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Best Brokers For TradingView

Discover the best US brokers for TradingView integration, including OANDA,, Interactive Brokers, eToro, and AMP Futures. Compare platforms, spreads, commissions, and features to find the perfect broker for your TradingView charting and trading needs
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TradingView is one of the best trading platforms on the market. Its strength lies in its charts and indicators, which provide all the analysis tools you will need to make decisions, along with its community of more than 50 million users for social networking. 

You can use TradingView in two ways: by linking your brokerage account to the TradingView platform or by using a platform that incorporates Advanced Charts by TradingView.

In this article, I’ll discuss my top picks for the best US brokers that allow you to use TradingView or Advanced Charts by TradingView when trading financial instruments like Forex, shares, and futures. 

  1. OANDA US – Best Broker For TradingView Overall
  2. US – RAW Spread Trading For TradingView
  3. Interactive Brokers –  Most Advanced Platform With TradingView Charts
  4. eToro –  Copy Trading using Advanced Charts From TradingView 
  5. AMP Futures – Forex Futures Trading On TradingView
  6. TradeStation – Futures Trading With Stocks On TradingView

OANDA – Best TradingView Broker Overall

OANDA is my top pick as the best forex broker with TradingView for  US traders. The broker has commission-free trading with spreads from 0.6 pips and 68 currency pairs to trade. To use TradingView, you can connect your OANDA Spread-only or Elite Trader account credentials when signing into the TradingView platform or by using Advanced Charts by TradingView when using OANDA Trade.


  1. TradingView Platform (plus MetaTrader 4 platform)
  2. Commission-free trading with 68 Forex pairs
  3. Lowest spreads in the US
  4. OANDA Trade Platform has Advanced Charts by TradingView
  5. Extra analysis tools for OANDA Trade
  6. No minimum deposit to open a live trading account

OANDA Products and Spreads

With OANDA, you have access to 68 major and minor currency pairs. All the popular major and minor currency pairs are available to trade. I found spreads to be competitive. There are no commission costs (outside the spread), with spreads starting from 0.6 pips and averaging around 1.2 pips. 

If you are a high-volume trader,  the broker offers their Elite trader program. With this account, you get cash rebates of US$5 to US$17 (a reduction of 10% to 34%) for each million you trade. To qualify, you need to trade at least 10 million in volume. 

TradingView Integration and Award-Winning Platform

OANDA was voted TradingView’s Broker of the Year 2023 and Most Popular Broker in 2022, 2021, and 2020 at the TradingView broker awards, so this broker is doing something right.

If you use your OANDA trading broker account credentials to trade directly through the TradingView platform, OANDA will rebate cover the cost of your ‘Essential, Pro and Premium plan ’ subscription if you meet the volume per month traded please find terms and conditions of offer on OANDAs page, which would otherwise cost US$12.95 a month. However, you will need to pay for ‘Plus’ and ‘Premium’ subscriptions, which will cost US$24.95 and US$49.95 a month, respectively. Doing this will get you extra charts per tab, more indicators per chart, and more price and technical alerts. As a retail trader, I found the Essential package more than adequate. 

A 90-day demo account is available to test Forex trading using TradingView with OANDA. Trading is available on desktops using Windows, iOS, and Linux and via mobile apps using iOS and Android. The broker also provides a good range of educational resources to help with your forex trading. 

OANDA Trade: Advanced TradingView Charts and Innovative Tools

One of the main reasons why OANDA is my top pick for US traders is its proprietary trading platform, OANDA Trade. What sets this platform apart is the integration of Advanced Charts from TradingView, plus extra trading tools. 

Advanced Charts by TradingView means I can use over 100 indicators, 50 drawing tools, nine timeframes, and 11 chart types and trade directly within the charts. These tools provide me with a wealth of material to ensure I can find the best trading opportunities and make better decisions. These charts are complemented by features unique to OANDA Trade, such as a built-in order book (for insight into market liquidity) and HeatMaps (to see major market movers). 

