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New Blind & Shade Safety Law Means It’s Time To Update Your Window Treatments

A new mandate requires that all window treatments, whether custom or standard sizes, be cordless.
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A new mandate requires that all window treatments, whether custom or standard sizes, be cordless. This ruling is the result of a collaborative effort by the Window Covering Manufactures Association, the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and the American National Standards Institute. 

The Rationale for the Change

The change aims to address the grave risks associated with corded window coverings, primarily the danger of strangulation among young children and animals. Data from various safety organizations indicates that corded window treatments pose a significant strangulation hazard to infants and toddlers. The CPSC has reports of numerous incidents over the years where children have become entangled in window covering cords, leading to tragic outcomes. 

By eliminating cords from window treatments, the risk of harm significantly decreases. Cordless window coverings are safer, ensuring that even the most curious children cannot become entangled. 

What this Means for Your Home

Manufacturers will eventually stop offering corded window treatments.  If your current home has corded window treatments, you should consider upgrading to newer, safer, cordless treatments.

Why Sunburst Shutters is the Best Choice for Cordless Window Treatments

As homeowners and businesses seek to comply with the new standard, Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions stands out as the leading provider of safe, stylish, and innovative cordless window treatments. Sunburst has a great reputation for superior quality and service.  Here’s just a few of the reasons why Sunburst is the best option:

1. Diverse Cordless Options: Sunburst Shutters offers a wide array of cordless window treatments that meet various aesthetics and functionality. The options are endless:

  1. Cord Tensioners: These devices secure any cords that might be present, preventing them from dangling freely. Offered as inside mount installation or outside mount. 
  2. Cordless Lift: A very popular option on new shades that allows you to raise and lower blinds without a cord. 
  3. Wand Control: Instead of cords, a simple wand can be used to open and close the slats on blinds. Available with Cordless Lift.
  4. Motorized: Motorized shades can be controlled via remote or auto set up, eliminating the need for any manual operation and no cords.
  5. Shutters: For the ultimate convenience and safety, shutters are at the top of the list and Sunburst’s shutters are next to none! They offer premium safety, energy efficiency, and beauty. 

2. Commitment to Safety and Quality: Sunburst Shutters is dedicated to producing high-quality window treatments that not only meet but exceed safety standards. Their products are custom made to fit any type of window in any shape.   

3. Expert Consultation and Installation: To help you make the transition to cordless window treatments, Sunburst Shutters offers a free in-home consultation. Their experts will help find the perfect cordless window treatment to ensure optimal safety and aesthetic.

Sunburst Shutters San Diego is here to help you make the change to cordless. With their array of options, strong commitment to safety and quality, and expert consultations, Sunburst Shutters will help you make the transition easily with the best products and special financing incentives.

Right now, Sunburst is offering savings of up to 25% off new custom window treatments, and with special financing, you’ll make no payments until 2025!  This is a great time to update your window treatments.

For a free in-home consultation, contact Sunburst Shutters at or call 760-903-5030.

Give your windows the treatment they deserve with Sunburst Shutters & Window Fashions.

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