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Free Psychic Reading Online: Top 5 Psychic Sites For Accurate Readings (2023)

Online psychic reading might be your next best decision. Get valuable advice, or decode your dream signs at any time of the day. Check out these psychic platforms.
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Screenshot 2023-02-03 at 2.24.44 PM.png

Choosing online psychic reading over offline might be much easier and better for you. You would not need to spend fuel, money, and time going to the psychic reading store downtown. Plys, you will avoid meeting a friend or a family member and explaining where and why you go there.

Online psychics can give you even better quality readings. You can choose among the offered psychic profiles and find the one you like the most, while offline, you can not see the psychic’s bio or specialties.

Psychic reading platforms set their psychics on a test before hiring them. This will increase the chance of getting quality and valuable advice, knowing that the psychics you see on the website have real specialties.

We’ve chosen five psychic reading platforms for you based on our own criteria. So, let’s review them and find out more about their services.

Top 5 Free Psychic Reading Sites (2023 Updated List)

  1. Purple Garden – Overall Best Psychic Reading Site For Accurate Readings

  2. Keen – Top Rated For Fortune & Spiritual Readings

  3. Kasamba – Recommended To Know All The Astrology Answers (FREE 3 Mins)

  4. Psychic Oz – Most Popular Tarot Card Reading Platform (First 3 Mins FREE)

  5. Mystic Sense – Best Psychic Readers To Know About Career & Love Life (5 Min FREE)

#1. Purple Garden: Overall Best Psychic Reading Site For Accurate Readings


Purple Garden is one of the newest psychic reading platforms, also available as a mobile app. Every iOs or Android user can download the app for free and use it everywhere on the go. This platform offers modern features compared to older-existing psychic reading platforms.

Getting started with this app/platform is easy and fast. You only have to make yourself an account, entering your email address and password. Once you register on the Purple Garden platform, you will notice some more features than before.

You can now see your profile, edit your information, add a picture, payment method, credit status, and more. The thing we like the most is that you can spend only credits. So, if you have 10 credits, you can spend only them, and later, you will be asked to get some more if you want to continue the reading. The platform would not take funds directly from your credit/debit card.


Exploring psychics and their profiles is much easier because Purple Garden is a more mobile-focused platform. The mobile app allows you to book live video readings, which is, unfortunately, unavailable with the desktop version.

You can set the reading category, tools, and topics and filter the psychics by specific preferences. You can select the price range, number of reviews, and activity status. Every psychic has his own profile with essential information about his specialties, experiences, reading tools, price, and communication methods.

On the psychics’ profiles, you can read a lot of customer reviews left by customers who have already been in a session with the selected psychic. Psychics can not hide the bad-reputed reviews, so you can be sure that the testimonials are accurate and written by real people who have been in a session.


  • Various reading topics

  • Chat, call, and live video readings

  • Readings as low as $1 per minute

  • Public psychic profiles

  • Welcome credit package


  • No free minutes to try a psychic

Customer reviews

A large number of the customers of Purple Garden are happy that this psychic reading platform has incredible mobile app functions and features. Many people prefer using their smartphones over their computers, which is a great advantage for Purple Garden compared to other similar platforms that do not support mobile app versions.

=>Click here to visit the official website “Purple Garden”

#2. Keen: Top Rated For Fortune & Spiritual Readings


Once you open Keen’s website, you will notice Free 3 minutes popping everywhere. This means exactly what you see. The first three minutes are all-free, no matter the actual price the psychic charges per minute. Keen wants to satisfy the customers from the same beginning.

As you continue exploring the website, you will be offered an extra package of 10 minutes for only $1,99. You can use the free 3 minutes or the 10 minute offer, so you have two options to choose from.

Registering takes a few seconds, and there is no need to fill out complicated questionnaires to use the website. Enter your email and password, and tell Keen where you have heard about it. On the right top corner, you can see your credit status. Clicking on it will ask you to enter a payment method so you can purchase yourself credits to use the Keen services.


You can search the topics and tools on your own or fill out an interesting mini-quiz so the platform will bring you to the best match. Tell about how you feel today, choose the topic you want to talk about with the advisor, select a specific skill, decide whether you prefer direct readings or gentle indirect readings, and enter your name and birth date.

