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Is BeenVerified Legit: Review

BeenVerified has seven key features for background checks, but is BeenVerified legit? Check our detailed review!

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Over the past several years, background search websites and background check platforms have transformed. From entertaining curiosity to posing as a reliable, effective, and handy tool, background check services like BeenVerified have seen an upgrade.

In this guide today, we’ll be looking at some key factors about We’ll do an in-depth review, diving into the platform, how to use it, and everything in between. Overall, you’ll learn:

  • What is BeenVerified

  • How to use it

  • Details about features, pricing, and more

  • The pros and cons of the platform

  • BeenVerified alternatives

  • Answers to FAQs about BeenVerified

  • And finally, our verdict on “is BeenVerified legit”

If you’ve been curious about the platform or just wanting to learn more, this guide is for you. Let’s dive into our guide on BeenVerified to find out truly — is BeenVerified legit?

BeenVerified Review

What is

Founded in 2007, BeenVerified is an advanced people search finder. More specifically, BeenVerified is a public search engine. Intelius owns the platform as well as Instant Checkmate and US Search. 

What BeenVerified has in common with the other two services is that each draws data from public records. However, only with BeenVerified can you run an informal background check on just about anyone. 

Whether an old friend or a new acquaintance, it’s easy to search using a massive range of data points. From name or address to vehicle details, phone numbers, and more, there are plenty of ways to find someone.

Does BeenVerified Pull Public Records or Criminal Records?

Both. BeenVerified uses a combination of public records, criminal records, and more to compile data about a person. If information is available in some way publicly, it’ll be flagged by BeenVerified and noted accordingly.

Why BeenVerified is Great

Why do so many people use BeenVerified? There are plenty of reasons to use such a platform. 

People Search

Locate long-lost loves or relatives, old friends, and former coworkers. There’s no telling who you’ll find when searching on BeenVerified!

Identify Unknown Callers

Maybe you get multiple phone calls a day from a certain spam number. Whatever your reason, it’s time to identify who’s on the other end. And you don’t have to speak over the phone to do it! BeenVerified can help you identify unknown callers and save time and energy from telemarketers.

Learn of Someone’s Past

Use the service to uncover details about someone’s past. Maybe you’re getting into business with someone and want to ensure they’re telling the truth about their financial history. No matter the reason, BeenVerified can give you the answers.

Look at Your Own Background

Best of all, you can see what others will see when they search your name. Discover your historical information and background to see how desirable you are to landlords, employers, and more.

How to Use BeenVerified

Laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act and organizations like the consumer reporting agency help regulate how you can use the info you obtain through BeenVerified. While the platform offers easy and affordable access to public information, there are some ways you can misuse the service.

What Does the Fair Credit Reporting Act Cover? What About the Consumer Reporting Agency?

For example, while you can look yourself up, you can’t use BeenVerified as an employer to look up a potential employee. You can use it to check out your new neighbors, but not your new household workers. 

It can be used to find old friends or family, but not to check educational or work qualifications. Basically, you can use it to find long lost friends, but not perform a tenant screening. Any professional purposes is generally not acceptable.

BeenVerified’s Reputation

Compared to many background check and people search services, BeenVerified stands out at the top. With a reputation for comprehensive reports and friendly support, we’d recommend the platform for a variety of reasons.

Support and Security

Customer support can be make or break for a company. We were impressed to experience excellent customer care from BeenVerified. 

The service offers a toll-free phone number, and an email, and they’re available from 6AM to 11:30PM Eastern Standard Time every day of the week. Yes, that means they’re open 7 days a week. And their customer service representatives are prompt and friendly, which is another big win. Additional assistance is easy to come by.

Likewise, the customer support pages offer a wealth of information depending on the topic, should you require further assistance. Get answers immediately to questions like, “How do I log into my account?” or, “can a person see that I searched for them?”. Otherwise, for further concerns, you can reach out directly.

And as far as security goes, BeenVerified uses 128-bit encryption. Likewise, the company only shares information available in public reports, so info leaked is no big deal.

Interface and Use

The interface and ability to use BeenVerified are both very streamlined. Simple enough, you merely decide what type of search you want to run. Then, enter the necessary data (or any data you have) to run a report.

Sometimes, BeenVerified may follow up with additional questions for you. Where the person lives, a potential middle name or their age, or any known relatives might help narrow in on the correct results. However, you can skip these questions, and a broader search will still continue.

BeenVerified Features

There are seven key features on BeenVerified. We’ll dive deep into these critical benefits of using the site.

Available Across Mobile Platforms

BeenVerified’s mobile apps are available on the web, but more importantly, they’re available in the Apple and Google Play Stores. With access to these apps, customers can take advantage of BeenVerified’s searches and other tools, even on the go.