Other features I found useful include the position ratios tool, which shows market sentiment data, and its next-generation engine, which delivers the most up-to-date prices in a quick time. Fast price execution improved my chances of getting my order price and avoiding slippage, especially when the market became volatile.

One last standout feature with OANDA Trade is the Forex Technical Analysis powered by Autochartist. This tool continuously scans and analyzes intraday markets using automatic chart pattern recognition and indicators to help me identify support and resistance levels. I found this tool helpful in identifying market trends and potential trading opportunities. Has TradingView With Raw Spreads has a place on my list as one of the top TradingView brokers as they offer commission-free trading and RAW spread trading. No other broker I reviewed offers both of these account types. You will need to use a trading account (as opposed to an MT4 or MT5 account), but this allows you to choose between TradingView charts on the platform and using the TradingView platform properly. Pros

  1. Standard and Raw Spread Trading (spreads from 0 pips)
  2. TradingView (plus MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5)
  3. Platform with Advanced Charts from TradingView
  4. 80 Forex pairs
  5. A wealth of extra tools with platforms

Account Types And TradingView For allows you to choose between a Spread-Only Account, which has no commissions and spreads from 1.2 pips (0.00012 Points), and a Raw Pricing Account. 

Choosing the Raw Pricing Account means you can get spreads as low as 0.0 pips, similar to a no-dealing desk model using an electronic communication network (ECN) model. This lower spread makes this Raw Pricing Account popular with professional traders, but just be aware that spreads have a fixed commission of US$14.00 round-turn (US$7.00 each way) for each US$100k lot you trade. 

Another impressive feature of is the wide range of currency pairs it offers—82 in total, more than any other broker with TradingView integration I’ve encountered. Here’s a glimpse of some of the spreads you can expect from

Standard Account Spreads With
Currency PairMinimum Spread (pips)Currency PairMinimum Spread (pips)Currency PairMinimum Spread (pips)
Observed Spreads On Raw Pricing Account With
Currency PairsObserved Spread Range (pips)Currency PairsObserved Spread Range (pips)Currency PairsObserved Spread Range (pips)
AUDUSD0.00 – 0.30GBP/USD0.00 – 0.30USD/SGD0.60 – 1.40
EUR/USD0.0- – 0.10USD/JPY0.00 – 0.60USD/GBP0.00 – 0.40
USD/CAD0.00 – 0.40NZDUSD0.50 – 1.0USD/CHF0.00 – 0.70
Spreads taken from the website (Raw spreads are variable and indicative based on observation). 

For further savings, has an Active Trader program for high-volume traders. As long as you trade at least 50 million a month, you can earn interest of 4.5% APY on your available margin balance and get cash rebates of US$3 to US$10 per million. 

TradingView Platform With

In my experience, using TradingView with was a breeze. After opening a account, I simply headed over to the website and created a TradingView login. Once logged in, I entered my account credentials, and voila! I was ready to start trading in the TradingView account. The process took me about 10 minutes, and the setup experience was fairly straightforward.

One thing to note is that while you can use the and TradingView platforms with a account, they operate independently, meaning there is no data sharing between them. 

TradingView Charts With Trading Platform

While the TradingView platform itself boasts an impressive array of features if you’re primarily interested in TradingView charts, the trading platform is worth considering. Not only does it offer Advanced Charts from TradingView, but it also comes with exclusive trading tools that I found to be incredibly useful.

One of the standout features for me was, which allowed me to automate my trading on without needing any coding knowledge. With its user-friendly click-and-play interface, empowered me to create algorithmic trading bots effortlessly, ensuring that I never missed a trading opportunity.

