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Best Mortgage Lenders Of 2022 | Get Same Day Loans Easy Approval With Current Interest Rates

Not all lenders work the same. Searching for the best mortgage lenders can be challenging, but we are here to help you out. Check our best lender selection.
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Buying a new home may sound exciting, but it is pretty stressful. Large purchases require large money amounts, which are often hard to find. You can still get your dream home, even if you don’t have enough cash to pay it off at once.

Mortgages are loans that can help you with big purchases like buying a new home. Big purchases require long-term loans, which can be between 10 and 30 years. This way or that way, you can still have your dream home.

To make things more possible, we have selected a few trusted lenders and banks who may help you find a mortgage faster. Our chosen platforms are available online, so you don’t have to leave your home and search for competitive rates.

The time is on your side, and you can compare multiple mortgage loans simultaneously. Review, compare, and choose the one that meets your financial power and needs. 

There is no pressure to accept a mortgage that confronts your finances. This allows you to check and find out what the market offers without making a contract agreement that is not exactly what you need. So, let’s get into details and see the best mortgage lenders

Top Mortgage Lenders To Get Quicken Loans (2022)

  1. eMortgage – Overall best loan marketplace offering current mortgage rates

  2. LendingTree– Reliable US mortgage lenders for first time home buyers

  3. Lexington Law – Top direct lender with 100% online mortgage application

  4. Axos Bank – Best home mortgage lenders offering FHA & VA loans

Online Mortgage Lenders : Full Review

#1. eMortgage – Overall best loan marketplace offering current mortgage rates

Our first website, eMortgage, is operated and owned by The company that owns eMortgage is a limited liability company headquartered in Nevada. People can find various information about mortgage lending and many mortgage lenders and brokers through this website.

eMortgage offers loan inquiry forms where the clients can share their personal information and details about the loan they seek. The lenders and brokers will then review the request and decide to help the clients find the best loan offer online.

The website does not sell loans, give credit decisions in loan connections, or issue loan commitments. eMortgage provides only marketplace services by matching potential clients with potential lenders. Also, you are not obligated to fill out the online form nor accept any loan given by the lenders.

eMortgage is not a lender and does not guarantee you will be loan approved. The connection that this website enables between you and the potential lenders is free of cost. You won’t be charged any fees for using eMortgage’s services.

The loan’s inquiry form is operated by Quinstreet Media (QSM). QSM will send your information to certain lenders who may be willing to make you a mortgage loan.


The platform is only a middle man in the process and has no work in creating the loan offer. Instead, it can help you fill out the form and connect you to a lender faster. 

The company that owns the eMortgage website,, has existed on the market for over 35 years. It puts innovation into the modern, virtual mortgage industry, so everyone can easily find the best mortgage loan.

eMortgage allows you to choose among four mortgage quotes. You can select a home-refinance mortgage, home purchase mortgage, home equity, and reverse mortgage. eMortgage also has a mortgage calculator for all clients who plan on buying a new home and are curious about the month’s mortgage costs in a specific area.

The online request form is free for all clients. eMortgage does not guarantee loan approvals because it has no relation to the lenders’ decisions and working principles. The platform can connect you with up to five lenders. You may receive one or more loan offers depending on the leaders’ decisions and your shared information.

You must rely on your decision and choose a loan product that meets your needs and finances. You decide to select the lender with whom you want to work.

How it works

Each mortgage type has a separate request form. The request is just a type of qualification form that allows lenders to assess your finances and needs and determine if they can give you a mortgage offer or not.

Once you select the mortgage type, you can continue with the form. The request form is free for all clients. eMortgage will not charge fees for using its website, services, or request form. After you share details about the property you are interested in and the loan type you need, eMortgage operators will send your request to the lenders’ network.

Completing the form is the first step in this process, which may take up to five minutes. Every loan request begins with different requirements, such as the property value of your home for the home equity mortgage, property zip for the home refinance mortgage or property type of the home purchase mortgage.

The next step allows you to “shop.” This is the part where you have received the loan offers and all the rates and fees related to them. You have an opportunity to do the shopping and get the loan that seems like the best for you. You can also review the loans and not accept any of them.