Each app includes every feature available on the web page. Furthermore, you can store past reports on the apps to access them whenever necessary.

People Search

Because it’s not a free service, BeenVerified ensures it’s providing as current and accurate information as possible. Through official government records, court records, and various aggregated public records, it’s easy to find info on anyone you might need in a single search.

How does it work? First, you’ll type in a person’s first and last name. If you don’t have that, supply the platform with any other information. Keep in mind, the more info you have, the more likely you are to yield successful results.

BeenVerified will then return a comprehensive report on the individual in question. Information like their name and known aliases, address history, age and birthdate, phone numbers, possible relatives, email addresses, and much more will appear. You may even discover vital info like criminal records, sex offender information, and other points of interest in the detailed report.

VIN Number Search

As one can imagine, the VIN Number search from BeenVerified pulls publicly available records tied to a vehicle. These might include:

  • Ownership history

  • Estimated vehicle value

  • Safety recalls, if applicable

  • Accident reports

If you’re in the market for a used car, this is the ideal search type to ensure you don’t leave with a lemon.

Username Search

If you know of a unique username tied to a certain social media account, BeenVerified has you covered, too. The username search makes it easy to locate a user no matter their preferred social media platform.

Reverse Email Lookup

Similar to BeenVerified’s Username Search is the Reverse Email Lookup. Instead of a username, you’re merely typing in a full email address. From there, you can see the identity of the unknown email sender. Finally, let the platform use its vase databases to your advantage.

Using BeenVerified’s Reverse Email Lookup tool, one can find the name or the person or even organization tied to an email address. And the request is processed immediately!

A user may also find personal information about the email sender and potential social media accounts set up using the email address. A handy tool, it’s invaluable for the average BeenVerified user.

Reverse Address Lookup

Another useful tool, the Reverse Address Lookup provide info on any address in the United States you might want to learn more about. However, do keep in mind that the platform is limited to the US. You cannot search addresses that are outside of the US.

Reverse Phone Search

Whether it’s a prank call, scam, telemarketer, or some other annoyance, you deserve answers. Type in the phone number of the unknown caller and BeenVerified searches across billions of points of data to find out info on the caller.

You’ll learn the name, business name, location, age, email addresses attached to the number, and/or social media accounts attached to the phone number. 

Unclaimed Money Search

Finally, you may be unaware of unclaimed money in your name. Many US citizens are often unaware of unclaimed money. Here’s your chance! Use this opportunity to discover whether you have unclaimed money pending somewhere or not.

BeenVerified Pricing

This people search platform bases pricing on paid subscription fees. How long you want to use the site will help determine your ideal plan. 

While there is a 1-month membership plan, there’s a pre-pay discount when you sign up for three months instead.

The 1-month membership is $29.99/month, but the 3-month membership is $19.49/month, with $58.47 due at the time of purchase. However, that then clears you for 3 months! 

We think there’s a lot more value in the 3-month plan. If you continuously strive to search for people, the 3-month plan is more than worth it.

Pros of

  • Find someone through a wide range of data options

  • Search for someone even with a social media handle

  • Searches return comprehensive, detailed reports

  • Get a three-month prepay discount with a straightforward pricing model

  • Search for unclaimed property

  • BeenVerified has helped over 1 million customers so far

  • Excellent customer service

  • Access to billions of records, including various points of public data

Cons of Using BeenVerified

  • Search results often have a paywall if not subscribed

  • Cannot buy a single report; must subscribe for multiple report options

  • No free trial offer

  • Search results may occasionally cause a long wait time

How to Choose the Best Background Check Service

To choose the best background search service for your needs, you must first narrow in on what you want most. While BeenVerified can gather a wealth of data from thousands of public resources, you need to figure out what you’re first looking for. Once you do, you can skip the hours of independent research and find it all on one place with this platform.

While it seems far-fetched, BeenVerified’s data relies solely on aggregated public records. That means you also legally have access to this data; you’re not breaking any laws. Whether searching for yourself or someone else, as long as you stay within the terms and conditions of BeenVerified, you’re set. It doesn’t provide private investigator services, but it can do a lot!

BeenVerified Alternatives

Do you want to see which platforms are most similar to BeenVerified? We’ve got those alternatives handy, too.


While BeenVerified offers more features, TruthFinder does come in as just a touch more user-friendly. The differences are subtle, but noticeable to the right user. TruthFinder is comparable to BeenVerified. 

However, it’s not an exact replica, and there are things to love and dislike about both. Every platform will have its own pros and cons, so be sure to keep tabs on platforms like TruthFinder to keep your options open.