Other notable features I enjoyed on the platform include:

  • Performance Analytics: This tool provided me with deep insights into my trading performance, offering detailed analytics and valuable feedback to help me refine my strategies.
  • Smart Signals and Trader Sentiment Tools: These handy features allowed me to gauge market sentiment and identify potential trading opportunities based on the trades of other market participants.
  • Pivot Points: I found this tool particularly useful for identifying resistance levels on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  • Trading Central: This comprehensive research tool consists of various components, such as Market Buz for market sentiment analysis, technical insights, recommended stop and limit levels, and expert analyst views.
  • Economic Calendar: The integrated economic calendar makes it easy to stay informed about critical economic events and releases.

Interactive Brokers: A Powerful Choice for TradingView Integration in the US

As a US-based trader always looking for the best tools and platforms, I’ve found Interactive Brokers to be a top contender for seamless TradingView integration. Signing up for TradingView is very easy, and you can use Advanced Charts with TWS, which also has automation capability. 

Interactive Brokers Pros

  1. Most extensive range of trading products overall
  2. Can connect to TradingView
  3. No-dealing desk broker with low commissions
  4. TWS trading platform has Advanced Charts from TradingView
  5.  100+ currency pairs (with TWS platform)

Interactive Brokers Trading Products

One of Interactive Brokers’ standout features is its enormous range of trading products. These include stocks (Interactive brokers are also stock brokers), ETFs, options, futures, hedge and mutual funds, gold, and bonds from over 150 international markets, all from a single account. 

Over 100 spot currencies are available, with commissions ranging from 0.08 to 0.02 basis points and no hidden spread or markups. These commissions are tiered, which means the more you trade each month, the lower your commission will be. The brokers spreads are some of the lowest in the US, starting from 0.01 pips (1/10 PIP), as Interactive Brokers uses a no-dealing desk and ECN-like pricing model. These spreads are taken from 17 of the world’s largest FX dealers. 

Linking Your IBKR Account with TradingView

Like with OANDA and, you don’t connect directly via the broker’s platform but instead use your credentials to sign in via the TradingView platform using OAuth, which is part of the REST Client Portal Application Programming Interface (API). 

To use TradingView, you need an IBKR Pro or IBKR Lite account, and you can only trade Stocks and Non-Continuous Futures. This is a bit frustrating, given the brokers’ wide range of trading products.

Advanced Charts By TradingView with IBKR Trader WorkStation (TWS) 

If you wish to take advantage of Interactive Brokers’ full range of trading products, such as 100+ Forex pairs, you will need to use the Advanced Charts that come on the IBKR Trader WorkStaion (TWS) platform, IBKR Desktop, IBKR Mobile, and IBKR Client portal. IBKR GlobalTrader and IBKR IMPACT do not have Advanced Charts. 

The key to choosing a platform is to choose the right one for you. IBKR TWS is for intermediate and advanced traders. It is the most sophisticated platform available with Interactive Brokers. IBKR Mobile follows this, with IBKR Desktop being a lite version of TWS. 

Beyond TradingView Advanced Charts, hallmark features of TWS that I found particularly useful included advanced risk management tools, algorithms, and order types. While a lot of these tools will be superfluous for most traders, I found the Risk Navigator helpful in measuring risk exposure along with Model Navigator, which allows you to modify price assumptions and include these in your calculation modeling. 

Other features that stood out to me include over 100 order types and trading bots (for automation). All of these contribute to better risk control, trading execution, and possible price improvement. 

eToro – Social and Copy Trading With eToro Advanced Charts 

eToro is a broker that emphasizes social trading and copy trading, so it is fair to say it differs from other brokers on this list which have traditional trading. While you can’t use TradingView directly, eToro does have Advanced Charts by TradingView. 

eToro Pros

  1. eToro Platform has Advanced Charts with TradingView
  2. Social trading and copy trading
  3. Crypto trading, Shares and ETF Trading
  4. Smart Portfolios (Investment portfolios)
  5. eToro community has over 30 millions users

Trading With eToro – Key Features

eToro offers US investors 24 cryptocurrencies to buy and sell on the eToro investment platform, including BitCoin, LiteCoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Stellar, and IOTA. While this is less than the 83 CFD cryptos one can trade outside the US, it is still a decent amount. These cryptos have no commission costs and instead have a 1% fee added to the spread. 

