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Best Credit Repair Companies: Top 5 Credit Repair Services Of 2022

From fees, services, packages to customer support, reviews, and ratings, we've analyzed it all to bring you this list of the best credit repair companies in 2021.
Credit Score

Credit Score

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Keeping a good credit score in today’s world is as much of a necessity as having access to water and electricity. A good credit profile can help you earn the favor of lenders, and in turn, keep you from finding yourself in uncomfortable financial situations.

Yet, it seems this crucial aspect of today’s life is nothing short of a challenge to manage. This is where credit repair companies come into play! They take on the responsibility of your financial guardians and bring your credit history back into your control as much as is possible.

However, it’s understandable to be confused and possibly concerned with the plethora of companies to choose from.  Are you placing your trust in the right company? Is it a legitimate platform to spend your hard-earned money on? These are all valid concerns to have; after all, you can’t tell if a company’s the real deal or just another scam at face value.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the 5 best credit repair companies so that you can know where to go for your credit repair needs! From fees, services, packages to customer support, reviews, and ratings, we’ve analyzed it all to bring you this list of the best credit repair companies in 2021.

So keep reading to find the right one for your credit needs!

Top 5 Credit Repair & Credit Restoration Services Online:

  1. Credit Saint – Overall Best Credit Repair Company To Fix Your Credit

  2. Lexington Law – Trusted Credit Restoration Service To Raise Your Credit Score

  3. Sky Blue Credit – Popular Credit Repair Specialists To Get Credit Score Up

  4. The Credit Pros – Credit Repair Services With Most Advanced Credit Repair Softwares

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Credit Saint – Overall Best Credit Repair Company To Fix Your Credit

 Credit Saint is one of the most highly acclaimed names and comes into many of the best credit repair companies lists, including this one. This is due to various reasons..

To start with, one of the biggest positive points of this company is that since 2007, it has managed to maintain an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Of course, a good rating from the BBB is a positive sign.

Another positive aspect of this company is that they provide free consultation; this is something customers want to look out for, although they charge a first-time work fee of 99.99$

Credit Saint has three packages to offer customers:

  • Credit Polish at $79.99;

  •  Credit Remodel at $99.99;

  •  Clean Slate at $119.99.

 As you move from one package to the other, the next package includes all the features of the first one (Credit Polish) and adds on to it.

These packages are designed to fit various needs, so the specialists at Credit Saint will guide them to a package that’s just right for them.

In the Credit Polish package, Credit Saint will work with the 3 Credit Bureaus and challenge items for the client; it also offers a way to analyze the client’s score, intervene with the creditors, and a Score Tracker.  This package is good for general clean-up and repair, so customers who only have a few items should go for this; it’s also the most affordable one of the three.

At $20 more, though, customers get access to all the above plus Inquiry Targeting and Experian Monitoring, one of the three major credit reporting agencies. This helps customers track how their credit is changing over cycles. While the previous package challenges inaccurate items and shouldn’t be in the report and does this for 5 items, this package doubles that.

Their most popular and aggressive package is the Clean Slate package, which offers an unlimited number of inaccurately reporting items challenged; this is for customers that need a complete overhaul of their credit. With this package, customers get access to all the previous features, unlimited challenges, and customers can also dispute any judgments.

Credit Saint also keeps track of all progress over a 45-day cycle; at the end, customers will receive reports that show what negative items have been removed from their reports..

However, Credit Saint does not outright guarantee that it’ll improve an individual’s credit score, only that it’ll use its services to remove any negative items. This is positive, as legitimate credit repair companies do not promise or guarantee to directly improve customers’ credit.

Credit Saint offers all customers a 90-day money-back guarantee if they don’t get what they paid for; this shows the company’s confidence in what it does. If Credit Saint cannot help, they will get you a full refund, no strings attached.

Overall, Credit Saint is one of the industry’s biggest and most trusted names; with over a decade of experience in the field, they are a fine choice for anyone looking to repair their credit and remove negative items.

