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Looking to hire a food truck for your event? The choices and options can seem overwhelming. That's why Roaming Hunger is here to help!
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Sure, San Diego is famous for some of the best surf and swim in the country, but did you know that food truck surf & turf is also one of its specialties?

With so many fresh, tasty, and unique options, thanks to Roaming Hunger, finding and booking the best food trucks and cuisines in SD doesn’t have to cause a headache. 

We’ve created the ultimate guide to San Diego food truck catering to help you hire the best local caterers for your next event. Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor occasion, for friends and family or for your favorite coworkers, the food trucks below will make any kind of event more delicious. 

(Added Perk: we listed the cuisines each truck serves and what kind of occasions they’re best for — we love making your search easier than catching a wave in La Jolla.)

So, let’s dive into some of the yummiest food trucks around and our best advice on how to hire them faster than you can say “hang ten.”


If you know SoCal, then you know that taco truck catering is like breathing air — and there’s a delicious, freshly made Mexican morsel around every corner. Start your morning meetings with breakfast tacos or burritos, take a midday break with birria, or end the night with al pastor. Here are our top 3 taco takeaways perfect for any San Diego day or night.

Taco Picasso

Being born and bred in San Diego, the owner of Taco Picasso knows their neighborhoods and which tacos are most popular amongst locals. From traditional street tacos to Korean BBQ and Grilled Cactus tacos, they know how to throw together a tantalizing taco time.

Great for: Corporate Catering, Huge Events, Weddings
Cuisine: Mexican, Tacos, Vegetarian 

Taco Love Mobile Catering

Everything at Taco Love Mobile Catering comes loaded — from the loaded fries smothered in cotija, tomatoes, and avocado crema, to the cheesy burritos and enchiladas your guests won’t be able to resist. It’s a love for Mexican food no one at your event will soon forget!

Great for: Small and Large Events, Corporate Catering
Cuisine: Mexican, Nachos, Taco Bar, Burritos, Vegetarian

Tacos El Rorro

From Quesbirria to Quesadilla, the queso is always flowing’ with the roamin’ Tacos El Rorro. Mouthwatering ceviche, sopas, and crispy tortillas are the name of the game for this seasoned Mexican food trailer.
Great for: Family Events, Weddings, Huge Events
Cuisine: Burritos, Fish & Chips, Tortas, Mexican


Wood-fired, authentic, and smothered in fresh mozzarella cheese is the only way to go to get the best pizza possible. And these pizza catering food trucks have that in spades. Get ready for the Italian vacation of your life without ever stepping foot out of state.

Cucina Caprese

Truly Neapolitan pizza that’ll bring your mind right to Capri, Italy is a guarantee with Cucina Caprese. Their drool-worthy dough made without sugar, oil, or vinegar is an authentic peak into traditional pizzas you won’t soon forget.
Great for: Fancy Events, Weddings, Office Parties
Cuisine: Pizza

Dang Brother Pizza

Fired up right in the back of a 1974 American LaFrance yellow fire truck, Dang Brother Pizza is making dang good wood-fired pizzas. Their 800+ degree cooking surface is ready to cook up something scrumptious everyone will adore.
Great for: Corporate Catering, Family and Kid-Friendly Events, Small to Large Events
Cuisine: Pizza, Calzone, Garlic Bread

URBN Pizza

There are more mouthwatering options at URBN Pizza than almost any other food truck around. They can serve 50 pizzas an hour on top of having a license to serve alcohol — everything you need for your party is prepped and professionally dished out in one place.
Great for: Huge Events, Corporate Catering, Weddings, On-Set Catering
Cuisine: Pizza, Wings, Sandwiches, Salads, Dessert


San Diego has big, juicy, and meaty (or not!) burgers on lock! From smothered in blue cheese to topped with an over-easy egg, these made-from-scratch sensations will delight guests at any type of event. Check out some of the over-the-top options that San Diego burger food truck catering has to offer.

Born in Brooklyn

Owner Leslie brings East Coast-style eats directly from Brooklyn to San Diego with her feel-good fare. Dive into a beef, turkey, or veggie burger but don’t miss out on her wide array of toppings, sides, and dessert indulgence.
Great for: Festivals, Office Parties, Small to Large Events
Cuisine: Burgers, Sandwiches, Meatballs, Mac N’ Cheese

Baby’s Burgers

From LA to SD, Baby’s Burgers (also known as Baby’s Badass Burgers) is doling out delightful, spicy, cheesy, BBQ sauce, and veggie-topped burgers to anyone and everyone who loves a classic American bite.
Great for: Corporate Catering, Weddings, Family and Kid-Friendly Events
Cuisine: Burgers


Sweets have a special spot in the hearts of San Diegans. There’s a treat in store for every one of your attendees when you bring in one of SD’s incredible dessert truck caterers. Find the perfect dessert to hit your sweet spot!