Keen will filter the psychics that match your answers and offer you some psychic profiles. You can review the offered profiles and read their reviews. The psychics have two communication methods, live chat, and phone calls. You can not do readings via video call on Keen.

You can read and review the psychics’ profiles without actually paying. Suppose you are not happy with your first reading. You have already spent your credits but have not received the needed answers. No worries, Keen gives a 100% credit refund guarantee.


  • Free minutes or best price for the first 10 min

  • 100% refunds if unsatisfied

  • Readings from $1,99

  • Live chat and phone call readings

  • Various reading methods and topics


  • No live video sessions feature


Customer reviews

Most customers are happy with the reading accuracy. Keen is highly recommended by over 90% of the customers. The customers love the quick refund and the welcome offer of free minutes. 

=>Click here to visit the official website “Keen”

#3. Kasamba: Recommended To Know All The Astrology Answers (FREE 3 Mins)


Kasamba is our third choice. We can not skip this platform because it has been around for over 20 years. Two decades of existence promise quality readings and offer experienced physics with years of experience and excellent reputation history.

You can use the desktop version on your computer or download the mobile app from your Apple or Google play store. The app is free and would not ask you to enter a payment method before starting a reading session.

As a new customer on Kasamba, you will be offered 3 free minutes and up to a 70% discount on the first reading. So, you can pay only 30% of the total price for your first reading.

The psychics on Kasamba are available 24/7 so that everyone can make an immediate session no matter what time of the day or night is.


Kasamba has the biggest reading topic offer. Every reading category has its own reading subcategory, allowing you to select the most precise topic and tools for your reading. Choosing a psychic reading topic will bring you to psychics who give general readings connected to multiple living spheres.

But, if you want to hear a specific thing, for example, about your partner, friends, marriage, divorce, etc., you should select a topic from the love reading section. We have to mention that Kasamba welcomes all LGBTQ+ community members and offers special psychics for these people.

The price for reading may be as low as $2 per minute, while some popular master psychics can charge up to $30 per minute. Every psychic has displayed the price on his profile, so you can select the one that meets your budget.


  • Oldest and most popular psychic reading website

  • Readings from $2 to $30 per minute

  • Phone readings and live chat readings

  • Various categories and topics

  • Extra welcome offer for all new clients


  • Does not has video readings

Customer reviews

Kasamba has a rating of 9 out of 10 stars. Million people have used this platform to get an accurate reading, which is why this platform has existed for over two decades. The customers enjoy the readings and their accuracy, saying that these psychics are real gifted people that might help you make correct decisions in life.

=>Click here to visit the official website “Kasamba”

#4. Psychic Oz: Most Popular Tarot Card Reading Platform (First 3 Mins FREE)


Our next choice is Psychic Oz, a platform that, besides the standard categories, offers some more unique and specific ones. As a new member of the Psychic Oz community, you will receive a free 3 minutes for your first session. To get these minutes, you have to make your first deposit.

All other customers who have used the first three minutes and want to do another reading will receive one free minute on all calls, so no one will be charged for the first minute while making the connection.

Psychic Oz is entirely free for use. You can use the platform on your computer, mobile phone, or tablet, but only as a desktop version. Psychic Oz has no mobile app to download on your phone. Psychic Oz allows you to use its website 24/7, meaning you can find a psychic and do a reading every moment you need it.


You have a vast offer of reading topics and tools to choose from. Ensure the chosen topic matches your needs to get only the matching psychics. You can search by subject, abilities, and reading tools.

Psychic Oz’s psychics use various tools, like tarot cards, crystals, crystal balls, oracle cards, runes, pendulums, astrology, numerology, etc. The prices are affordable for a larger number of people and range from $1 per minute to over $30 for a minute.

The readings are usually done via phone call, live chat, or email. Psychic Oz does not have live video sessions. The psychic’s profiles are public and detail-described, so you can open and read them before appointing a session. Don’t forget to check the reviews on each profile before paying for an unsatisfactory reading. Ensure that most customers leave happy from the reading and recommend that psychic.