=> click here to visit the official website of credit saint

#2. Lexington Law – Trusted Credit Restoration Service To Raise Your Credit Score

Another very highly acclaimed company is Lexington Law, a long-standing name in the credit repair industry for decades and has earned its place when it comes to being one of the best credit repair companies out there.

Lexington Law boasts impressive statistics.  It claims to have over 56 million removals from clients’ credit reports..

So what items does Lexington Law work on? Customers can expect it to deal with things like inaccurate collections, a late payment, charge-offs, judgments, bankruptcies, and repossessions. However, it does not help with bad financial habits that lead to a legitimately bad credit score.

This means that consistently late payments, actual credit card debt, and other such issues are not things Lexington Law can help with, these can only be repaired with better financial habits and time and patience.

With Lexington Law, customers get access to an experienced legal team of lawyers and professionals to deal with things like cease-and-desist letters and other legal issues. On top of that, customers also get access to financial education on the website, such as in-depth articles that help customers learn what credit is, how it works, how to build it, and how to repair it.

Customers can also get personalized counseling to help both the customer and the firm better understand the case. Lexington Law takes a very individualistic approach to credit repair, believing that each situation is different.

Lexington‘s process revolves around understanding their client’s credit report and information; once this has been done, they will then directly work with the client’s creditors and the 3 major bureaus to fix the client’s credit or remove any negative times that shouldn’t be there.

Clients can also stand to benefit from their long working relationship with all 3 major bureaus, which can be an advantage in fixing one’s credit report. This is because Lexington offers insider knowledge that comes from such a working relationship that customers wouldn’t get otherwise.

Lexington offers its clients three standard programs. These are:

  • Concord Standard, at $89.85.

  • Concord Premium, at $109.95.

  • Premier Plus, at $125.95.

Concord Standard is a basic credit repair plan that offers most of the services for general fixes to one’s credit. With this, Lexington will file any bureau challenges for the client.

Concord Premium is more costly and in-depth, with credit monitoring and monthly analyses and Inquiry Assist, Credit Score Analysis, Report Watch, and Transunion Alerts. Clients also get access to everything that the Concord Standard plan provides.

With Premier Plus clients get access to every feature included in the previous two packages. They also get extra benefits such as Cease and Desist letters on the client’s behalf, a FICO Score Tracker to help clients stay updated, Personal Finance Tools that will help clients manage credit better, and Identity Theft Protection Services.

One of the best features about Premier Plus is that it offers in-depth and intensive legal aid, which is something credit repair companies don’t usually offer.

Lexington offers its clients a family discount. If clients can get a household member to sign up within 72 hours of their signup, they both will receive a 50% off on their first work fees. It should also be noted that all three of these packages come with first work fees.

One of the less alluring parts of Lexington Law is that they have a C rating from the BBB. However,  this isn’t so alarming. Many of these reviews come from clients who expect the company to improve their credit score. Overall, Lexington has delivered to its clients over its long career, and that is why we believe these ratings and reviews should be taken with a grain of salt.

Lexington has garnered excellent reviews from users on multiple websites like Observer, so clients should not let this rating discourage them.

All in all, Lexington Law is a firm that has a ton of experience, reputation, and knowledge to back itself up; any company that has this kind of longevity to it is usually worth their salt. With an expert team of legal professionals, solid ties with and knowledge of the 3 Major Crediting Bureaus, and personalized counseling to help find the perfect package for each client’s individual needs, Lexington is not a bad choice to go for.

=> click here to visit the official website of Lexington Law

#3. Sky Blue Credit – Popular Credit Repair Specialists To Get Credit Score Up

Sky Blue Credit is a credit repair company that has been around the industry since 1989. This makes it one of the oldest companies in the industry. It has the experience to match.

It is also one of the few companies that offer a 90-day money-back guarantee if it does not aid its clients.

