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Online Payday Loans In 2022: Top 5 Payday Lenders For Installment Loans

We chose five providers that offer online payday loans, even for poor credit score clients.

Lack of money is the main problem of the 21st Century. Savings can not cover emergency expenses every time, so people switch to borrowing additional funds from a bank or private loan providers.

But, sometimes, it may happen for the bank to not approve a loan or another credit card because of past irresponsibility. People who used to be late on their payments, miss payments, or do not spend the money irresponsible usually have a fair or poor credit score.

So, what does having a poor credit score mean?

The credit score or FICO score is a reflection of your responsibility for repaying the loans, credit cards, and bills. The bank and many other loan providers set terms and conditions under which the loan should be repaid. If you miss those terms, it will affect your credit score and decrease it even more.

Being a “poor credit score” client may lead to many difficulties in the future. The bank can not give you a loan or another credit card for covering emergency expenses. But we know who can.

We chose five providers that offer online payday loans, even for poor credit score clients.

Best Providers for Online Payday Loans of 2022

  1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Online Payday Loans With Guaranteed Approval

  2. Funds Joy: Loan Lenders For Quick Loans & Same Day Loans

  3. RadCred: Trusted Payday Loan Lenders For Emergency Loans

  4. Bad Credit Loans: Best Bad Credit Loans For Poor Credit; Instant Approval

  5. Cash USA: Recommended Short Term Loans & No Credit Check Loans

#1. MoneyMutual: Overall Best Online Payday Loans With Guaranteed Approval

moneymutual sdmag.png

moneymutual sdmag.png

Quick brand intro

MoneyMutual will hand you help in cases when you desperately need it the most. Quick and easy funding is the main attribute of this loan platform, which precisely means all the lenders connected on this platform are processing your application as fast as they can and providing a loan offer in a record short time.

Since its founding, MoneyMutual has provided over 2 million Americans with fast cash advances and short-term loans. Not all those people were bad credit users. Even people with excellent credit scores use this website because of its fast and convenient services.

To make it clear, MoneyMutual is not a lender itself. It mediates the lending procedure by connecting potential borrowers with potential money lenders. Because it may be challenging to find the best lender store downtown and fill out dozens of different applications, MoneyMutual will do it instead and save you time and money.


It takes only one application for requesting a loan, and that application is later sent to the lenders’ networks, so they can review it and determine if the client is qualified for a loan. And all that for free! MoneyMutual will not charge you a single buck for using its platform, application, and service.


MoneyMutual offers multiple loan types so that everyone can find the right loan type based on their emergency needs and financial condition. Money Mutual’s Payday loans are usually short-term loans that are generally repaid with the next paycheck or other monthly income (pension, social security, disability benefits, etc.).

This type of loan is pretty attractive since the approval can happen quickly. While we mentioned that there are several types of loans, we need to note that there are also several types of Payday loans. On MoneyMutual, you can find various payday loans such as military payday loans, poor credit payday loans, 24-hour payday loans, etc.

All lenders work differently, and some of them may require a credit report to see your credit score. However, there are still lenders who do not mind the credit score and offer loans even for those whose credit score is fair or poor. And that is why MoneyMutual offers Poor Credit Score Payday loans.

The application processing is relatively fast, and the lenders will respond in a few minutes if you are qualified for a payday loan. Besides the fast response, all lenders set a grace period of 24 hours before funding the money on the client’s bank account.

  • Application requirements

The application is free and simple to fill out. It requires personal information about the borrower, loan amount, and loan purpose. The borrower should be an adult person who has a stable employment relationship and earns a steady monthly income that does not exceed $800. Also, the client should prove his identity by sharing his SSN or ID.

If the client is not meeting the eligibility criteria, his application will be denied, and he will not receive a loan offer. This system is designed to work with serious adult people who really need extra cash. These criteria are a safety system for minors because it may happen for teens to apply for a loan with inaccurate information and stuck their parents with extremely high debts.


  • Trusted lending platform

  • Provided millions of people with fast loans

  • Fast approval and funding

  • No obligation to accept unsuitable loans

  • High database security encryption

  • Hundreds of satisfied clients


  • MoneyMutual can not guarantee loan approval

  • The services are unavailable for clients outside the USA

=> Click here to visit the official website of MoneyMutual

#2. Funds Joy: Loan Lenders For Quick Loans & Same Day Loans

sdmag fundsjoy.png

sdmag fundsjoy.png

Quick brand intro

Funds Joy is also a mediating platform that connects clients with lenders. This platform can uncover some information about the loan amount, possible fees, and guides on how to stay safe while borrowing online. The website partners with licensed and trusted USA lenders that are ready to provide a loan offer for everyone.

No matter if you have a poor credit score, you can also get approval. The loan amount is relatively flexible, so you can choose how much you need to borrow. The loans Funds Joy’s lenders provide are usually short-term loans and do not exceed $5,000.