  • Secured and trusted website

  • You won’t be charged for using its services

  • An easier and simpler way to get matched to a lender

  • Fast and simple request form

  • Various mortgage options to choose

  • No obligation to accept a loan that crosses your needs


  • Some lenders may charge non-refundable fees

  • eMortgage can not affect the lender’s decision in giving you a loan offer

⇒ Visit the Official Website of eMortgage

#2. LendingTree – Reliable US mortgage lenders for first time home buyers

LendingTree is a well-organized and informative website at first sight. The platform was founded in 1997 when the websites and internet were a pretty new thing in most parts of the world. Many people were unfamiliar with the online market and its opportunities in those days.

What inspired this man to make a website like LendingTree was his time searching for competing loan offers. Running from bank to bank took much of his time, making him nervous, confused, and disappointed.

Since then, LendingTree has brought the lending process online, saving millions of Americans. LendingTree is one of the most prominent marketplaces with hundreds of lenders, brokers, and credit products.

You can open the LendingTree history timeline and see how the company improved and expanded over the years to become the name you are seeing now. Launching into cyberspace, LendingTree became a marketplace with significant interest from lenders who wanted to compete for business.

LendingTree has reached a milestone of 20 million loan requests in less than a decade. The platform kept expanding, opening new employment positions and expanding its client list over the USA. Since its founding, LendingTree has been free for all its customers.


LendingTree is a vast marketplace that allows borrowers and leaders to come together. Their mutual interest may rely on different loan products, such as home loans, personal loans, insurance, business loans, credit cards, and mortgages. These categories have subcategories that allow you to make a specific request and simplify the lender’s decision.

LendingTree might be your best option if you are a borrower seeking a quick and simple credit solution. The service is all-free to its customers, while its profit comes from the lenders’ membership subscriptions.

Some loan categories require meeting a specific credit score to qualify for them. If you don’t know your credit score precisely, you can check it using the free credit score calculator LendingTree offers. Other criteria you should meet include being older than 18 years, having a valid SSN, steady income, bank account, and responsible credit history.

Mortgages belong in the home loans category. Choose the subcategory you are interested in and start filling out the form. The subcategories include home purchase, home equity, refinance, and reverse mortgage.

All categories have separate forms, so ensure you have selected the correct option that matches your needs. It will help the lenders make you a suitable loan offer with good rates and fees.

How it works

Online lending platforms are created to simplify the borrowing process, which usually requires wasting hours in a bank and collecting a lot of paperwork. These two steps are skipped, and you can request a loan fast, convenient, and directly from your home.

The entire process is simplified and requires sharing only essential details related to your finances, identity, and loan’s purpose. So, the request begins with choosing the loan type and filling out the form. In our case, we will be concentrated on mortgages.

The mortgage request form begins with your home or future home location. As you fill the form, the requirements flow to your financial power, the home purchase price (for home purchase mortgage), the percentage you plan to put down as a down payment, your annual income, bank account details, employment status, credit score, and personal identification information.

Once you complete the form, the LendingTree operators will send your request to multiple lenders connected to the network. LendingTree’s work stops here because LendingTree is not a lender. Everything after happens between you and the lender/s who may want to work with you. Shop among the loan offers, and choose and compare them without the obligation to accept any offers.


  • No need to apply for a mortgage in person

  • Professional and responsive customer service

  • LendingTree uses high-security technology to protect its database

  • Variety of mortgage loan options

  • Opportunity to choose and compare offers that seem reasonable to you

  • Free connection services and application form


  • Approval is not guaranteed

  • LendingTree might share your data with third-party partners

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Lending Tree

#3. Lexington Law – Top direct lender with 100% online mortgage application

Lexington Law is a customer-oriented platform aiming to help everyone find the best credit solution based on a few simple requirements. Some of the services this platform offers are completely free for the clients. Every client can get a free credit consultation to see which credit service suits him the most.

