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Best Online Tarot Readings in 2024 – Most Trusted Psychicsfor Accurate Tarot Card Readings

Looking to find out what the future holds for you? Love? Money? Here we give you the best online tarot card readers to help you answer the big questions.

We’re living in unpredictable times, and it’s natural to crave some sort of security and clarity when everything seems so uncertain. After all, it helps us humans hold on to some hope in difficult times.

Whether it is something about our careers, relationships, or any other big decisions, a trailer of what’s coming up is always coveted. Not only does it help us get back on track, but it also maintains a balance between the present and what’s coming.

For some people, the answer to all these dilemmas is a popular technique for gaining spiritual guidance—tarot card readings, a key to deciphering the future.

Readings such as tarot cards can save you from spiralling into debilitating anxiety and depression over life’s problems. A few words of guidance always have a positive impact. Not only can they help you plan ahead, but they also give you an entirely new perspective on the situation.

While many offer their services, both on the market and the web, finding one worth your time and money is a hurdle, especially if you are someone with no prior experience. So, we’ve gone ahead and scoured the internet to find five of the best online tarot reading sites on the market. But first, you must be curious:

5 Best Tarot Card Reading Platforms 

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Tarot Reading Site For Accurate Answers 
  2. Kasamba – Recommended Tarot Readings for Guidance in Life
  3. Keen – Best Tarot Reading Site for Romantic Endeavours
  4. Physics Oz – Reliable On-call Tarot Deck Services To Get Love Life & Career Insights
  5. Mystic Sense – Best Variety of Services For Psychic Reading

Best Tarot Card Reading Services Reviewed

#1. Purple GardenOverall Best Tarot Reading Site For Accurate Answers

Purple Garden is one of the best online tarot card reading sites in the tarot card industry. For psychic reading advice, Purple Garden has backed #1 position in our list of top 5 online tarot reading sites. Being relatively new to the market, Purple garden has considerably performed well in its short tenure of providing psychic reading services.

This tarot card reading siteoffer a discovery section with their top-rated readers upfront for all visitors to their website for the first time. Purple Garden’s website is incredibly user-friendly, and prospective consumers may easily search for their psychic online services.

The brand has been voted as the most accurate psychic reading service online by people. The top-rated psychic readers are displayed on the home page, which narrows the search for individuals because they can locate them on the home page and only need to select the suitable niche for their needs.


Aside from traditional psychic readers, Purple Garden offers a selection of online psychic readers. Quantum guidance, intuitive advice, twin flames, scrying, and many other types of tarot card readers are available. This gives clients the option to try something different than traditional psychic readings. When they are exposed to new horizons, they may even claim more than one online tarot reading. With a few free minutes, one can acquire a sense of the service’s quality and decide whether to continue or not. Tarot card readers can be contacted by phone, chat, or video call.


  • One-click away tarot readers
  • Money-back guarantee
  • User-friendly interface
  • Free initial minutes
  • Variety of tarot card readers are available


  • Not all readers are available online

Why We Recommend It 

Purple Garden is our top pick for accurate readings and a wide range of tarot card readers. They accept payments via all popular modes of payment. The brand, which has served millions of people, is regarded as one of the most accurate and cost-effective websites available. Every single person they hire is a high-level professional with years of experience. Furthermore, tis online tarot platformprovide detailed profiles, ratings, and customer feedback on each psychic to provide their clients with a comprehensive picture.

⇒ Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden

#2. Kasamba – Best Tarot Readings for Guidance in Life

Adorned by hundreds of gifted professionals, Kasamba has served people for more than 20 years. The praise and recognition they have gathered over the past two decades simply reflect their accuracy and mastery.

With the world slowly becoming virtual, the network of online psychics , especially those offering online tarot reading, is also growing day-by-day. In running the same race, Kasamba has also maintained a user-friendly website. They provide services via phone calls, live chats, and emails, all based on your preference.

For all the people coming to their tarot reading website for the first time, Kasamba provides a discovery section with their top-rated readers upfront. In addition, they have eloquently listed the profile of each advisor along with their experience and specialization. The reviews from past readings are also mentioned to help the user overcome the initial confusion and hesitation.


From tarot card readings to dream interpretation, Kasamba gives first-timers a trial run to acquaint themselves with the advisors and services. This means a free three-minute talk with any reader to get an idea of what they have to offer and whether it suits them or not. You can efficiently utilize this time to the fullest if you know what you are going in for.