Like with cryptos, eToro charges no commissions when trading stocks and ETFs, meaning you only pay the spread. There are 3259 stocks to choose from and 272 ETFs. Stocks in the US mainly cover shares such as TESLA, Meta, and Amazon, which are available as fractional shares on NASDAQ and NYSE. 

ETFs include Vanguard S&P 500, iShares, ProShares, and sectors such as Index, dividend, bond, and commodity ETFs. You can even trade spot bitcoin ETFs, such as iShares Bitcoin Trust.

 CopyTrader™ For Copy trading 

CopyTrader is part of eToro’s DNA. This feature allows you to follow and copy other successful traders in the eToro community. Unfortunately, my research found that this is only available for crypto trading, not shares or ETFs. To help you find the right trader to copy, eToro provides very useful metrics such as the number of copiers, risk rating of the signal provider, and most traded instruments. 

Smart Portfolios (Investments Portfolio)

Smart Portfolios are long-term investment portfolios (think custom indices) curated by eToro analysts, AI, or eligible partners such as fund managers. These portfolios focus primarily on crypto themes such as Big Crypto, Crypto-Currency, and Balanced Crypto.

Social Trading With eToro’s Community Of 30 Million Users

With a community of over 30 million users, eToro provides you with significant social opportunities. You can follow feeds from investors you wish to copy and even interact with other traders by commenting on their posts. Other social tools include chat rooms, message boards and direct messages. Alternatively, you can share your own trading ideas and trading strategies with the eToro community which is a good way to get feedback on your trading performance if you are a beginner.

AMP Futures: Top Choice for TradingView Of Forex on CME Exchange Traded Futures

As a futures trader always seeking the best brokers to integrate with TradingView, I’ve found AMP Futures to be a top contender, especially for those focused on trading CME Exchange products.

AMP Future Pros

  1. Low commission rates
  2. No monthly platform fees
  3. Real-time CME pricing on TradingView
  4. No inactivity fees
  5. 24-hour customer support

Details About AMP Futures

AMP Futures offers seamless integration with TradingView, but one crucial thing to note is that AMP Futures primarily provides access to CME Exchange traded futures. This includes a wide range of products across various asset classes:

  1. Futures and options on U.S. Treasury products and Eurodollars.
  2. Futures on major indices like the S&P 500, NASDAQ-100, and Dow Jones Industrial Average.
  3. Futures and options on numerous currency pairs.
  4. Futures on livestock and plant-based commodities.
  5. Futures on US housing indices.

While the focus on CME products may be a limitation for some traders, given the diverse range of products available, I feel it will be more than sufficient for the needs of most futures traders.

AMP Futures Point Of Difference – Competitive Fees Structure

In addition to the TradingView integration, AMP Futures stands out for its competitive commission structure, which has some of the lowest rates in the industry. The “volume-tiered” configuration will be most beneficial if you trade frequently, offering steeper discounts the more you trade.

NameExchange<1,000Contracts1,001 – 4,999Contracts5,000 – 9,999Contracts>10,000Contracts
Australian DollarCME-GLOBEX2.472.322.222.12
British PoundCME-GLOBEX2.482.332.232.13
Canadian DollarCME-GLOBEX2.482.332.232.13
Japanese YenCME-GLOBEX2.482.332.232.13
Swiss FrancCME-GLOBEX2.482.332.232.13
E-mini EuroFXCME-GLOBEX1.731.581.481.38
E-mini Japanese YenCME-GLOBEX1.731.581.481.38
E-micro AUD/USDCME-GLOBEX0.510.500.330.3
E-micro GBP/USDCME-GLOBEX0.510.500.330.3
E-micro CAD/USDCME-GLOBEX0.510.500.330.3
E-micro EUR/USDCME-GLOBEX0.510.500.330.3
E-micro JPY/USDCME-GLOBEX0.510.500.330.3
E-micro USD/CHFCME-GLOBEX0.510.500.330.3

Even at the lower end of 1,000 contracts or less, you still get an excellent value of 0.51c per contract per side for E-micro currency futures. If you can find a broker with cheaper commissions, AMP Futures will match them, which is reassuring to know that your trading costs are low.