With the free credit consultation, every client gets a free credit score check, credit repair summary, and credit repair recommendation. Requesting a free credit consultation will not hurt your credit score. The shared information is secured with high-security technologies so that it won’t end in the wrong hands.

Explore the website more, and you can find many educational articles that can guide you into online borrowing. The articles are accessible and free to anyone who visits Lexington Law website. Besides the educational corner, Lexington Law allows its clients to use various advanced digital tools to search for a credit solution and other credit products.

Lexington Law has a smartphone app available for both Android and Apple users. The app is free to download and highly reputed by the customers who already have it. With the Lexington Law app, you can request a loan faster and more conveniently, no matter where you are at the moment.


Lexington Law works a little bit differently than other platforms and requires paying a subscription plan. Its services concentrate on credit repair, helping clients improve their credit scores to qualify for a loan. Lexington Law partners with many licensed attorneys trained in customer advocacy, consumer law, and credit reporting.

Being a Lexington Law subscriber includes access to licensed attorneys, discounts, free consultations, free online educational resources, different service levels, etc. Overall, Lexington Law is a legal company with a strong 10/10 reputation score.

Credit-challenged clients who choose Lexington Law can choose from basic to advanced credit repair services, depending on their financial condition. A good or excellent credit score might help get a mortgage loan with more reasonable rates, interest, and fees.

The service levels or subscriptions Lexington Law offers are divided into three categories. The Concord Standard is the basic subscription and has basic credit repair services. 

The Concord Premier package includes inquiry assist, credit score analyses, report watch, and trans union alerts. The Premier Plus is the most expensive plan and consists of a FICO tracker, advanced tools, identity theft protection, and more, besides the basic requirements.

How it works

Lexington Law allows its subscribers to work with reliable credit bureaus that can help with the wrong items on the credit report. 

The credit bureaus record only verifiable information and remove every incorrect item that does not meet the set criteria. Lexington Law’s credit bureaus work following the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Once the impurities are removed, Lexington Law will work with the creditors to address fixes, mistakes, and inappropriate information. Once the impurities from your credit are removed, your credit score should improve.

Lexington Law had over 1.5 million successful removals in 2019. Those cases included misleading or inaccurate collections, judgments, bankruptcies, late payments, charge-offs, foreclosures, and repossessions.

Clients often don’t receive a mortgage loan because of credit issues. Once the clients improve their credit report using Lexington Law services, they can choose and get a mortgage loan and other credit products.

Serious clients who want to get their credit back and improve their chances of being loan or mortgage approved can succeed if they choose the right credit repair service. The process can not happen overnight. It takes time, but the outcome may be quite promising and long-lasting.


  • Many factors show that Lexington Law works

  • Option to choose among the three programs

  • Better credit for a better loan offer

  • Free online credit report consultation

  • Your information is secured with the GoDaddy 265-bit web server certificate

  • Free mobile application for Android and iOs


  • Lexington Law does not give loan offers or mortgages

  • You can not initiate a money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Lexington Law

#4. Axos Bank – Best home mortgage lenders offering FHA & VA loans

Axos Bank is an online bank with a 24/7 available phone line. This bank does not have a physical subsidiary; it exists only online. 

Founded in 1000, Axos Bank is one of the oldest online banks offering full-service banking services for individuals and companies. The bank keeps expanding and growing, offering better services for all its clients.

This online bank offers a significant variety of loans, including home loan options. Compared to many lenders, the clients of Axos Bank can benefit from being its member, saving time and money.

Axos Bank can be best for borrowers seeking mortgage loans with no lender fee as a mortgage lender. Axos is also an excellent choice for clients who need super jumbo mortgages. 

Among the advantages of choosing Axos Bank as a mortgage lender is that the borrowers will not pay lender fees, can find hard-to-find loan options, receive a full bank service, and use the cash back credit on mortgage payments.

The qualification criteria for becoming an Axos member are available on the Axos Bank website. This bank offers preapproval and prequalification, accepting all clients with a credit score over 620. This means even clients with fair credit scores may qualify for a mortgage on Axos Bank.


Axos Bank offers multiple mortgage options, including home equity loans and credit lines, cashout refinances, conventional refinances, and home purchase loans. 