The readers at Kasamba are top-ranked tarot reading online professionals with years of experience, as evident from the customer reviews. Kasamba gives you a transparent outlook on their psychics through the feedback left by other people. These reviews help authenticate the offerings of a psychic and allow you to filter the ones you want based on what you are looking for. 


  • Hundreds of professional tarot card readers to choose from
  • Free to download app
  • Complete profiles of their psychics
  • Frequent promotional offers
  • Cost-effective
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Free online horoscope


  • The search filter could be better
  • No video calling

Why We Recommend It

Kasamba offers a vast range of services with a satisfaction guarantee. Having served millions, Kasamba is considered one of the most accurate and cost-effective tarot card reading sites out there. Every single one of their hires is a high-grade professional with years of experience. In addition, they provide detailed profiles and ratings, and feedback from their customers on each psychic to give their clients a sheer scope.

Apart from this, they also offer a free three-minute trial for new clients and a 50% discount on all first tarot reading sessions. All this makes choosing a reader extraordinarily convenient and helpful.

⇒Visit the official website of Kasamba

#3. Keen – Best Tarot Reading Site for Romantic Endeavours

Known to connect over 1700 psychics from all across the globe, Keen is one of the most trustworthy tarot card reading websites operating since 1999. Having served millions of clients from every corner of the world, keen offers a diverse range of services, all coming from the best of the best. Their online tarot card reading service is highly appreciated among the users. Not only is it accurate, but it is easily accessible, especially for first-time users.

Whether it’s financial advice, relationship troubles, or career decisions, Keen is the way to go. The professionals at Keen are known to give valuable advice to help endure the hurdles that people come to them with. Time and time again, they have managed to produce remarkably accurate results in almost every domain. 


Keen r tarot reading site stands out with wide range of offerings. From financial outlook to astrology, Keen covers all aspects of spiritual guidance, giving you various services to choose from. The psychics are available 24/7 for any sort of advice or consultation. After signing up, you can get a free three-minute trial run that dramatically helps you find someone you connect with and would want to keep in the long run. 

With over 1700 spiritual advisors to choose from, Keen has a convenient search filter to help you narrow down the results. Once you specify your preferences, the filter gives you a list of psychics most suited for you. So, not only does it save a lot of time and effort, but your money as well. And talking about money, Keen offers varied pricing, ranging from $1.99 to $19.99 per minute. So, if you are looking for a reasonable service, you can still get a pretty good deal here.

Another great feature worth mentioning is the user interface of the website. Keen is one of the most up-to-date and user-friendly tarot reading websites that are easily accessible to anyone. In addition, the website offers easy consultation through live chats and calls anywhere, anytime.


  • Great customer service
  • Over 1700 professional psychics
  • Accessible and user-friendly
  • Free three-minute trial run
  • Trustworthy and safe


  • Does not offer video calls
  • Limited free trials

Why We Recommend It

Keen is a well-known and trustworthy tarot reading platform that has been around for almost two decades now. They provide complete confidentiality of the user’s information, hence scoring millions of customers over the years. 

Keen provides an in-depth profile of each of their advisors, including those specializing in online tarot reading. This gives an overview of what that advisor specializes in, so the users can choose accordingly. Another selling point for us was the pricing. It costs you $1.99 for a ten-minute talk which is a great deal considering the price of some competitors. Apart from the fair rates, the website experience offered by Keen is also applaudable and easy to use. 

⇒Visit the official website of Keen

#4- PhysicsOzReliable On-call Tarot Deck Services To Get Love Life & Career Insights

PsychicOz has been a guiding light, helping individuals find true love, land their dream jobs, recognize hidden adversaries, ward off negativity, and pave their way to wealth and fame for 30 years.

Their knowledge and years of industry experience in online psychic services have helped many customers find answers to their “what ifs” and seek expert advice for their important decisions. 

PsychicOz has over 90 professionals offering expert advisory tarot services in multiple areas, such as love and relationships, money, and careers, via phone, video, or email readings. These professionals are highly skilled and can answer your questions without asking much of your personal details. The professionals use multiple tools like tarot cards, crystals, astrology, and pendulums, as their customers prefer. 

PsychicOz professionals are friendly, understanding, and non-judgmental, and most importantly, they are good listeners. They will not make you feel like you’re a client; you’ll always feel like they are one of your close friends or family. 