 Funds Joy can not uncover the loan fees since they depend on the lender’s will and your credit score. Everyone who applies for a loan gets an individual loan offer based on their personal characteristics and loan purpose. Funds Joy recommends keeping an eye on the fees. Some lenders may charge an origination fee for covering the administrative costs.

The application process is generally based on sharing personal information, identity proof, and loan purpose. The rest is Funds Joy’s work. The platform will share the applications to lender partners so that you can get in touch with the matched lenders quickly.


Funds Joy will not charge you for using its services and application form. They are entirely free because Funds Joy is not profiting from the clients. The application process goes straightforward and easy, you only need to fill in the required information and submit the request. Funds Joy will send the application to lenders so they can make you an offer.

Once you connect with a lender, Funds Joy steps out of the procedure. The platform is just a middleman that connects clients with potential lender partners. All terms, rates, fees, penalties, and rules will be specified in the loan offer, so keep an eye on every part of the contract to avoid paying penalties and undesired fees.

Take your time to review the offer and read all rules given by the lender. You are not obligated to accept anything before considering it is suitable for your financial condition. These loans are managed to help you cover emergencies but not worsen your financial stability even more.

Funds Joy offers different kinds of loans, but Payday loans are the easiest to obtain and require several criteria. Good news for poor credit clients – some lenders offer loans without checking the credit score.

  • Application requirements

Payday loans are typically loans with a value of $200 to $300. You can apply for a payday loan only if you have a steady employment relationship, earn a regular monthly income, and be able to prove your age and identity. Not meeting these criteria leads to being rejected.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can continue filling out the form. The application form requires basic personal information, living address, contact phone number, email address, ID, SSN, and employer’s information. The form also asks for the bank’s routing number and checking account details. In the end, you should enter your credit score and submit the request.


  • Free and convenient application form

  • Funds Joy is not charging anything for using its services

  • Funding in 24 hours

  • Best platform for payday loans

  • No hidden fees

  • Ability to compare offers before accepting


  • Not a 100% guarantee for loan approval

  • The lenders charge high penalties for irresponsible repayments

=> Click here to visit the official website of FundsJoy

#3. RadCred: Trusted Payday Loan Lenders For Emergency Loans

Copy of cash usa.jpg

Copy of cash usa.jpg

Quick brand intro

This brand’s service will help you get a fast and convenient loan or cash advance online. The entire process goes fast, and the borrowers can easily get matched with a potential lender. And that is where RadCred job ends. The platform is free for all its clients.

They can use the services, contact the support team, fill out the form, and enrich their knowledge by reading the educational articles on the website – all free! Because the form requires sharing some sensitive information, the website uses high encryption protection so everyone can feel safe and sure that their personal data will not end in the fraudsters’ hands.

Short-term loans are unsecured or do not require collateral to get approval. The repayment time for short-term loans is generally flexible, from 90 days to 72 months. Payday loans terms are way shorter than mentioned because they are often repaid with the next paycheck.

RadCred saves time spent on filling out dozens of applications and papers to request a loan in different lending stores. RadCred is not giving the clients a guarantee that they will be 100% loan approved.


The process begins with filling out the form placed on the RadCred website. You can find three types of RadCred such as peer-to-peer, installment, payday, and personal bank loans. The platform has set the minimum credit score, making these loans suitable even for fair credit score users.

Applying for a loan on RadCred should be an emergency. People in a serious bind can request payday advance loans, but they need to be aware that these loans come with relatively high interest rates and loan fees. Payday loans are typically small loans of about $500 that can be repaid with the next month’s income.

The interest rates depend on the client’s location. Some USA states prohibit payday loans because of their extremely high interest rates, while other countries have limited the interest rates to no more than 30%. Anyway, there are still states that do not mind how high the interest rate will be since the borrowers agree on getting a payday loan despite the high fees and rates.

  • Application requirements

Not everyone can apply for a loan. There are specific eligibility criteria that every client should meet before filling out the online form. For example, the client should be employed, self-employed, or receive a pension. The monthly income should be steady and not below $1,000. The client must have a valid SSN to prove he is a citizen or permanent resident of the USA.

The application form will ask for a loan purpose, amount, client’s credit score, name, birth date, address, phone number, monthly income, state ID, SSN, whether he owns or rents his home, etc. The form also asks if the borrower is a military member because those people have special priorities and benefits in applying for a loan. Military members can receive and use the money no matter where they are at the moment.


  • Quick and convenient application process

  • Flexible loan terms

  • Opportunity to compare multiple offers

  • No obligation to accept an offer

  • No collateral nor co-signer needed

  • Suitable for fair credit score clients


  • Payday loans have high interest rates

  • Missing a payment or making early pay-off can be charged with high penalty expenses

=> Click here to visit the official website of Radcred

#4. Bad Credit Loans: Best Bad Credit Loans For Poor Credit; Instant Approval

bad credit loans sdmag.png

bad credit loans sdmag.png

Quick brand intro

Bad Credit Loans is a lending platform that assists clients in matching with potential lenders and getting a loan offer, despite their poor credit score, as its name suggests. Bad Credit Loans is a relatively informative website, so you can find many guides and articles on how to stay safe while borrowing online.