  • 24/7 available services

  • Hundreds of gifted psychics

  • Vast filter and topic choice

  • Excellent reputation and recommendation

  • Public psychic reading profiles are reviews


  • Does not have a mobile app and video readings

Customer reviews

Customers like the platform’s availability at every time of the day. They can reach a psychic even in late-night hours if their need is immediate and they need fast advice. Psychic Oz is a highly recommended psychic reading platform by the customers and has a reputation of 8,7 out of 10 stars.

=>Click here to visit the official website “Psychic Oz”

#5. Mysticsense: Best Psychic Readers To Know About Career & Love Life (5 Min FREE)


The first thing you will see when you open the Mystic Sense platform is the organization. The design is contemporary and customer-friendly so that everyone can easily find what he is searching for. The registration process is done in seconds. Once you enter your email address, Mysticsense will send you a verification code to ensure that your information is accurate.

As a new member of Mysticsense, you will be offered free 5 minutes on your first session. This will allow you to explore the website and see how it works before paying actual money for the reading. The free minutes are an excellent offer in case you do not know how to choose the right psychic.

Mysticsense offers various articles to help you understand what tarot cards, angel cards, and crystals are. Feel free to check the articles and understand how specific types of readings go.


To use the 5 free minutes, you must make an account and make a minimum deposit of $10. Choose a psychic that matches your desired topic and book a session on the psychic reading site. Then, you will be able to use the free minutes and pay only for the rest.

The searching filters allow you to set some preferences about the psychic, so your research will get more precise and match you with the most matching psychics. You can select the availability status, special tags, specialties, tools, and reading styles.

Among the tools that Mysticsense’s psychics use, you can find tarot cards, angel cards, chakras, cartomancy, astrology, crystals, crystal balls, numerology, runes, pendulums, past live interpretations, etc. Read the psychic’s bio before appointing a reading. See that others have experienced and ensure the psychic’s reading accuracy.


  • A modern and well-designed website

  • Variety of reading styles and tools

  • Prices as low as $0,99/min

  • Free 5 minutes on the first reading

  • Good reputation


  • No mobile app nor video readings

Customer reviews

The customers are happy with the readings’ quality, but they still wish there was a live video reading. The chats are highly recommended by introverted customers who do not want a lot of talking and direct communication. The platform’s reputation is pretty satisfactory, so you can go on and give it a try.

=>Click here to visit the official website “Mystic Sense”


Things to Consider Before Taking Online Psychic Reading Services In 2023

The reading topic

Determine the reason why you are on the specific psychic reading platform. Open the platform’s menu and review all the categories and reading topics available on the website. If you have a relationship or marital issue or question, you should search the love category. You might find multiple subcategories that can make your research more precise, so choose the closest one to your question to get the right psychic.

Choosing the wrong topic might give you unsatisfactory reading, which is not the thing you wish for, right? So, be careful and read all the topics offered by the website. That will filter out the advisors and bring you to those specializing in your desired topic.

The price

Beware of websites and services that require entering your credit or debit card. Most websites offer free minutes or a special price on the first session, but every minute after the promotional period is regularly paid. Check the psychic’s price like you are going to pay it regularly. The first free minutes are going to fly faster than you think, and the fourth minute will be paid immediately.

Some psychics charge as little as $1 per minute, which is not so scary even if you forget about the time and get into the conversation. But, some master psychics may charge up to $30 per minute, which is a price you should be highly careful about. Choosing a master psychic to spend the free three minutes might cost you hundreds if you are not watching the time.

Psychic’s specialties and reputation

Because most platforms allow you to preview the psychic’s bios and read their profiles, it is good to read their specialties and reviews before paying for a reading. The bios are tidy and informative, so you can easily find the needed information about a specific psychic.

On the other hand, the customer reviews will help you confirm the specialties and decide if the previous customer satisfaction is positive so that you can book a session with the chosen psychic. Online readings allow you to choose the advisor on your own, based on your personal preferences and needs. If you choose the wrong psychic, it is your own responsibility.

Reading methods and tools

Based on your own desires, you can select the reading methods and tools for the psychic readings session. Some psychics use tarot cards, and others use crystal balls, angel cards, or other tools to help read and see signs. Choosing online psychic readings allows you to choose the reading method, which can be via live chat, email, phone call, or video conversation.

