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Cox Mobile now available in San Diego for Cox Internet customers

Service offers access to more than four million wifi hotspots nationwide
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Screenshot 2023-04-24 at 12.18.17 PM.png

Don’t be weighed down by mobile phone plans riddled with annual fees, contracts and overages.

Cox Communications has launched Cox Mobile, available exclusively to Cox Internet customers and offering access to more than four million wifi hotspots nationwide to help you cut down even more on data usage by tapping into the network instead of your own plan.

With unlimited talk and text and no term agreements, Cox Mobile offers two simple plans to make it easy for customers to choose which one is right for them – and easily switch back and forth between either option if and when their data needs change.

● Pay As You Gig — At $15 per gig per month, Pay As You Gig is tailored to your individual needs. With all the reliability and none of the surprise charges, you only pay for the data you need.

● Gig Unlimited — Perfect for constant communicators, streaming or using your favoriteapps when you’re on the go. Gig Unlimited lets you do whatever you want, whenever you want. At $45 per month, this plan can take you and your family on all kinds of adventures- from home to sheep herds in Ireland to everything in between. The sky’s the limit with Gig Unlimited.

5G Reliability 

Cox Mobile runs on the network with unbeatable 5G reliability. That means 4G LTE speeds you can count on and fast 5G available for 5G-capable devices. And there’s more good news from Cox Mobile.

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Screenshot 2023-04-24 at 12.18.22 PM.png

Phone Lineup 

Cox Mobile offers Samsung Galaxy and the most advanced iPhone models yet.

“We’re excited to offer our customers the iPhone 14 lineup with incredible battery life, fast 5G, and vital safety capabilities,” said Tony Krueck, senior vice president of Cox Mobile. “We’re thrilled to bring the latest iPhone to Cox Mobile customers, along with our 5G wireless coverage, providing options that meet our customers’ needs and lifestyle.”

Explore Cox Mobile’s selection of the latest 5G-enabled smartphones

Or if you love the phone you already have, Cox has made it fast and easy to bring over your current device. Check your device compatibility with Cox Mobile.

Learn More

Cox makes it easy to connect – whether you prefer to chat online, calling 1-800-234-3993 or visiting a nearby Cox Solutions Store to check out the phones and mobile plans in person.

“The convergence of wired and mobile communications has never been more important,” said Mark Greatrex, president of Cox Communications. “Customers recognize Cox as a reliable provider of connectivity, so introducing a mobile phone offering was a natural extension of our services. With Cox Mobile, we’re offering a new mobile phone option for consumers, one that offers flexibility, reliability and the opportunity to save money.”

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