Danky Donuts

At Danky Donuts, their self-proclaimed “dank” toppings set them and their glazed, chocolate-drizzled, or powdered donuts apart. Wash their sweet and doughy donuts down with freshly roasted coffee — you’ll love them so much, you may even be open to sharing.
Great for: Family and Kid-Friendly Events, On-Set Catering, Corporate Catering
Cuisine: Donuts, Cookies

Belgium Waffles Food Truck

Breakfast, lunch, or dessert, you can’t go wrong with crunchy-on-the-outside, chewy-on-the-inside Belgium waffles. Husband and wife team Phillipe and Lynda are bringing homemade delicacies with ingredients flown in from Brussels to very satisfied SoCal waffle lovers.
Great for: Fancy Affairs, Family and Kid-Friendly Events, Small Events
Cuisine: Belgian Waffles, Sweet, Savory

Gelü Italian Ice Food Truck 

With 2 food trucks driving around, providing San Diego with soft, sweet, and refreshing Italian ice, the Gelü Italian Ice Food Truck can be wherever your event is taking place.
Great for: Family and Kid-Friendly Events, Huge Events, Office Parties
Cuisine: Vegan, Vegetarian, Italian Ice, Gluten-Free


Anything you’re craving can be hand-crafted and brought right to your door anywhere in San Diego. With fusion tastes, tons of Mexican and South American eats, Asian sensations, and Mediterranean so good it’ll make you blush, we know you’ll find just what you’re looking for with these food trucks. From fancy occasions to beachside bashes, boba or kabob, you really can’t miss with a great food truck that’ll leave you wanting to leave a glowing review.

Beachin’ Boba

Sit back and relax with friends or coworkers as you sip a Fruit Slush, Mango Green Tea Boba, or Root Beer Float. Everyday feels like a summer day when you’re serving hand-dipped ice cream, churro sundaes, and lemonade from a beachy, beloved food truck.
Great for: Corporate Catering, Weddings, Huge Events
Cuisine: Boba, Smoothies, Ice Cream, Burgers, Hot Dogs

Mr. Greek

Savor fresh Greek eats while also having many Mexican and American options at your fingertips! Authentic gyro and souvlaki are sure to excite guests with their savory, well-spiced flavors —  we know they’ve got us hooked!
Great for: On-Set Catering, Corporate Catering, Family Events
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Kebabs, Mexican, American


Now that you’ve seen what catering San Diego has to offer, let’s discuss the nuts and bolts of renting a food truck. Here are some things to do in order to make sure your food truck catering goes smoothly.

Once you have all your event details, you can use a food truck booking service like Roaming Hunger. Not only do they know all the best food trucks for catering in San Diego, including the ones mentioned above, but they also make hiring a food truck super easy.

  1. Finalize your budget

Food truck catering costs can range $10-$35 per guest, so it’s useful to have a budget range, depending on the number of attendees you’re expecting at your event.

Here’s a helpful breakdown, courtesy of Roaming Hunger’s guide to food truck rental prices:

CuisineAverage Price per Person1–100 Eaters (Minimum)
Taco Truck Catering$10–15$1,000
Dessert Truck Catering$8–15$800
Other Food Truck Catering (BBQ, Burger, etc.)$15–25$1,500
  1. Decide on the number of food trucks

Once you know how many guests will be at your event, decide on the number of food trucks you need. We recommend 1 food truck for every 150-200 attendees (though you can always rent more than one to give your attendees variety).

Before you book a food truck, be sure to verify the number of attendees your truck says they can serve on an hourly basis. 

  1. Select menu and cuisine options 

With so many great cuisine and diverse menu options, there’s a food truck in San Diego to cater to everyone’s palate and dietary preferences (from vegan to gluten-free to halal). 

Most food trucks have catering packages to choose from based on your budget and the number of guests. Some food trucks will provide a main course and side dish options, while others will allow you to choose one or more items that they will bring to serve. Some will also customize their menu based on your requests — it’s a great way to elevate your attendees’ experience!

  1. Check local food truck regulations

If your event is on public property or at a park, ensure that you have all the essential documents in order — such as a city permit. If you need one, they’re relatively easy to obtain.

If it’s on private property, you might just need the owner’s permission. Also, make sure that your food truck contains any registration and certification required to operate in San Diego.

  1. Choose a location

Select a suitable location for your event where food trucks are permitted to park and can easily be seen by your attendees. Ensure that the parking space is large enough and on flat ground, with no low-hanging branches or any other obstacles that could be in the way. 

Now that you have everything you need to know about food truck rentals, it’s time to start planning. Go forth and make your next event a roaring success!

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Article and images courtesy of Roaming Hunger.

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