The company also offers its clients a lot of financial education, whether through the online portal where clients can find tools to help build a good understanding of credit or through the free consultation service where the professionals at Sky Blue Credit will help clients and go through their case.

Sky Blue Credit is also one of the only companies to have an A+ rating from the BBB, which is very favorable as that can reassure clients about the company’s quality. Aside from that, there are many positive reviews on websites like ConsumerAffairs.

Sky Blue is also very responsive and user-friendly; most reviews speak of their positive experience with the free consultation.

The pricing plan is very simple: Single members have to pay a $79 one-time first work fee and a $79 monthly fee, whereas couples can pay $119 on the review/setup and monthly fees.

They’re accessible in more ways than one.  At this price, customers get everything right off the bat. Customers can cancel them or pause their program/payment at any time.

The program works because Sky Blue Credit disputes 15 items on an individual’s credit report, 5 per bureau, over a 35-day cycle. During this process, Sky Blue will provide its clients with credit score assistance throughout the entire ordeal and will also help with goodwill letters and file cease and desist orders on your behalf.

Besides this, Sky Blue Credit is one of the few companies that offer debt validation as a credit repair service; this means that it will work with your creditors and bureaus to prove whether or not a negative item should be on your report and if they should fail to prove this, they must remove the item from the report.

However, one of the downsides of Sky Blue Credit is that they do not have any legal staff available. This can turn clients away when other companies have at least some sort of legal team available or have very strong ones ready to deal with complex legal matters.

Overall, Sky Blue Credit is an excellent, affordable, and accessible choice for customers that want something that’s not too costly and is simple to use. This is a good company to go for, as the free consultation makes everything even simpler. However, there are some fronts where it either doesn’t offer something or offers something that other companies like Credit Saint and Lexington already are (and then also providing additional services like Inquiry Assists.)

You can read more about Sky Blue Credit and what they do over here.

=> click here to visit the official website of sky Blue credit

#4. The Credit Pros – Credit Repair Services With Most Advanced Credit Repair Softwares

The Credit Pros is the final in this list of best credit repair companies; with this company, clients can have access to three packages which are as follows:

  • Money Management Package at $69.

  • Prosperity Package at $119.

  • Success Package for $149.

Clients access credit monitoring,  repair services, and personal finance tools to help them with credit with the first package.  They also get access to a unique feature: Clients will receive a credit line from the National Credit Direct, which is aimed at building and improving credit scores; the companies don’t offer this on this list, which is why this is one of the strongest entry-level packages for clients that only need one item repaired and want to build a more positive credit report.

However, one of the drawbacks of this package is that it only allows you to fix one item. This can be a massive negative point for clients, as they would have to pay $50 more if they want to fix more items on their report, whereas other companies offer up to 5 or more items fixed in their entry-level packages.

The Prosperity Package allows unlimited disputes but no credit line; this can be a positive for clients that want to opt for a slightly expensive package but not something too costly like Credit Saint’s third package, which allows unlimited disputes for a much higher cost.

The Success package gives unlimited disputes and the credit line from the NCD, so if clients want a more in-depth overhaul of their credit report, they can opt for this. However, the one-time fee ranges from $119-149, so the overall service is costly.

Credit Pro also boasts an impressive A+ rating from the BBB, making it the third company on this list to have the highest possible rating.

It is also one of the only few companies that offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. This puts clients’ minds at ease. In addition, credit pros and their reviews add to the website’s legitimacy, so clients can rest assured of the quality of this company.

All in all, Credit Pro is a solid company to go for. However, the services offered in the packages leave a little to be desired when compared against the competition.

In the third package, customers get unlimited disputes and a credit line. Still, Credit Saint’s third package offers unlimited disputes as well, in addition to other services that are as helpful as the Credit Line feature, and Lexington offers complete and thorough legal assistance as a part of its third package.

