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Best Online Payday Loans: Top 5 Payday Lenders For Cash Advance In 2022

If you need quick cash to overcome financial hardships, this article is for you. Continue reading to find out why payday loans might be the best option.
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In life, unexpected situations happen every day, and unfortunately, more and more people are dealing with financial problems. With that being said, getting a loan with same-day approval with no credit check regardless of a financial institution is really difficult, especially if your credit score is not ideal. Luckily, there are companies that specialize in providing loan services for people regardless of their credit scores.

Therefore, if you are searching for a loan online, you will find plenty of online providers. However, not all of the lenders are genuine or provide reasonable terms, so searching for the right money-lending platform can be an overwhelming process. If that is the case for you, we suggest reading our article for the best payday loan companies for online payday loans we have selected based on what they offer.

Top 4 Online Payday Loans Companies To Get Fast Cash Loans In 2022:

  1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Payday Loan Lenders To Get Instant Payday Cash Advance

  2. BadCreditLoans – Trusted Loan Company For Bad Credit Cash Loans

  3. RadCred – Recommended For Personal Loans & Emergency Loans For Bad Credit

  4. – Renowned Payday Loans Online For Fast Cash Approval Online

  5. Personal Loans – Most Trusted Short-Term Loans For Quick Cash Funding

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. MoneyMutual – Overall Best Payday Loan Lenders To Get Instant Payday Cash Advance



On the top of our list is a company that has provided loan assistance to millions of clients over the years. It has been in the business for over a decade, helping many to overcome financial struggles, which resulted in a fantastic reputation.

It is vital to mention that MoneyMutual is not a direct loan lender but an online marketplace where loan applicants are matched with potential lenders that can provide them with loan offers based on the information they provide when applying. The company has an extensive range of lenders they connect the applicants with, and their service is free of cost, which is very important.

Effortless Application Process

What is great about online payday loans is that they are convenient to get as you don’t need to wait for a long time to get approved and travel far distances to find a lender and submit paperwork. Instead, you can fill out a quick and simple application form on MoneyMutuals, for which you will need to provide personal, contact, and banking information.

Once you submit the application form, MoneyMutual then connects you with at least 60 lenders that review your application and decide whether they would like to present you with a loan offer. Another thing we are especially fond of when it comes to MoneyMutual is that the company gives you freedom, so once you examine all loan offers, you are not obliged to accept an offer if it is not suitable for your financial situation.

Eligibility Requirements

The requirements that you need to meet in order to be able to obtain a loan from MoneyMutual are minimal. The company requires the applicants to be at least 18 years old, citizens of the US, as well as have a valid checking account in their name. MoneyMutual’s lenders provide payday loans for people with both good and bad credit scores, but you need to have any source of regular income of at least $800 a month to get accepted.


  • MoneyMutual’s borrowers can get a payday loan from $200 to $5,000

  • The application process is simple, and you can get approved very fast

  • The company has a policy of 24-hour deposit of the funds

  • MoneyMutual has a vast network of lenders that can give you a loan offer

  • On MoneyMutual, you can get a loan offer regardless of your credit rating

  • The site is easy to use, and the platform features encryption technology

  • On the website, you can find all the necessary information on how to obtain a loan

  • MoneyMutual’s lenders offer flexible repayment terms based on the loan amount

  • The APRs for a payday loan range from 5.99% to 24.99%

  • The company is very transparent, and there are no hidden costs

  • The loan fees and costs are discussed between the borrowers and the lenders

  • A reliable company whose services have received very positive customer feedback


  • A user-friendly platform that is highly-secured

  • MoneyMutual’s services are quick and free of cost

  • Minimal eligibility and flexible credit requirements

  • The company has published plenty of educational resources

  • MoneyMutual has been successfully in the business for more than 20 years


  • MoneyMutual’s services are not available for people in New York and Connecticut

=> click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. Bad Credit Loans – Trusted Loan Company For Bad Credit Cash Loans



If you are considering getting an online payday loan, but your credit is not ideal, then Bad Credit Loans might be the most suitable platform for you. This lending company is not a direct lender but a platform that matches those in need of funds with their lending partners, who can provide them with reasonable loan offers.

Bad Credit Loans was launched in 1998 in Washington and since then has helped numerous clients overcome financial hardships by providing them with loan offers and instant approval. This lending company not only matches the borrowers with potential lenders but also guides and educates the applicants throughout the whole loan process, which is very significant for those who are applying for the first time.

