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Networking the right way: where and how can you meet like-minded individuals?

How can you meet new friends who share the same ideas as you in the middle of life’s hustle and bustle? Let us show you.

Friendships, partnerships, relationships – all are great. But life issues have made it hard for people to have time for any. These days, it’s getting harder to even make or meet new friends.

Many people have to deal with hectic work schedules and deadlines that take most of their time. It’s so bad that even when the weekends finally come around, many simply want to spend it resting and preparing for the coming week.

So, the question is, how can you meet new friends who share the same ideas as you in the middle of life’s hustle and bustle? Where can you meet them?

This guide will teach you various methods for meeting like-minded people. So, sit tight as we go on this journey. Ready??

Nine ways to meet like-minded people

The following are ways you can meet like-minded individuals wherever you find yourself.

1. Workplace

Yes, your workplace is one place to meet like-minded individuals. The workplace consists of people with different backgrounds and cultures. It is one place to meet people that share the same interests as you quickly.

Meeting people at your workplace via team projects: 

These days most companies work in teams to carry out their projects. You might belong to a particular team of workers in your company, making it easy for you to start conversations with these individuals and try to get to know them better.

Not only that.

You also get a chance to become friends with them and improve your working relationships with them.

Meeting people at your workplace during lunch breaks: 

While trying to get to know your team members, you can also try to talk to other team members in other departments. The launch break is one period where you can quickly start conversations with other workers. But be careful to read the body language of some people. It is possible that some do not want to be disturbed during their lunch breaks.

Meeting people at your workplace via company hangouts: 

Another way to meet like-minded individuals in your workplace is during work hangouts. Most companies have hangouts to help reduce stress levels among their workers. In most cases, they also do it to improve the working relationship between workers. You can take advantage of this work hangout to talk to people.

After having conversations with many people in your workplace, you will be surprised by the number of people that share similar opinions with you. Many of them might even go on to become close friends with you.

2. Lounge Bars

Lounges and bars are good places to meet like-minded people. You pick a day to visit a lounge in your area, and while you are there, you could get a couple of drinks. Or you can get some food and sit.

Try to look for the popular ones in your area and visit. Some lounge bars offer side attractions like karaoke sing-along competitions, and you can watch football matches if you are a sportsperson.

You should pick the ones that are less noisy because how will you be able to hear what people are saying? This is why you need to look for conducive lounge bars near me.

How to approach people and make friends at lounge bars:

You can approach a person or group in the lounge and ask politely if you can sit with them. If they accept, try not to jump into conversation immediately. Try to listen to them, and understand their body language. From just a little interaction, you will be able to learn one or two about them. Then you can decide if you share the same interest with them.

In case you don’t know any lounge bar that fits our description above, visit to find amazing lounge bars near me. The site will provide you with the names of lounges and bars nearby. What’s more? The Nicelocal Reviews section will show you what previous customers and visitors think about each bar.

3. Through the People You Know

You might be wondering, why is this an option?


You’ll agree with me that it is possible to meet people with similar interests through your friends.

Your close friends already have similar interests as you do. But they can also expand your contact by introducing you to people they know. This set of people could be from their workplace or just regular people they met elsewhere.

Additionally, you can also do the same thing by introducing your friends to other like-minded individuals that you met.

4. Social media 

The way people interact today has changed as a result of social media. You don’t need to meet people physically, as you can initiate a conversation online. You can meet like-minded people on social media by looking at their interactions.

The posts people make, what they like, and what they comment on can give you an idea of what they want or do. An excellent way to start is to follow such individual accounts and then try to make comments under their post. Gradually you will become mutual with such individuals.

After becoming mutual, you can access their DMs to start conversations with them.

You can also look for communities and forums on social media. These communities focus on topics you have an interest in. Maybe you have an interest in books, sports, politics, etc.,

In these communities, you will connect and communicate with others who share your interests.

Social platforms like Twitter, Discord, Quora, and Facebook are places where you can find communities to join and discuss. All you have to do is search for these communities and join.

5. Clubs

Another way to find like-minded people in your area is through local clubs. By asking around or doing some research on, you can find good clubs in your area.

You could choose a club that matches your interests based on the things you like. For instance, you can look for book clubs in your area if you enjoy reading books. Or an Art club if you’re an art person.

In this book club, you can get to know people who enjoy reading books as much as you do. They might even suggest books for you to read, after which you can all discuss them.

Not only that, but you can also join other clubs, depending entirely on your area of interest. You could search your neighbourhood for meet-up groups, social clubs, interest groups, relevant classes, and membership societies.

6. Networking Events/Meet-ups

Another way to meet people who share your interests is at networking events. You might look for local networking events like this and go.

Instead of choosing a random event, search for one that suits your needs. The reason is that different types of crowds frequently attend networking events. The goal is to connect with like-minded individuals, not just any random strangers.

For instance, if technology is your area of interest, you should look for and go to networking events for the tech industry. The same is true for people interested in other fields, such as politics, business, the environment, etc.

7. Social Events

There are thousands of social events throughout the year, from concerts, parties, food fests, carnivals, and any social events. It is also an opportunity for you to meet like-minded people at these events.

The key to this is for one to be able to have the confidence to approach people and start conversations. You could decide to go with a friend who you know can start conversations with people. It will help you reduce the burden of doing it yourself.

Social events are also suitable for reducing stress and blowing off steam.

8. Attend a related workshop/seminar

A workshop or seminar is a gathering of like-minded people who want to accomplish a similar goal. The goal of these people is to improve themselves by learning new skills.

Look into the advertised workshops, whether in magazines, newspapers, or online communities.

Thousands of excellent self-help workshops are available, and by simply attending one, you can connect with others who share your enthusiasm for personal growth.

9. Volunteer 

You can volunteer to join a local charity in your area. At these events, you can participate in charitable activities and other projects. By doing this, not only do you get to meet like-minded people, but you can also enjoy the rare opportunity to render help to people.

If you can’t find any in your community, you can look for a charity website where you can volunteer to help people. is a good place to begin your search.

Meeting Like-Minded Individuals: A few takeaways for you

  1. Don’t judge people immediately; try to get to know them before you draw your conclusion about the person.

  2. Try to work on your confidence. It is one of the significant ingredients for meeting like-minded individuals. How else will you strike up a conversation if you are shy?

  3. You will have to do a lot of social interaction before finding the right people that suit your interest.

  4. You will have to meet such individuals regularly to get to know more about them.

  5. You can increase your chances by going to locations where people who share your interests converge.

  6. Keep in touch with those you like: Dare to maintain contact with those you have met. Use your shared interests as the justification for wanting to be around them.

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