Foreign nationals can also use Axos Bank to achieve home ownership by choosing Specialty loans. Axos’ home loans can be used for various reasons, from buying a single-family house to multistory complexes.

Borrowers can use these loans for home improvements, debt consolidation, cashout refinance for paying hospital bills, or educational expenses. The refinance option helps match goals like decreasing the monthly payment, switching from variable to fixed-rate, paying off the mortgage faster, or removing mortgage insurance.

Because Axos Bank is an actual bank providing mortgages and loans directly, we can mention some of its terms, conditions, and fees. The mortgage’s term can be as low as 10 years. The longest mortgage term can not exceed 30 years. On average, the best mortgage interest rates are available on 15 and 30 years terms.

If the borrowers decide on using an Axos checking account to pay the mortgage, they can save up to $995 on lender fees and earn up to 3% cash back annually. All penalties and late fees are disclosed in the Axos mortgage contract.

How it works

The process begins with your online mortgage request. Open the Axos Bank website and choose the mortgage loan type. The form will require answering a series of general questions related to the mortgage type, and you will receive a free quote. Once you finish the form, you can apply and wait for a response.

Once the consultant contacts you, you can upload all the required documents, including the bank statements, pay stubs, and W-2s. Everything is done digitally because Axos Bank does not exist physically. You can also check the loan application status online and track its progression.

Axos Bank closes the mortgages in 30 days. If your mortgage request is approved and you are prequalified, the bank may close the mortgage sooner. You can ask for loan amounts ranging from $15,000 to $510,000. Jumbo loans don’t have a loan limit nor require a credit minimum.

The entire mortgage loan is completed online. You can use the desktop Axos Bank version or download the Axos Bank mobile app. The lender will reach you by phone after you complete the loan application. You can reach the customer support center for all concerning questions or things about which you are interested. 


  • One of the oldest online banks in the USA

  • Low rates and no fees

  • Fast and simple online lending experience

  • 24/7 available customer support phone line

  • Variety of mortgage loan types

  • Mortgage repayment terms from 10 to 30 years


  • No fee applies only for borrowers who own an Axos checking account

  • Axos Bank is available only online and by phone

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Axos Bank

How We Made This List For the Best Mortgage Lenders For Online Loan Application & Fast Decision Making?

  • Trusted and reliable websites

Seeking mortgage lenders is serious, and you have to check it twice before applying for a mortgage online. Our choice is determined by multiple factors and the criteria we used to select these brands. 

We did deep research to ensure the clients who have chosen these platforms and websites are happy with the outcome and confirm the procedure’s accuracy.

The reputation of each brand we choose is pretty high. Reputation is our first criterion because the client’s reviews get a large part of our trust. We value the actual experiences of people who decided on online mortgage borrowing instead of the traditional in-bank procedure.

  • Option to compare rates

You don’t have to rush or mess up the offers by searching for them physically. You can compare the offers of multiple lenders using your computer or smartphone. Write down the loans and fees the lenders give, so you can easily choose the one that matches your mortgage purpose and financial power.

There is no obligation to accept a mortgage offer that confronts your finances and needs. The lenders will not pressure or call you before accepting the mortgage offer. So, the time is on your side and allows you to think and calculate the rates and fees before making a decision.

  • Secured client information

Online borrowing asks for sensitive personal information. The form you must fill out requires sharing your personal identification information and other details related to your income, funds, and financial condition. Our chosen websites guarantee encrypted protection over the shared information, so everyone can feel safe using the website and its application form.

The websites are aware that they offer financial-related services, a sensitive topic that must be highly protected. Their database is encrypted and protected with industry-standard technologies, so no one unwelcome can reach it. You can ask for a security check if you notice some suspecting activities.

  • Various types of mortgages

Because not everyone has the same needs, these platforms offer a large portion of mortgage loans that can easily meet everyone’s needs. You can opt for some of our selected platforms, whether you need a conventional loan, non-conforming loan, VA loan, FHA loan, USDA loan, or jumbo mortgage.