Choose the one that makes you feel more comfortable. Video sessions on the psychic reading site allow you to see the psychic without him seeing you. So, you can book a video session but turn your camera off. This way, you can see all the cards, tools, and the psychic himself doing the psychic readings while you stay anonymous.

What other people have experienced

You can find individual reviews about the specific psychic and the psychic reading website reviews talking about the platform’s services and features. Check the general testimonials and see if the website provides the promised services. As described, you can see if the customers who initiated a refund really can get it. Some platforms may say they allow refunds but do not answer your request.

Individual reviews are pointed to the specific psychic’s specialties and service quality. Many customers decide to leave feedback on the psychic’s profile after the session, sharing their experiences. So, you can read the testimonials on each psychic’s profile and see if the customers are happy with the readings.

Online Psychics VS Offline Psychics: Why is Better to Choose Online Psychics?

It will be your secret

Because online psychics are reachable everywhere, you can make a session without going to a psychic office, with just a single click on the psychic reading site or platform. You can spend 10 minutes every day consulting a psychic without anyone around you noticing. You will not give anyone a report where you are going since you can talk to a psychic any time of the day when you feel most comfortable and alone.

Freedom to choose on your own

Online psychic reading platforms give you the freedom to choose a psychic that catches your attention and matches your needs. Offline psychics are the ones you see in front of you, and you do not have an offer to choose from.

Pay how much you want

Offline psychics have a charged price, whether you are satisfied with the psychic readings or not. On the other side, online psychics allow you to set your budget and buy as many credits as you want.

Do it from the comfort of your home

Having some free time while drinking your coffee might be best for making a reading session. Spend time on online psychics as much as you want without actually going to the psychic’s physical address. Open your computer or phone and enjoy the reading. Offline psychics require going to their store, which is extra expenses for fuel, parking, and wasted time.

FAQs On Online Psychic Reading

Are online psychics real people?

Of course. You can become a psychic and can work on a psychic reading site if you have some kind of specialty. The psychics are real, living people from different parts of the world. They make appointments, talk with their clients, and even make live video readings, so you can actually see the psychic during the session. These people are just like us, but they specialize in psychic readings, signs and cards and talking with spirits.

They receive a kind of salary for doing their readings. Their employer is actually the platform you are seeing on your computer or phone. You would not receive automatic messages or calls; you can feel safe that you are communicating with a real human being.

Can online psychics predict the future?

We can not surely say yes to this question. Some psychics can really see the signs around you that point straight to a possible future event. Like if you are not happy with your partner, he cheats on you, and other stuff, the chances of breaking up are pretty possible so that it might sound like a prediction.

In other cases, some psychics can tell you things that look more like advice that you should consider to reach or avoid something in the future. All in all, we believe that there are people who time-travel and can tell you accurate predictions.

Some psychics doing tarot card readings may see an upcoming event on the cards since many people believe in the tarot cards’ power. To get the best answer to this question, you have to experience it on your own.

What if I am not happy with the reading?

Some websites offer a refund for these cases. If you are first time on psychic reading websites, choosing the wrong advisor is pretty possible. However, you can get your money back, but in the shape of credits that you can further use for other readings. You can not get the paid money back as money funds.

Other platforms give you free minutes to see if the psychic of the psychic reading platforms is meeting your expectations or not. You would not lose actual money, so there is no space for worries. Some platforms even offer a bundle package of a few minutes for a more affordable price. So, instead of paying the actual price, you will pay way less, which is less painful in case you are unsatisfied with the reading.

What to ask the psychic during a psychic reading session?

Ensure your questions match the topic but do not uncover some essential information that the psychics of psychic reading sites may use as fortune-telling information. Allow the advisor to show his skill without giving him extra details through your questions.

For example, you can ask him about your financial forecast, possible work promotion, getting married, getting pregnant, getting a job, etc. You can also ask about a possible danger that follows you or a friend of yours that is actually not that friendly-minded to you. Be realistic and expect real answers. 

Final Verdict On The Best Online Psychic Reading Sites

We believe you might be initially skeptical, but these platforms are incredible. We have not seen such gifted people before!

If you have a question or just a curiosity to find information about an upcoming event, go on and choose a psychic. Almost all platforms offer a welcome discount and free minutes, so you will not lose anything.

One online psychic reading session may uncover incredible details about your future. Uncover them!

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