I appreciate the absence of monthly platform fees on select platforms, another cost-saving benefit. With TradingView, you won’t have to pay the $7.00 per month CME price feed for real-time pricing normally charged by TradingView. Instead, you can leverage the CQG subscription that comes with the AMP account, further lowering your trading costs.

AMP Future’s ability to trade E-micro futures with low commissions makes the broker an attractive choice for new traders focusing on forex futures.

TradeStation: Best Broker For Stock Futures On TradingView

TradeStation is my top choice for trading stock futures, integrating TradingView’s excellent charting tools with TradeStation’s choice of exchanges and low trading costs. The broker plugs into multiple futures exchanges such as CME, CBOT, COMEX, and NYMEX, offering a solid catalog of stock futures.

TradeStation Pros

  1. Fixed, low-cost futures commissions
  2. Advanced charting with TradingView
  3. Extensive futures markets
  4. Low intraday margin rates
  5. Some fees are waived for active trading

Basic Details About TradeSation

TradingView is one of many platforms available through TradeStation. It allows you to trade futures markets directly off TradingView’s charts while benefiting from 110+ technical indicators and market screeners. The platform’s Depth of Markets (DOM) tool allows you to place multiple orders across different price levels, allowing you to scalp ticks from your future contracts quickly.

While TradeStation has a large suite of trading products, I found that you couldn’t trade mutual funds, options or future options on the TradingView platform. These products had to be traded on TradeStation’s proprietary platform instead. 

Meanwhile, the financial markets available on TradingView include stocks, Exchange-Traded Funds, and futures contracts, which still comprise the bulk of TradeStation’s range of markets.

To trade U.S. equity index futures, you normally have to open a position using a large margin, yet TradeStation offers intraday margin rates from 10%. If you are a day trader, you can benefit from lower intraday margin rates between US market hours (09:00 – 16:00) to get more exposure with less capital.

I found the following markets to have low margins matching the 10% rate:

  • E-mini S&P 500 (ES) 
  • Micro S&P 500 (MES)
  • E-mini Dow Jones (YM)
  • E-mini NASDAQ 100 (NQ)
  • 10-Year Treasury Note (TY)

Each product above is highly liquid and has low, fixed commissions, making them ideal for scalping, benefiting from the higher leverage given to you through the intraday margin rate.

TradeStation Waives the Exchanges Fees For 90 Days

I liked that TradeStation waived the exchange fees for CME, CBOT, COMEX, and NYMEX for 90 days when opening the account. This offer can help you start trading futures without being burdened by exchange subscription fees as soon as you open an account.

Even better, these fees will be waived if you bill $40 in futures commission each month, reducing your trading costs. I think this shouldn’t be difficult for most futures traders to accomplish. Especially considering it’s just 40 E-mini contracts a month at 0.50c per contract per side ($1.00 round-trade) or 13 standard contracts at $1.50 per contract per side ($3.00 round-trade).

What is TradingView?

TradingView is one of the best trading platform in the US for chart trading and social trading. The large range of charts and indicators allow for in-depth market analysis tools, a wide range of layouts, and an intuitive trading panel that far exceed what the competition offers. TradingView is popular among forex traders and provides a seamless trading experience with its advanced functionality and ability to backtest strategies. TradingView is not a broker itself but can be connected to regulatory compliant brokers like Pepperstone for live trading.