Customers may feel better off selecting another company’s first package only for the fact that they allow you to fix more items. Still, it isn’t a bad company. On the contrary, it has garnered positive reviews for itself and is very professional.

=> click here to visit the official website of The credit Repair

How Do Credit Repair Services Work? 

Credit repair services clean up bad credit reports for a certain price. They do all of the work involved in challenging negative, old information that might be tampering with your credit score for you. They undertake most of the credit repair process for their client; the legal work, contacting the bureaus and removing and verifying the items present on your report.

What Do Credit Repair Companies Do? 

Now that we’ve gone over what the top 5 best credit repair companies offer, it’s time to go into some general info on how credit companies work.

Credit repair companies offer to review your credit report and challenge any negative items that should not be on there for you.

This is because there’s nothing a credit repair company does that a client cannot do themselves. Still, this industry exists because people often do not have the time, financial knowledge, or insider networks. So, they opt for good credit repair companies to do this heavy lifting for them.

Credit companies will retrieve your credit report, analyze it, offer consultation, and offer different credit repair packages. In addition, they offer to deal with your creditors and the bureaus on your behalf, including legal matters such as cease-and-desist letters, goodwill letters and debt evaluation. However, not every company does this.

All of the processes involved contacting the three bureaus, removing negative items, challenging negative items, and anything else related to credit repair are undertaken by the credit repair company you opt for.

Credit repair companies deal in issues such as:

  • Negative items

  • Bankruptcies

  • Debts that cannot be verified

  • Judgments

  • Payments that you were late on

  • Your payment history

  • Your accounts

Credit repair companies may use “jamming.” This means consistently sending letters or emails to the bureaus to tend to any disputes. The idea behind this is that if the dispute cannot be settled in 30 days, according to the FCRA, the account must be deleted.

The fee structure varies from company to company; some may charge you a monthly fee, whereas some only charge once they remove some negative items from your credit report, as well as from package to package.

For more on credit companies, you can check the website out.

Why Should You Work With A Credit Repair Company?

There are many benefits to a credit repair company. However, the most beneficial reason is that they save you a lot of time.

By doing all the legwork for the consumer, a credit company takes care of contacting the bureaus, getting your report, and removing negative information from it that’s weighing your score down.

A bad credit score does more than just affect your creditworthiness in terms of loans. This is why working with a credit repair company can be a good idea.

Credit Repair Companies To Improve Your Credit Report:

  • Stay Clear Of High Insurance Rates

Typically, a low credit score leads to high insurance rates. This is because insurance providers may think you’re not creditworthy, making you a risky client to deal with. As a result, they’ll charge you higher insurance rates. You can avoid this and get lower rates by having a high score, and credit repair companies can help you with that.

  • You Won’t Be Disturbed

A never-ending stream of calls and emails from debt collectors can be quite bothersome. However, credit repair companies take care of this nuisance by dealing with them for you, ensuring that your time is left undisturbed.

  • It Can Help In Obtaining A Credit Card

Having a credit card in this day and age is a boon. However, a low credit score can keep you from having this convenience: this is another way credit repair companies can help you. By helping you clean up your report and providing you with knowledge on building better credit, these companies can make obtaining a credit card easier. Also, apply for best credit cards for bad credit, if you don’t have it already.

  • Improve Your Credit Limit

Sometimes, you may need to borrow an amount, but your credit limit gets in the way. As a result, the amount may be higher than your credit limit. You can increase your credit limit by increasing your credit score, and credit repair companies can help you get started on this.

  • Loan Variety

You may want to upgrade your vehicle or move to a new house.

However, you seem to be having issues with getting an auto loan or a mortgage due to your credit score. Credit repair companies can aid you in fixing your credit score and get a better deal on these kinds of loans.

  • Easier Time with Employment

Some employers look at your credit score, and if it’s low, decide not to hire you. Credit repair companies can help with this as well. You could be giving great interviews but may still fail to land jobs due to your credit score.