Professionals are available 24/7 at PsychicOz, allowing you to schedule your reading whenever it suits you best. For new customers, PsychicOz offers an introductory 3 minutes of reading at no charge. Returning customers are also valued, with a free minute of reading time as a gesture of appreciation for their loyalty.


  • Expansive Psychic Niches: PsychicOz offers expertise across various fields, including love and relationships, money, careers, pets, past life, and missing or deceased persons.
  • Diverse Tools: Utilizes many tools like tarot cards, crystals, astrology, and pendulums for enriched readings.
  • Proficient Psychics: Over 90 skilled professionals, including astrologers and tarot readers.
  • Customer Service: PsychicOz customer support team is available 24/7, and the team exhibits efficiency, warmth, and understanding. They are always ready to assist, ensuring a friendly and smooth experience for all clients seeking guidance.


  • Cost-effective readings.
  • Secure payment options: PayPal, credit/debit cards.
  • Video reading capability.
  • Around-the-clock service availability.
  • Detailed psychic profiles for informed choices.
  • Pre-scheduled call convenience.
  • Phone readings starting from $0.99/min.
  • Email readings beginning at $4.99.


  • No mobile application is available

Why We Recommend It? 

We recommend PsychicOz for its strong privacy measures and easy access to top psychic experts anytime. Their strict selection process ensures clients receive high-quality guidance whenever needed.

Additionally, PsychicOz values both new and returning customers. They offer the first three minutes free for first-timers and give a minute of complimentary reading to their existing clients, showing appreciation and fostering lasting relationships.

⇒Visit the official website of Psychic oz

#5. Mystic Sense – Best Variety of Services for Psychic Reading

Mystic Sense has been connecting its users with readers of all ages from all around the world. This tarot card reading sitehave built a solid reputation over the years for their highly accurate readings and the diversity of their offerings.

Adding to the several reasons behind their popularity, the affordability of this platform is one, especially when seeking an accurate tarot reading. They have relatively low rates compared to other sites, which is a great attraction for their customers. They also offer a free five-minute trial to help new clients find just the right reader for them. 

To maintain a reputable image, they perform several checks on their readers, so everything the website offers is genuine and legitimate. The psychics are ranked based on their years of experience, past readings, and expertise. You can quickly narrow it down to the ones you think are most favorable to you just by looking at the search results.


One of the most outstanding features of Mystic Sense is customization, especially when it comes to online tarot readings. You can specify the type and tone of the reading you want. Hundreds of psychics will make sure to give you just that. You also have a wide range of methods to choose from. So, whether you are looking for a tarot reading, Reiki, or crystals, Mystic Sense is the way to go.

This tarot reading platform is also known for its convenience. Users can easily navigate the website and get the desired result even if they have no prior experience. In addition, you can contact the psychics through a channel of your choice. They offer voice calls, video calls, and emails.


  • Video streaming available
  • First five minutes free trials
  • Customizable readings
  • Customer reviews are readily available


  • No mobile app

Why We Recommend It

Mystic Sense is one of the most reliable online tarot sites out there. Their readers are constantly under check so that their customers only get the best. There are a wide variety of psychics available that give a plethora of options to the users. Apart from this, the customer ratings and the feedback are also readily available, which offers a crystal clear image of what the psychic is offering.

They offer communication through different channels. For example, they offer video calling, allowing users to understand both their readers and reading better. They provide a free five-minute trial for first-time users, which helps them understand what they want and what the site offers. 

Mystic Sense is the way to go if you are looking for reliable and customizable reading on a budget. Although the psychics set their prices, they are still way better than their competitors, considering the quality of their service.

⇒Visit the official website of Mystic Sense

How We Made This Online Tarot Card Readers List

The digital age has pushed several industries to turn to the web. Psychic readings are also gaining popularity on the net. With several companies and freelancers marking their presence, it is too arduous of a task to sift through hundreds of readers and narrow your search to legitimate readers.

To save you from the troubles of scams, incorrect readings, and phoney readers, we dug through different online tarot reading websites and articles to round up a list of the top five online psychics.

  • Online Reputation

First and foremost, we planned to eliminate any reader or service with a reputation for vague or incorrect tarot reading. This was done by going over thousands of reviews and feedback from other users. This also helped us to get a general overview of the compatibility of psychics with the users. 