Quick Application Process

Bad Credit Loans is very transparent, and on top of that, its website is very user-friendly and informative. Therefore, you can easily find all the information that you need, including the online application form that you need to complete in order to apply for a payday loan. In order to apply for Bad Credit Loans, you will need to provide the reason for the payday loan and also provide necessary personal and banking information so that lenders can give you a loan offer based on your provided information and transfer the funds directly into your bank account.

Requirements For Getting a Loan

As we have mentioned, Bad Credit Loans can give loan offers to people with both good and bad credit scores. However, to be eligible for a payday loan, you need to have any type of stable source of monthly income so that the lenders can be sure that you will be able to afford the loan. In addition, as a borrower, you need to be at least 18 years old, a resident or a permanent citizen of the US as well as have a valid bank account in your name. You will also be requested to provide home and work phone numbers and a valid email address.


  • The company gives loans from $500 to up to $10,000

  • There is no cost for Bad Credit Loans services

  • The application process is both quick and simple

  • The company features an extended network of third-party lenders

  • Your personal and banking data is protected by advanced encryption technology

  • Bad Credit Loans is available 24/7, so you can apply for a loan any time

  • The APRs for online payday loans can vary from 5.99% to 35.99%

  • The loans have a minimum repayment term of 90 days and a maximum of 72 months

  • All loan terms, conditions, and fees vary from one lender to another

  • For those who won’t get a loan offer, the company provides credit-repair services

  • The loan amount can be transferred into your bank account in just one business day

  • The whole loan process is implemented online, including giving e-consent

  • Bad Credit Loans has published guides on how to get each type of loan

  • On the site, you can also view guides on how to avoid scams when applying for a loan


  • Provides hassle-free application process and quick approval

  • Bad Credit Loans has an extensive network of lenders and third-party lenders

  • You can get a loan offers with less than stellar credit rating

  • Credit-repair services are available for customers who don’t get a loan offer

  • A reliable platform that implements advanced security measures for data protection


  • The borrowers with bad credit scores may be charged with higher APRs

=> click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#3. RadCred – Recommended For Personal Loans & Emergency Loans For Bad Credit



RadCred is a well thought financial company based in the United States. It is one of the oldest companies that helps people meet their appropriate lender for online personal loans making it easier for the people to have more than one lender. The company acts as an intermediary between the lenders and borrowers. They provide an effortless process online for the lenders to choose their borrowers and vice versa.

The company offers various kinds of loans like student loans, personal loans, business loans, etc. and prioritizes your needs to get you loan(s) almost as the same day of applying.  The platform even guarantees every user a fast, safe, and secure fund transfer.


Multiple lenders – One of the most significant parts of the company is that it offers multiple lenders to choose and borrow from. This provides the borrower as well and lenders a number of options to make an easier decision.

Security – The main priority when it comes to money is safety. When so many transactions are taking place customers often tend to question the credibility.  These kinds of concerns are eliminated when the whole data is encrypted and not shared with anyone.

Late payback – Since there is a middle man involved the likelihood of negotiation increases. The company provides some leniency when the borrower fails to repay the money at the scheduled time.


Crucial data is encrypted

Provides leniency in repayment

Provides multiple lenders

Easy and convenient process for getting online payday loans


Bi-monthly payments

The amount of online loans is dependant on the lender

#4. CashUSA – Renowned Payday Loans Online For Fast Cash Approval Online

CASHUSA (1).png

CASHUSA (1).png

CashUSA is a well-known lending company that has a wide range of trustworthy lending partners providing online payday loan offers for people despite their credit ratings. By connecting the borrowers with suitable lenders, CashUSA has helped thousands of clients secure a loan and cover the expenses they have and overcome financial instability. This company is considered one of the most trusted lending services providers in the USA that is dedicated to providing a quick and effortless online payday loan process for all clients. The company’s website is very simple but informative, so as a borrower, you can easily find all the details on how you can get a payday or other type of loan from CashUSA’s lenders.

Simple Application Process

When many people think of getting a loan, hours of searching for a genuine lender and waiting for days and weeks to get approved and submit paperwork is what comes to mind. However, with CashUSA, you needn’t worry about that. What you need to do is fill out the application form that you can find on the site and submit your application. On the form, you will provide all the necessary information, and once you submit your application, CashUSA will match you with potential lenders. With that being said, you need to carefully examine all loan terms and conditions provided by a lender before you accept to ensure that you can afford the loan.