  • No Need for Co-Signers

A bad credit score makes getting a loan that much more difficult. Some companies let you apply with a co-signer who acts as your guarantor. However, finding a reliable, capable co-signer can be difficult too.  Having good credit means you won’t need to look for a co-signer at all.

Tips For Working with Credit Repair Companies:

There’s a fair share of illegitimate companies that don’t deliver and companies that make good on their promises in every industry.

Here are some things to look out for to help you decide which is which:

  • Companies That Demand Advance Payment

Asking for advance payments is a violation of the CROA. This is a sign that the company is dishonest and isn’t worth your time or money.

  • Companies That Demand One-Off Fees

These companies might be trying to scam you and make off with your money. Credit repair is a lengthy process, and most legitimate companies don’t ask for this.

  • Demanding You to Make False Statements

This is another violation of the CROA. Adding false statements about your credit information is illegal in every state and can get you in serious trouble.

  • Identity Fraud

You may be asked to fake your identity by using someone else’s information as a cop-out. This is also another illegal act and has serious consequences. You should steer clear of companies that ask this.

  • Companies That Ask You to Challenge Accurate Info

Credit repair companies can only remove, dispute, or challenge inaccurate information that cannot be verified. So if a company asks you to do the above with valid information, that’s a reason not to go forward with them.

  • Companies That Don’t Tell You Your Rights

You are legally allowed to sue a company for any violation of the CROA. Any legitimate company will tell you this, and companies that don’t should have you wary of their best credit repair services.

Here’s what you should look out for when it comes to whether or not a company is good:

  • Companies with a Good History

A company with good reviews from real customers is reassuring. That means they’ve worked with others and brought them progress. Look for positive reviews before going ahead with a company.

  • Companies That Have Good Ties to the Bureaus

A company with good relations with the credit bureaus will have an easier time fixing your credit report than a company in a bad spot with them. After all, what help could they offer you when they need it themselves?

  • Companies That Are Legally Accredited

Companies should work according to the law. However, some companies that don’t function within the law may leave you in legal trouble.

  • Companies That Give You a Contract

Good, professional companies will offer you a proper contract that comes with proper terms. This will usually be things like the terms of your payment, fee structures, and other details about the company’s services.  You should only work with a company that lets you openly read and discuss the contract.

  • Companies with a Money-Back Guarantee

You should work with credit score repair companies that give a money-back guarantee. This shows confidence in their abilities to get you results. Your money is also safe in case they can’t help you.

  • Companies That Give Results

Companies should be giving you regular results or updates. After all, they usually charge you a monthly fee. You should know whether or not your money is being used wisely or if it’s being wasted.

What Credit Repair Companies Can Do?

Credit repair companies are allowed to retrieve your credit information from the 3 bureaus. They then put an expert to work on analyzing your report to see what they can do.

The company then starts looking for mistakes, any inaccurate information that they can challenge or dispute. These can be missteps in payment, negative items that shouldn’t be there, and other inaccuracies.

Once they find these mistakes, they can challenge the bureaus on these items. They do this on your behalf to remove any items that may be damaging your credit score. They handle all bureaus, debt collectors, lenders, and other institutions for their clients.

Good companies will inform you of your legal rights, such as your right to sue them should they violate any part of the CROA.

A good company will also give you an in-depth contract that states all the important information, such as payment structure, terms, and conditions, etc., that you need to know. Finally, a good company keeps its clients informed about their services.

What Credit Repair Companies Cannot Do? 

By the CROA, the company cannot ask you to challenge any data unless it’s unverifiable. So they cannot remove any items from your report; they can only challenge the bureaus and then try their best to get them to remove them.

Top Credit repair companies also cannot ask you to change or fake anything about your legal identity. This is illegal and is a violation of the CROA. They also cannot ask you to give any false information that may help you avoid a negative score.

They shouldn’t be asking you for any information that isn’t necessary to your case.