You can easily determine which mortgage loan is the best for your needs. FHA mortgages are the most popular option for borrowers who want to buy homes with little money. These mortgages may be a good option for borrowers with lower credit scores. 

The conventional mortgage is best for borrowers with stronger credit scores and more money for a down payment. The VA mortgages are loans for Veterans Administration. These loans allow the borrowers to finance up to 100% of their home appraised value.

  • Flexible loan amounts, fees, and terms

We made our choice for these four platforms because they offer fixed APR. This is an excellent advantage for the clients because they lock the interest rate until the loan’s lifetime. 

The closing timeline ranges from 30 to 45 days, which is enough for the borrower to collect the required documentation and prequalify for a mortgage. The closing timeline may face some delays sometimes.

The minimum and maximum loan terms and amounts are flexible, and each lender offers a variety of financial options that you can customize on your own. You can make the customization depending on your monthly budget and the time you need to repay the total mortgage loan. And most important, there are no early payoff penalties.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider When Searching for the Best Mortgage Lenders

  • Get your credit in shape

Your credit score is the most important thing you should consider before applying for a mortgage. Some lenders may offer high-interest mortgages, while others may not even respond to your request if you have a poor credit score. Try to improve your credit score by making responsible payments and closing your credit cards.

If you don’t have time to wait, you can choose a platform like Lexington Law that can easily remove all the things that harm your credit and allow you to increase your credit score much faster. You can even ask for a free credit report to review the issues that keep your credit poor.

  • Set your budget

Go straight to the point and see how much you can afford with your current budget. Some lenders may give you a mortgage that will maximize your expenses and leave you no space for emergency expenses. This type of mortgage may be a bad move for your financial condition.

The lenders usually make their offers based on your gross income, revolving debt, and outstanding loans. They will not consider your monthly living expenses such as bills, gas, utilities, groceries, insurance, or daycare. 

So, it is important to determine how much you can separate from your monthly income for the mortgage rate without getting into challenging financial conditions.

  • Compare rates and choose offers

Don’t choose the first lender who responds to your request. It is always better to wait for a few offers to compare them and see which one is closer to your needs and finances. Try with different lenders, whether banks, local, online, or credit unions. You can see the working principles of multiple lenders and determine which offer might be the best for you.

Ensure you get the best of the terms, rates, and conditions. Select a good lender available for communication, whether in person or online. Explore the mortgage lender market and make a clever choice. Mortgages are loans of high amounts that should be repaid in over 15 years.

  • Prepare your pre-approval documents

The lenders need to review your finances and credit, so they will ask you for multiple documents for preapproval. The lenders may ask for different documents, but generally, you will need:

  • Your ID or Driver’s license (or other government-issued identification documents) 

  • Your Social Security number

  • Residential address history

  • Pay stubs of the past month

  • Bank statement printouts of the last two months

  • List of financial accounts you have

  • List of fixed and revolving debt payments (credit cards, loans, alimony, child support)

  • Down payment information (including source and amount)

  • Current liens or judgments against you (bankruptcy, lawsuits, collections accounts).

Ensure you have collected all the documents the lender requires. Being late in collecting documents may lead to mortgage closing delays and sometimes cancellation.

Having all these documents and printouts is not a sign you got approved for the chosen mortgage. This is only prequalification when the lender explores your financial history.

FAQs On Mortgage Lenders in US

Q1. What is the difference between a loan and a mortgage?

Loans are general financial transactions where the borrower receives a lump sum and agrees to pay it back with all the fees and rates the lender has set. This loan should be repaid in the specified period and at its fullest. These loans can be used for various reasons and are typically shorter-lasting than mortgages.

Mortgages are also types of loans, but they are used to finance a property. Mortgages are loans, but not all loans can be mortgages. Mortgages are a typical example of a secured loan. 

When getting a mortgage, the borrower puts collateral, which is a promise that he will repay the loan on time and to its fullest. Otherwise, the lender can confiscate the collateral. In mortgages, the collateral is the borrower’s home.

So, if the borrower is not repaying the loan as promised, the lender can get possession of the borrower’s home. This process is also known as foreclosure.