TradingView Features:

  • 400+ built-in indicators and strategies.
  • 100,000+ public indicators.
  • 110+ smart drawing tools.
  • 15 Chart types.
  • 16 Charts per tab.
  • Custom timeframes.
  • Backtesting with 4 replay speeds
  • Auto Chart Patterns.
  • Large range of alerts.
  • Financial analysis tools
  • Heatmaps
  • Stock scanner
  • Social networking
  • Volume Profile indicators.
  • Candlestick patterns recognition.
  • Multi-timeframe analysis.

What is Advanced Charts by TradingView?

Advanced Charts by TradingView is a feature offered by some brokers that integrates TradingView’s powerful charting tools directly into the broker’s trading platform. This allows traders to access TradingView’s advanced charting capabilities, including a wide range of technical indicators, drawing tools, and customizable layouts, without leaving their broker’s platform.

Advanced Charts by TradingView offers an impressive array of charting tools, including over 100 built-in indicators, more than 50 drawing tools, and 12 chart types. This extensive selection enables forex traders to perform in-depth market analysis and make informed trading decisions. Additionally, the functionality to backtest strategies using historical data helps traders optimize their approaches and improve their trading experience.

By offering Advanced Charts by TradingView, brokers provide their clients with a seamless trading experience, combining the functionality of their own platform with the in-depth market analysis tools of TradingView. This integration is particularly beneficial for forex traders who rely on robust charting tools to make informed trading decisions.

Some notable brokers that offer Advanced Charts by TradingView include Pepperstone, which is known for its high-quality trading infrastructure and competitive trading fees. When using a broker with Advanced Charts by TradingView, traders can enjoy the benefits of both platforms, such as the ability to backtest strategies and access to a wide range of markets, while ensuring that their broker is regulated by reputable authorities like the FCA, ASIC, or CySEC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do professional traders use TradingView?

Yes, many professional traders use TradingView for its powerful charting tools, extensive market coverage, and social features that allow them to share ideas and collaborate with other traders. The platform’s customizable layouts and advanced analytics make it well-suited for experienced traders looking to gain an edge in their trading.

What makes TradingView stand out in comparison to other trading platforms? 

TradingView stands out for its user-friendly interface, extensive charting capabilities, wide range of technical indicators, and vibrant social community where traders can share ideas and learn from each other. While MT4 might be one of the best trading platforms, when it comes to charting and analysis tools,TradingView is the best in the market.

Can you connect a brokerage account to TradingView for live trading?

Yes, TradingView is not a Forex broker, you need to connect your US Forex broker account to TradingView. It’s important to note that not all brokers are compatible, so it’s essential to check TradingView’s list of supported brokers before proceeding. Once connected, you can trade directly from TradingView’s charts using your broker’s account.

Is TradingView Regulated?

TradingView itself is not a broker and therefore does not fall under specific financial regulations. However, the platform is committed to providing a secure and reliable environment for its users. When connecting to a broker through TradingView, it is crucial to ensure that the broker is properly regulated by reputable authorities such as the FCA, ASIC, or CySEC to protect your funds and ensure fair trading practices. Always conduct thorough research and due diligence before choosing a broker to connect with TradingView.

OANDA Corporation is regulated by the CFTC/NFA. OANDA is a member Firm of the NFA (Member ID: 0325821). CFDs are not available to residents in the United States.

Leveraged trading in foreign currency contracts or other off-exchange products on margin carries a high level of risk and may not be suitable for everyone. We advise you to carefully consider whether trading is appropriate for you in light of your personal circumstances. You may lose more than you invest. Information on this website is general in nature. We recommend that you seek independent financial advice and ensure you fully understand the risks involved before trading. Trading through an online platform carries additional risks.

This testimonial is not indicative of future performance or success.

OANDA pays an affiliate a commission for each account that is opened and funded after accessing the account application link on this page.

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