  • Cost of Services

Next, we analyzed the pricing of each tarot card reading website and compared it with the services they offered. This included the psychics’ costs, ranks, and the discounts the company was willing to provide.

The trials were considered a game-changer for a website as they ensured that the company is credible and the psychics are trustworthy. Furthermore, with the help of several checks and assessments, we also confirmed that the website navigation is both valuable and straightforward.

  • Research

Experiencing an online psychic can be worrisome for a first-time user, but the key is to conduct thorough research and know what you want. The list we rounded up has tarot reading websites that are known to be accurate and reliable. We scraped through hundreds of web pages to ensure that these were the best options out there. Any service from this list will guarantee a pleasant experience and fair readings. 

Beginner’s Guide: How to Find the Right Tarot Card Reader

A lot of people assume that cost is the only factor when choosing a psychic. While it is valid to some extent, the price of a psychic isn’t everything. You need to consider several factors before investing any time or money. Not just about wasting money, any sort of incorrect reading from a psychic can alter the way you think, taking a toll on your mental health, which is far worse. Below are the essential factors you should consider before booking any Tarot card reading.

  • Deals and Trial Minutes

As we mentioned, the cost of any service plays a crucial part in deciding which one to opt for. If the price tag seems overwhelming, you should look for trial minutes and the website’s discounts. Free trial minutes are a great way of deciding whether you want to continue with a reader or move ahead. 

  • Past Reading Reviews

Having your budget in mind, you should always go through the reviews left by other users to get an idea of what the psychic is offering and how well it resonates with you. This way, you can save yourself from any unforeseen circumstances that you might regret later.

  • Reader Profiles

Reviewing a reader before booking them is crucial. You need to know the services that they are offering and whether or not they are for you. You also want to take a look at their years of experience alongside their specialisations. Most websites rank their psychics based on their performance and user evaluation. This is always helpful.

  • Know What You Are Going In For

It is essential to evaluate your needs and demands before going in. For example, whether you want to inquire about your future or any troubling issues from the past, you need to specify that to your reader. The initial hesitation is understandable, but you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions of your reader. Several websites have a search filter that gives you a specified list of tarot readers based on what you enter. 

  • Communication Channels

Lastly, the mode of communication plays a crucial part in the reading. If you want something similar to a face-to-face experience, video calls are the way to go. They help you interpret the advice or reading better, as visual cues offer a more realistic experience. But if you are looking for a more relaxed way to do it, a live chat or a phone call should be just fine. Many companies also offer follow-ups via email, which plays a crucial role in helping you interpret the advice better. 

Online vs. Offline Tarot Card Reading

Whether you do it online or in person, both have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. The convenience that comes with online services such as accurate tarot reading,. You have a ton of services and readers all at a single stop. An online tarot reading session saves you from the trouble of leaving your house. Recent advancements have also allowed users to chat via a video call, which gives a similar experience to a session in person. 

Regardless, when it comes to online tarot readings, the environment is what matters. The main goal is to focus, ask relevant questions, and correctly interpret the advisor’s reading. In the end, you should be in an environment that resonates with you.

FAQs About Online Tarot Card Reading

Q1. Is in-person tarot card reading more accurate than online reading?

Several services are not possible online, like energy healing, which has a physical factor. But other than this, almost every online reading is just as accurate as in-person reading. For example, tarot readings have the same tarot deck sets no matter where you go, and they operate by the user choosing some cards and the psychic interpreting them. So, an accurate reading is guaranteed, whether online or in-person.

Q2. Can you get an accurate reading from a free site?

Many online tarot card reading websites offer free tarot reading sessions, but they are mostly vague and unclear. This could be a way of attracting customers or gaining popularity. But we also have reasons to believe it is improbable that someone would offer their tarot card reading services free of cost. There could be some hidden tactic to scam you. If you stay aware and do not give your personal information to anyone, then there is no harm in consulting a free tarot reader.

Tarot Card Reading – Conclusion

Given that you go to reliable service, psychics provide the perfect way out when surrounded by uncertainties. But finding one that fulfils your needs is a curveball. 

After thorough research and sifting through numerous sites, one of the most credible tarot card reading platforms we found was Kasamba. Another good option is Keen, but if you want something that offers video calling, Purple Garden is the way to go. 

Whichever one you choose, make sure you do your fair share of research before booking a consultation and that the psychic is well-reputed.


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