  • Offers a different take on public info

  • May have similar or comparable data sheets

  • Pricier than BeenVerified

  • Not affiliated with the same company


Similar to BeenVerified, Intelius actually owns both websites. Since Intelius owns BeenVerified, you can imagine the two will have similar or even the same information. 

While this can come in handy, it’s important to note that Intelius may have a different set of data points than BeenVerified does. Or, the two may use different methods to reach the same conclusions. It doesn’t hurt to try out alternatives alongside BeenVerified to get the fullest, most satisfying results possible.

  • Owned by the same company as BeenVerified

  • Provides in-depth information

  • Comprehensive reports just like with Been Verified

  • May be pricier than BeenVerfied

  • No trial link

Why Use BeenVerified Alternatives?

Not every background reports service is equal. BeenVerified may have some information that alternatives lack, or vice versa. It’s important to try out a range of different services to maximize how much information you’re receiving. 

We recommend signing up for BeenVerified, then doing similar reports on Intelius and TruthFinder. It’ll help you narrow in on the correct results when you use more than one resource at a time.

FAQs About BeenVerified

Is BeenVerified free to use?

No, BeenVerified is not a free service. However, you don’t have to pay for every single report. On the contrary, BeenVerified offers memberships only on a subscription-based model. Pay monthly or for the three-month membership. Then, gain access to unlimited reports. Compared to services that do allow single reports, you get your money’s worth a lot easier here.

What can I use BeenVerified for?

Use BeenVerified to save effort and hours by gathering all the information in one spot. First, BeenVerified pulls from a variety of disparate sources, including but not limited to:

  • Court records

  • Federal, state, and local public records repositories

  • Consumer reporting agencies

  • US census data

  • Commercial business data (property records, magazine subscription lists, etc.)

  • Social media accounts

  • Financial institutions (credit unions, banks)

And sure — you can technically already track all this info down without BeenVerified’s help. However, the hassle involved is monumental. That means visiting county clerk offices, police stations, and other record-holding institutions, manually, to find what could be in a neatly printed report via BeenVerified. 

The mandatory waiting periods alone indicate the sheer convenience and ease of use BeenVerified can offer. BeenVerified’s reports condenses it all down to a convenient, easy-to-read format.

Is anyone notified if I search for someone?

No, no one will be notified if you search for them. Fortunately, the company works hard to ensure your information and searches are strictly confidential. Your searches are always anonymous and private to you. You can do several searches and no one will be the wiser!

Who are BeenVerified’s competitors?

While Intelius owns both companies, BeenVerified competes directly with companies like Intelius, Spokeo, and more. There are quite a broad range of alternatives, in fact. Only through research and testing are we able to narrow in on BeenVerified as one of the top options on the market.

How do you contact BeenVerified?

As mentioned, BeenVerified is available through phone phone and email support. The toll-free phone number is 1-888-579-5910 and the support email address is [email protected].

To get ahold of the company through different means, you can also use their contact form. Finally, you can reach out through their mailing address, though anticipate it to take the longest: 48 W. 38th Street, 8th Floor, New York, NY 10016.

Is BeenVerified Legal?

Yes, the platform BeenVerified is legal. Everything is safe to use and it’s a legitimate service for a variety of data points. However, there are do’s and don’t’s for every website. Be sure you read up on the don’t’s for BeenVerified to ensure you’re staying above board while using the services.

Is BeenVerified worth the money?

Overall, we think BeenVerified is worth the money. You get far more from BeenVerified than you ever could with a free search. With their impressive searchable database, you can perform a phone search, find missing family members, discover old mortgage deeds, and any number of other requests. It’s not often you’ll see incorrect information on the platform, either. Run searches to improve everyday lives before the next billing cycle to get unlimited reports for just the first billing cycle. Since it’s based on a monthly subscription process, it’s easy to run all necessary searches before 

Is BeenVerified Legit: Final Verdict

In this review, we learned about BeenVerified and why it’s an ideal service. From there, we were able to assess just how ideal BeenVerified is for each user. We learned:

  • BeenVerified has been going strong since it was founded in 2007.

  • The platform offers a host of search options, from people search to VIN number searches.

  • How to use the service, no matter which data point at our disposal

  • And so much more.

In conclusion, BeenVerified is a reliable, trustworthy, and otherwise handy platform. For a variety of people search tools, it’s easy for BeenVerified to become a go-to. 

Overall, our verdict on the service is that you get tremendous value for the cost. While there is a subscription fee, you make up for it in the first comprehensive report. From there, it feels like you’re saving money every time by getting even further use out of the service.


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