delta 9 gummy out there that’s perfect for your vibe. Whether it’s KandyBoy’s balanced bliss, Stile’s potent punch, or Tom’s tailored treats, the right gummy can turn any day into a chill adventure.

Get Tom’s THC D9 Gummies Here

5. TRE House D9 + CBD Gummies

Get TRE House D9 Gummies Here

Sometimes, the goal isn’t just to get high; it’s about finding that sweet spot where relaxation and alertness balance each other out. TRE House’s D9+ CBD Gummies are crafted with this philosophy, offering a blend that’s designed not just for a good time, but for a good feeling, too.

Why We Love Them:

Infused with a delightful mix of Delta-9 and CBD, these gummies are like a symphony for the senses. Each piece promises a rich, full-bodied flavor that’s as enjoyable as it is therapeutic. They’re a celebration of taste and tranquility, and being vegan and hemp-derived, they tick all the boxes for a health-conscious treat.

What Customers Love:

Frequent users praise the gummies for their consistent quality and the ability to tailor the experience to their needs. With a dosage range that caters to different tolerance levels and desires, from a light buzz to a deeper sense of calm, TRE House has dialed in on customization.


  • Vegan-friendly and environmentally conscious
  • Crafted for a well-rounded experience with both Delta-9 and CBD
  • A spectrum of doses to cater to a variety of preferences


  • The balance of D9 and CBD may not satisfy those seeking a strong psychoactive effect
  • The blend of flavors could be overwhelming for those with a subtle palate

TRE House’s D9+ CBD Gummies represent the new age of responsible, recreational consumption, perfect for those who want to indulge in a way that’s both enjoyable and mindful.

Get TRE House D9 Gummies Here

Potential Benefits of Delta 9 THC

Deep Relaxation

After a long day, nothing beats kicking back with some Delta 9 THC gummies. They’re like a chill pill for your whole body. You know that awesome feeling when you’re just so relaxed, every part of you feels heavy in a good way? That’s what I’m talking about. I’ve heard it over and over, not just from my own vibes but from folks all around. They eat a gummy, and bam, stress be gone. It makes sense, ’cause when you’re feeling chill, everything else just seems to flow better. Speaking of flowing better…


Ever felt stuck, like your brain’s in a fog? Well, Delta 9 might just be that puff of fresh air you need. It’s not just me saying it; there are stories out there of people feeling their minds open up after a gummy. Ideas start to connect, and suddenly, you’re not just thinking outside the box; you’ve forgotten there even was a box. Whether you’re painting, writing, or just figuring out life, a little THC can sometimes flip the switch. And hey, after you get all those creative juices flowing…

Healthy Appetite

You know how it is. You’re chilling, feeling good, and then suddenly, you’re starving. Delta 9 is famous for making everything taste amazing. It’s like, you could be eating the simplest snack, and it’s like a feast fit for a king. Plus, for folks who sometimes find eating a chore, Delta 9 gummies can turn that right around, making mealtime something to look forward to. And guess what? A good meal not only fills the belly but also brings comfort and…

Pain Relief

No one likes being in pain, whether it’s a headache, an old injury, or just the wear and tear of daily life. Delta 9 steps up here too. I’ve heard plenty of stories, seen the nods when I mention it. People find a bit of comfort, some relief after a gummy or two. It’s not magic, but hey, if it helps someone feel better, that’s a win in my book. Relief from pain kinda opens the door to a more comfy, relaxed state, allowing you to…

Reduced Inflammation

I’m no doctor, but I’ve read up and listened a lot. Inflammation is a buzzkill, but Delta 9 might just have your back here as well. Whether it’s puffiness from an injury or just those random aches, a little THC has been known to help dial down the discomfort. Reducing inflammation isn’t just about feeling better; it’s about your body getting a break from being in high alert mode. And when your body gets that break, you’re just overall a happier camper. Just keep in mind, while all these benefits sound awesome, it’s all about finding what’s right for you. Remember I personally opt for KandyBoy.

Potential Side Effects of Delta 9 THC

Hey there! Let’s jump into some stuff you might wanna know before hitting those Delta 9 gummies, alright? Remember, keeping it chill is the goal, but it’s cool to be in the loop about what could go down.

Elevated Appetite 

First off, feeling hungrier than a bear in spring might hit ya. It’s no myth; those gummies can crank your appetite up. But hey, who doesn’t love an extra snack or two? Just be ready with some grub so you don’t end up raiding the fridge like there’s no tomorrow.