Criteria for Obtaining Payday Loan

Before you complete and submit an online application form, it is advised to check whether you meet the eligibility criteria. In terms of getting a loan from CashUSA, you are required to be at least 18 years old, a permanent resident, or a citizen of the US, as well as have a valid checking account in your name. Furthermore, you need to have a regular monthly income of at least $1,000 and provide your email address and telephone number. Moreover, you need to be employed for at least 90 days to reach the eligibility criteria. Meeting all of these requirements will not guarantee that you will get accepted for a payday loan but will significantly improve the chances.


  • The loan amount you can get from CashUSA’s lenders ranges from $500-$10,000

  • If you don’t receive a loan offer, you can get offers for credit repair services

  • Once a loan agreement is reached, the loan funds can be transferred within 24 hours

  • The online application form will take you only a couple of minutes to complete

  • Uses industry-standard encryption technology to protect the client’s data

  • Generally, the lenders on CashUSA offer rates between 5.99% and 35.99%

  • The duration of the repayment terms can vary from 90 days to 72 months

  • Each lender presents you with exact fees and loan terms before you accept an offer

  • CashUSA’s website is easy to navigate, even for those who might not be tech-savvy

  • It provides round the clock customer service that ready to meet all client’s inquiries

  • On the site, you can find educational articles about finances, debt, credit, and banking


  • Provides convenient loan application process

  • CashUSA has years of experience in the loan business

  • Provides a wide range of lenders, credit repair services, and educational resources

  • Borrowers with better credit scores can get a loan offer of up to $10,000

  • The online lending platform protects client’s data with encryption technology


  • You need to be employed for 90 days to get approved for a payday loan

=> click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

#5. Personal Loans – Most Trusted Short-Term Loans For Quick Cash Funding

personal loan.png

personal loan.png

Personal Loans is one of the most well-known and reliable online lending companies that matches borrowers with potential lenders willing to provide them with loan offers despite their credit scores. Ever since 1998, this company has successfully provided loan services to numerous clients, which has gained it a fantastic reputation on the market. Personal Loans is very transparent, and its website is very informative, so all the necessary details you need for obtaining online payday loans and other services are easily accessible to everyone.

Quick and Simple Application Process

In the same way, as is the case with other online loan providers, to apply for a payday loan on Personal Loans, you will need to complete an online application form. To do so, you will need to enter the reason behind the loan and provide contact, personal, employment and banking information. With Personal Loans, you don’t need to wait for days and weeks to receive funds to cover living expenses, but you can be accepted in a matter of minutes. Based on the information you have entered during the application, Personal Loans then connects you with suitable professional lenders that can give you loan offers. It is recommended to view all loan terms and conditions with utmost care before you decide to accept a loan offer.

Eligibility Criteria

Personal Loans can provide payday loans for people despite their credit ratings. However, there are certain requirements you need to meet to determine whether you have a high chance of getting accepted for a loan offer. With that being said, if you are at least 18 years old, a resident or permanent citizen of the US, and have a regular source of income, you can get accepted for this type of loan. You also need to have a valid SSN, a checking account in your name, and provide an email address.


  • On Personal Loans, you can get a loan offer from $500 to $35,000

  • Personal Loans give you freedom, so you are not obligated to accept an offer

  • There are no hidden fees or any upfront costs for receiving a loan from Personal Loans

  • Provides a quick and simple application form and connects you with suitable lenders

  • Personal Loans offers fast and secure fund transfers, usually in just 24 hours

  • The company gives you access to various lenders and an extended lending network

  • The minimum and maximum APRs vary from 5.99% to 35.99%

  • The minimum repayment terms are 3 months, and the maximum is 72 months

  • The company protects your information using data encryption technology

  • You can request a loan at any time of the day

  • The whole loan process is done online, and you can also give e-consent

  • On the website, you can find educational guides on each type of loan they provide

  • If you don’t manage to get a loan offer, Personal Loans offer credit-related services


  • Fast approval and quick funding for all clients

  • Customers with good credit scores can get up to $35,000

  • The direct lenders offer competitive interest rates and flexible repayment terms

  • Personal Loans has a well-designed and very informative website

  • The company has an excellent reputation, and its services are highly-rated


  • The eligibility criteria for a loan by Personal Loans can be strict for some people

=> click here to visit the official website of Personal Loans

How We Made The List Of Instant Payday Loans Companies Of 2022:

There are plenty of payday loan lending companies that you can find online providing different loan terms and conditions, which the borrowers need to carefully examine before they accept any offer. For that reason, to narrow down our selection, we looked at certain factors that each reliable lending company needs to meet.

