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Fall Flavors from Chef Brian Malarkey

The celebrity chef shares his recipe for Herb & Wood’s spiced cauliflower
Chef Brian Malarkey

Chef Brian Malarkey

You don’t have to lose out on flavor while trying to eat healthy. Celebrity chef Brian Malarkey jazzes up inflammation-busting cauliflower with a fragrant blend of antioxidant-rich spice-rack staples, and a smooth, Mediterranean-style hummus. The result is a dish that’s brimming with savory umami flavor and subtle sweetness. It’s not hard to see why it’s a top-seller at Malarkey’s iconic Little Italy outpost, Herb & Wood. Chef Malarkey’s spiced cauliflower is the first recipe in a new series highlighting healthy recipes from top local chefs, made possible by a partnership between Scripps Health and San Diego Magazine. Get the recipe here and watch Malarkey prepare this dish with help from San Diego Magazine publisher Troy Johnson at

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