Along with hunger, some folks feel a bit tired or worn out. If you’re planning on a laid-back day, it’s no biggie. Perfect excuse to chill and maybe even sneak in a nap.

Thinking about another gummy? Slow down, buddy. Let’s see how you groove with the first one.

The Feels Rollercoaster

So, you’re riding high and suddenly, whoa, feelings city! Delta 9 can make you feel like you’re on an emotional rollercoaster. One minute, you’re laughing at a spoon because it’s the funniest thing ever. Next, you’re deep in thought about the universe.

Feeling a bit dizzy or out of sorts? It happens. Keeping some water nearby and a comfy spot to chill can help keep things smooth.

Ready for the next curve? Hold tight, we’re not done yet.

Body Talk

Now onto how your body might react. Things like dry mouth or red eyes are pretty common. Nothing, a little hydration and some eye drops can’t fix, though. Keep some clear eyes handy!

And yep, some peeps get a bit anxious or even paranoid. If your mind starts racing faster than a Formula 1 car, remember: it’s all good. Deep breaths, a calm setting, and maybe some tunes can help you ride it out.

Delta 9 vs. Delta 8

Alright, let’s jump into the chill waters of Delta 9, Delta 8, and Delta 10. You’ve probably heard these names floating around. They’re like cousins in the hemp family. I’ll keep it simple for ya.

Delta 9 Is Real Weed

So, Delta 9 is the main guy. It’s what’s in most of the weed you smoke. It gives you that classic high feel. Legally, it’s cool as long as it’s from hemp and sticks to that 0.3% rule from the 2018 Farm Bill. 


Delta 8 Is Semi Synthetic 

Next up, Delta 8. It’s like Delta 9’s laid-back sibling. Less potent, but still gets you to a nice place. People who want a mellower experience love Delta 8. It’s kinda like being wrapped in a warm blanket. Perfect for chilling without the intense ride


So, you’re on the hunt for the best D9 gummies that’ll get you flying high? I got you. Let’s keep it chill and break it down real simple, just how we like it.

Quality Is Key, Man

First off, it’s all about grabbing those quality goods. You gotta look for gummies that are made with organic and natural stuff. All the brands I talked about in this post are made that way. If you want one, go for Tom’s THC. It’s like, why add weird chemicals to the mix when you’re trying to enjoy the ride? I checked out a bunch, and trust me, the ones with the good stuff make everything feel just right.

Onto the important bit:

Price Doesn’t Have to Be a Buzzkill

I hear you, no one wants to empty their wallet just for some chill vibes. The cool thing is, prices for D9 gummies vary a lot. You can find some that won’t expensive but still send you to the clouds. It’s all about finding that sweet spot between quality and price.

But, here’s the kicker:

Listen to the Crowd

Ever wonder if what you’re buying is actually good? I always hit up customer reviews. People are pretty honest when they talk about their highs and lows. If a ton of folks are vibing with a certain brand, chances are, you will too.

Before we move on:

Mind the Law, Dude

Remember, D9 is the strong cousin in the THC family. It’s got that extra kick. But keep it cool and comply with the laws where you live. We’re all about enjoying the ride, but staying on the right side of the law makes it all smooth sailing.

Speaking of smooth sailing:

Potency Matters

Getting high is great, but knowing how much you need is key. D9 gummies are potent, about double what you get with Delta 8. It’s because of where the double bond hooks up in their structure. Sounds science-y, but all you need to know is D9 hits you harder. Always start slow, then go with the flow.

And one more thing:


What should I look for in Delta 9 gummies?

Look for Delta 9 gummies made with organic and natural ingredients to ensure a purer and potentially more enjoyable experience. Additionally, consider the balance between quality and price to find gummies that are both effective and affordable.

How do I choose the best Delta 9 gummies?

Selecting the best Delta 9 gummies involves looking at customer reviews for real-world feedback, assessing ingredient quality, and ensuring the product meets legal requirements in your area due to its potency.

Are Delta 9 gummies more potent than Delta 8?

Yes, Delta 9 gummies are  more potent than Delta 8. This means it’s important to start with a lower dose to assess your tolerance level before consuming more.

What dosage of Delta 9 gummies should a beginner start with?

Beginners should start with a dose of 2-5 milligrams of Delta 9. This helps to ensure that the individual can safely assess their tolerance level without overwhelming effects.

How can I ensure I buy high-quality Delta 9 gummies?

To ensure the purchase of high-quality Delta 9 gummies, look for products that contain organic and natural ingredients, check customer reviews, and always make sure there is lab testing.

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