What We Searched For 

The first thing we searched for was an excellent reputation. To find out more about the company’s reputation, we looked for data such as how long it has been in the business, whether the company has been in trouble with the law in recent years, looked into its background, and read as many reviews from other borrowers as possible. Moreover, we looked at details such as how fast the companies approve the applicants, whether they have an extensive list of lenders and selected ones that provide fast and secure fund transfer.

Furthermore, we made sure to select online companies that implement security measures and advanced technology to protect their client’s personal and banking information from hackers and which have a privacy policy. Other crucial factors we looked for were also company transparency as well as credit flexibility, reasonable loan terms, and flexible repayment terms in order to find only the best options for our readers.

Factors To Consider When Choosing Best Payday Loans For Bad Credit: 

Payday loans are the easiest way of getting quick funds when you are in a difficult financial situation. Before accepting a loan offset, it is of utmost importance to get familiar with all of its terms and conditions to be able to determine whether such a loan is affordable for you. In order to help you make a more informed selection, we present you with some factors that you can take into consideration when you are looking for online payday loans.

Here is what you need to consider:

  • Eligibility Requirements – The eligibility criteria for receiving a payday loan depends from one lender to another. Some require a minimum credit score, others a regular source of income, etc. Therefore, before applying for a loan on any online lending platform, it is necessary to opt for a lender that can provide you with a loan offer based on your financial situation. We suggest avoiding applying for online payday loans from companies whose criteria you might not meet so as not to spend your time applying just to be rejected.

  • Terms and Conditions – Once you are connected with a lender, it is crucial to check the terms and conditions he has offered for the loan. This is significant as you need to be familiar with the repayment process and schedule, know which fees the lender charges, what are the interest rates, and others, which will give you a general idea of whether a specific loan offer is affordable for you.

  • Interest Rates – Another significant factor for consideration when you are applying for a payday loan are the interest rates. Some lenders offer fixed interest rates for the loans, while others offer ones that fluctuate based on the loan. With that being said, we suggest going for the most affordable interest rates as they have a huge impact on the whole amount that you will need to pay.

Additional factors that you can take into consideration:

  • Fast Funding – When you are dealing with financial problems, delayed fund transfers can lead to even more difficulties that you would want to avoid. For that reason, when applying for a loan, it is necessary to check whether the company provides fast application and acceptance and whether the lenders provide same-day funding.

  • Security – As we have seen, to apply for a payday loan online, you need to provide your personal information along with your banking data. Hence, it is significant to select a lending platform that implements security measures to protect your data. The most reliable companies use advanced encryption technology to ensure clients’ data security. We also suggest checking the privacy policy to determine which platform is the most suitable for you.

  • Company Reputation – As many people are dealing with financial struggles, there are plenty of scammer companies that you need to avoid. As mentioned, when you apply, you provide personal and banking information which are sensitive information and should definitely not go into the wrong hands. For that reason, before you fill out an application form, it is necessary to check the company’s reputation. To achieve that, you need to check how long the company has been in business and read as many reviews from other borrowers to get more insight into what you can expect.

FAQs Regarding Same Day Payday Loans: 

#1. What exactly is a payday loan?

A payday loan is considered a short-term loan that you can get when you want to borrow a small amount of money to make an important purchase or cover some living expenses. The majority of people use such a loan when they need to make payments but have run out of their monthly income, and the next payday is not soon. However, such loans are often very costly and risky, and they come with numerous terms and conditions, which is why it is essential to be familiar with them before you accept any loan offer.

#2. What are payday loans mainly used for?

Payday loans can be used for a variety of reasons, very often for making an important payment, but such a loan can also be used to cover vacation and entertainment expenses. Some of the most common uses of payday loans are unexpected car payments, student loans, paying medical expenses, covering family expenses and childcare costs, etc. To put it in simple words, payday loans are often used for unavoidable expenses which the borrowers are not able to cover and, for that reason, are in need of quick funds. What is great about this type of loan is that it doesn’t require collateral; instead, they depend on the borrower’s credit history and the documentation they provide.

#3. Can you get a payday loan even if your credit score is bad?