Q2. How long does it take to get a mortgage approval?

The approval time varies from lender to lender. Knowing how long a mortgage lender takes to close its loans is crucial. On average, the lender should get a mortgage financed in 30 to 45 days from the day of application.

Multiple factors determine the mortgage loan approval. Many factors can extend the mortgage approval and cause some delays. When in the mortgage loan approval process, you must stay in constant contact with the chosen lender to have all the documents he asks for as soon as possible.

Often, if the borrower is not cooperating with the lender, it leads to mortgage closing delays or cancellation in some cases.

Q3. What are mortgage payment components?

The mortgage payment components are the factors that play a huge role in the mortgage’s payment calculation. The components are usually taxes, interest, principal, and insurance. We will take a mortgage valued at $100,000 for our example.


One part of every mortgage rate is dedicated to principal balance repayment. The amount of returned principal starts low and gradually increases with each payment. 

In the first years, the payments are more focused on the interest, while in the final years, the payments are generally focused on the principal repayment. So, if our mortgage value is $100.000, the principal will also be $100,000.


The interest is a fee that the lender charges as a reward for the risk taken to loan you money. The interests have a direct impact on the mortgage’s payment. Higher interest rates – higher mortgage payments. High-interest rates often decrease the money you can borrow, while low-interest rates do the opposite.

So, if the interest rate on our example mortgage value of $100,000 is 6% and the mortgage is set on a 30 years repayment period, the interest rate will be around $599 ($500 interest + $99 principal).


These taxes are known as property taxes or real estate and are set by government agencies. These funds collect property taxes and later use the money to fund public institutions, such as schools, fire departments, police departments, hospitals, etc. 

These charges are usually calculated on a per-year basis, but you can pay them divided by the total number of mortgage payments in a year. In this case, the lender will collect and hold this money until they have to be paid in total.


Same as the property taxes, the insurance rates are paid with every mortgage payment. The lender also holds this money until they have to be paid in total.

The mortgage may include two types of insurance. The first one is property insurance which protects the actual home from disasters, theft, fire, etc. While the other is PMI, mandatory insurance for the people who buy a home with a down payment below 20% of the total cost.

The lenders can sell the loan to investors who have an assurance that their debt will be paid back. This option minimizes the default risk on loans. The PMI coverage can be dropped when the borrower reaches 20% equity in the home.

Q4. What is a reverse mortgage?

A reverse mortgage is a loan made for mature persons over 62 years. These people should have considerable home equity to be able to borrow money against the value of their homes. They can receive the funds as a lump sum, line of credit, or fixed monthly payment. 

This type of credit is the opposite of a mortgage loan. It is not meant to buy a home and does not ask the homeowner to make loan payments.

In this case, the loan balance is limited and becomes due and payable with the borrower’s death or permanent moving. In other words, a reverse mortgage allows older homeowners to convert their home equity into cash without paying mortgage rates.

The lender makes payments to the homeowner, so he can later have the homeowner’s house when some of the mentioned events happen (death or permanent moving). This loan is not taxable.

Q5. What is mortgage insurance?

The mortgage insurance protects the lender, not the borrower. This type of insurance decreases the risk to the lender of giving a loan, so you can qualify for a mortgage loan that you might not be able to get under the current circumstances.

This insurance gives the lender greater security about the loan repayment in case the borrower dies or defaults on payments. There are three types of mortgage insurance policies, private insurance, title insurance, and qualified insurance premium.

The insurance may be with a pay-as-you-go payment premium or lump sum payment. Homeowners who must have PMI because of the loan to value ratio can cancel the insurance policy once they pay off at least 20% of their principal balance.

Conclusion: Which is the best home equity lender in 2022?

Searching for a mortgage is a huge step in life. Many people can not afford a new home with their current finances and expenses, so they opt for mortgages.

Choose wisely and compare offers before accepting any. You can find hundreds of lenders and banks who offer different mortgages, so ensure you get the best mortgage lenders

We are happy if our chosen platforms are the thing you have been searching for. You can get your future dream home because everything is possible now.

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