FAQs About Credit Fixing Companies:

There are some aspects of credit repair that customers are confused about. Here’s a list of frequently asked questions that they usually have:

Q1. How long does it take to repair credit? 

There’s no guaranteed period during which your credit report may be repaired. This depends on the amount and type of negative items on your report that need repairing. Also, results are unique to the circumstance in this line of work, so that it may take a short while, or it may take a few months or longer.

For example, a missed or late payment will take significantly less time to solve than a bankruptcy case. However, once a dispute letter has been sent to the bureaus, they have 1 month to see to it.

Q2. How to Avoid Credit Repair Scams? 

Knowing a scam is crucial to avoid it.

Here are some signs that the company you’re dealing with isn’t legitimate:

  • Payments in advance or upfront.

  • Companies that ask you to challenge information that’s verified and accurate on your report.

  • Companies that ask you to fake your information.

  • Companies that don’t tell you about your rights.

  • Companies that don’t give you proper contracts.

  • Companies without money-back guarantees.

  • Companies that guarantee they’ll improve your credit score. Credit repair companies cannot guarantee this.

Ask around for referrals and look for reviews before working with any kind of company.

Q3. How do Credit Repair Companies Get Items Removed?

Credit repair companies work with you and your information to remove negative items in several ways. These are:

Writing Dispute Letters to the Bureaus

Once a company finds negative info that can be challenged, they then dispute that item to get it removed. They do this by sending a dispute letter to the appropriate financial institution or bureau and requesting them to remove the item.

As mentioned previously, some companies use jamming to get this accomplished.

Writing Cease and Desist Letters to Your Debt Collectors

The company now handles the numerous phone calls, emails, and texts you get. They can issue these letters to prevent any harassment from a debt collector, and these letters carry more weight to them coming from a reputable company or firm.

Negotiating for a Pay for Delete

Sometimes these companies can strike a deal with your debtors. This deal usually involves you paying off the debt and agreeing to remove any negative comments that look bad on your credit report.

Writing Good Will Letters

Removing these items isn’t the only thing that needs to be done. For example, your credit report needs to be updated afterward to reflect the removal. The company can do this by issuing a goodwill letter to the credit bureaus to update your info.

Q4. Do Credit Repair Companies Work? 

Credit Repair companies have been a thriving industry for decades and have worked with clients from all over the world to help fix their scores and help them be more creditworthy.

Credit repair companies come with a team of credit experts, attorneys, and other professionals knowledgeable about how credit and credit repair works. However, the biggest convenience they offer you is the amount of time they save you on the entire process.

It’s important to choose a company with a good history and good reviews, however.

Q5. What is Credit Repair? 

Credit repair, put simply, is the process of repairing and cleaning up your credit report. This CAN lead to your credit score improving, but it is not guaranteed. However, what is guaranteed is that if there is any negative item that cannot be verified, is inaccurate, or outdated, they will challenge the bureaus and try their best to get it removed.

The basic process starts with companies pulling up your credit report from the bureaus, analyzing your information, finding any items that shouldn’t be there, and finally challenging those items.

Concluding – Which Credit Repair Company Should You Go For? 

A bad credit score can make your life difficult in more ways than one. Loan accessibility, creditworthiness, deals on mortgages, loans, and other areas of finance become a lot more difficult with a bad credit score. Of course, you could choose to repair it yourself, but you could also hire a credit repair company.

Best Credit Repair companies make the entire process a lot simpler. All you have to do is stay in touch with the company and work with them while they do the heavy lifting for you.

However, as with any company, you have to vet it first. It’s important to ensure that the company you’re trusting your money and credit with is a reputable company, with real reviews to verify it. For this article, Credit Saint tops the list of reputable credit repair companies.

Hopefully, this article has been informative, helped answer some questions about credit repair and the best credit repair companies, and helped you find the right company to trust with your credit profile.

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