Yes, you can obtain loan payday funding even if your credit score is not ideal. However, all companies and their lenders have different requirements in terms of the borrower’s minimum credit score they need to have, so it is necessary to check what they require before you submit an application. It is essential to mention that loans for people with bad credit scores often come with higher interest rates which you need to be familiar with before accepting any offer.

Also, some loan lenders perform a credit check when reviewing your application, while others don’t. With that being said, if your credit score is not ideal, but you are in need of funds, we suggest going for lenders that have no minimum credit score requirements. Furthermore, reliable companies also offer additional services such as credit repair services and have an extended network of lenders they work with to give all clients a chance to obtain a loan.

#4. What are the advantages of applying for a payday loan online?

In the past, when you needed to get a bad credit loan, you were required to visit the bank, credit union, or the lender in person to fill out an application and wait for days to get approved. However, nowadays, applying for a loan has never been easier, and there are plenty of online companies that can help you with funds in emergency situations in a very short period of time. Having said that, applying for a loan online comes with a lot of advantages. One of the benefits is the convenience they bring, as you can apply for a loan from your home at a time when it is suitable for you.

The whole process is done online, so you don’t have to travel too far distances to meet the lender, but provide the necessary paperwork and e-consent online. Additionally, online payday loans are much faster, and your funds can be transferred as quickly as in one business day. When applying for a payday loan from an online marketplace, you have more options than you would get in person as the companies connect you with multiple lenders, offering you different loan terms and conditions that you can choose from.

#5. What will happen if you are not able to pay the loan amount on time?

If you believe that you won’t be able to repay the loan amount on time, it is necessary to contact and inform your lender. Some lenders will give you a grace period, giving you enough time to gather funds and repay the amount on another date without the situation affecting your credit score. However, if you don’t inform the lenders and you are not given a grace period, you will face a loan penalty. Such a penalty depends from one lender to another but can be in the form of a higher interest rate or additional payment. Hence, to avoid getting in such an uncomfortable position, it is necessary to examine all terms and conditions before you accept any loan deal, making sure that your debt to income ratio enables you to afford the payday loan.

#6. Do lenders report your payment activity to major credit bureaus?

Usually, the lenders don’t report your loan payment history for payday loans, and many of them also don’t check your history when they are providing you with a loan. However, some lenders do have minimum loan requirements for the borrowers, so it is necessary to get informed before you apply for a loan. If you are looking for a way to improve your credit history, you might also consider taking other types of loans or contacting a financial advisor to get information on which steps you can implement to increase your credit rating in a short period of time.

#7. Is it safe to apply for a payday loan online?

Applying for a payday loan online is a safe process as long as you do so from a reliable and genuine company. The marketplace has plenty of lenders, but it is challenging to determine whether a lender is legal or a fraudster, especially if you are looking for a loan for the first time. For that reason, before filling out and submitting an online application, we recommend checking the company’s reputation. Moreover, when you are connected with a lender, it is advised to check whether the lender is licensed and permitted to operate a business in the state that you live in. What you can do is visit their website and determine if the lender operated in your state before you were connected with them, or you can contact the district’s attorney’s office if you are suspicious or worried about your lender’s credibility.

#8. What things do you need to avoid when you are getting an online payday loan?

If you have determined that applying for a payday loan is what you need, you need to be familiar with things that you need to avoid when you are searching for this type of loan online. The first thing you should avoid is making late payments as they can give you higher interest rates, penalties, late payment fees, etc., making you pay more than it was initially intended. It is also crucial to read all of the terms and conditions, as not reading them can lead you to accept an offer that is not suitable for your financial needs, and you might get into more debt. Additionally, you need to ensure all loan terms are suitable for you, including the monthly loan amounts and the repayment terms, as they can determine whether you will be able to repay the payday loan on time and without any additional fees and penalties.

Concluding – Top Payday Lenders For Fast Cash Approval Of Online Personal Loans [2022]

If you need emergency cash with suitable terms, opting for a bad credit loan with low-interest rates might be the best option for you. Now online, you can overcome financial struggles quickly with the help of companies specializing in connecting borrowers based on their financial situation with suitable potential lenders.

The money lending services that we have reviewed in our article are an excellent start if you are looking for a loan for the first time, as they have a great reputation, offer a quick and simple application process, reasonable loan terms, and a wide network of lenders, meaning that you will have more loan options to choose from. What is more, some lenders provide loan offers even for borrowers that have poor credit scores, so we suggest you check all of the companies on our list and select the one that fits your financial needs the best.

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