The services that this platform offers are free of cost, and you will not be charged for using them. The website will save you time and money searching for a lender store because it uses only one application for hundreds of lenders. The lender partners are usually state and tribal lenders that can provide clients with various loan offers.

Bad Credit Loans fives the opportunity to review the offer and compare multiple offers before accepting any of them. If the terms and fees are too high, you can simply skip the offers and wait for another one or ask for another credit solution and financial advance.

Getting in touch with a lender means the Bad Credit Loans’ job is done. It is not a direct lender and can no longer help with the loan terms, conditions, fees, and rates. The platform can help you out with informative articles for clever financial management.


BadCreditLoans is the best platform for people who need emergency funds but are not qualified for a traditional bank loan. These people usually have a fair or poor credit score, making them a risky category for borrowing bank loans. Because of that, this website partners with lenders who are able to provide those people with a loan, besides their FICO score.

The platform offers a free application form for all clients. The application process takes 5 minutes to fill out the form and a few more to receive a response from the matched lender. Payday loans are usually processed fast, and you can get an answer in a relatively short period after applying.

The process goes fast, but the lenders require a grace period for transferring the funds, which is usually 24 hours or one working day. The client who accepted the offer can be able to receive the funds the next working day. The payday loan is usually repaid with the next salary or other income like pension or social/disability benefits.

BadCreditLoans services are not available for unemployed people. The lenders need to ensure that the borrower is in a steady employment relationship and can cover the rates in the predicted period.

  • Application requirements

The person who applies for a loan must be older than 18 years and prove it by sharing his ID and SSN. Next, he should have a constant source of money from employment, self-employment, pension, or other income. The borrower should own a personal bank account, which is required in the application form. These are the general eligibility criteria everyone should meet before applying for a loan.

The application form asks for personal identification information, living and work address, living and work phone numbers and email, bank account details, SSN, a credit score that does not exceed 500, and certain information about the loan’s purpose and amount. Sharing inaccurate information may result in being denied.


  • Excellent for poor credit score users

  • Fast and simple application

  • Extra fast funds transfer

  • Trusted and licensed lender partners

  • Strong data encryption technology

  • Unsubscribe feature


  • Not everyone can get loan approval

  • Unemployed people can not apply for a loan

=> Click here to visit the official website of BadCreditLoans

#5. Cash USA: Recommended Short Term Loans & No Credit Check Loans

cash usa sdmag.png

cash usa sdmag.png

Quick brand intro

Cash USA will give you a helping hand if you need debt consolidation, emergency, or home renovation loans. This website makes the lending process simpler and more convenient, so everyone can get their missing funds to cover unexpected expenses in an incredibly short time. The website is entirely free for the clients, so they can fill out the form and use its services without paying a dollar.

This website is just a place where potential clients meet potential lenders and come together because of mutual interest. It has no access to the loan’s terms, conditions, and fees. Cash USA is a website that saves your time, money, and nerves while searching for a lending store. It connects you with a lender that is able to give you an offer.

Because getting a loan may be a skeptical topic for many people, Cash USA has an educational corner where everyone can learn more about convenient online lending and its advantages. The technology moves forward, and everything is more accessible online, so this platform uses high safeguard standards to make the process safer even for skeptical clients.

Cash USA warns its clients to be responsible in repaying the loan rates, every irresponsible behavior provides high penalties.


Cash USA provides multiple types of loans that exclude collateral. The loans can be repaid in 3 to 72 months, while Payday loans are typically shorter-lasting and repaid by the next salary or other income inflow. These loans are suitable for individuals who face an emergency that can not wait until the next month.

Payday loans are usually fast-processed and approved in a few hours. Clients who want to apply for a Payday loan or any other kind of loan must meet the brand’s eligibility criteria. Otherwise, the direct lenders will reject the application and not provide any offer. Each loan offer comes with individual interest rates and fees.

Cash USA can not predict the loan terms and fees because they are the lender’s secret and are designed on the client’s characteristics and credit score. Some lenders play on security and require a credit check, while others do not consider the score a determining factor for offering a loan to some individuals.

That is good news for people who face difficulties in maintaining good to excellent credit scores. They can still get a loan, but it will charge higher interest rates. Lenders also charge penalties for being irresponsible in repaying the rates.

  • Application requirements

Cash USA requires meeting certain criteria to ensure the applicant is eligible to get a loan. The services are available only for USA citizens or permanent residents that are older than 18 years. Besides the age, they should be employed for at least 90 days and earn a steady monthly income of not below $1,000. He/she must own a checking account in a bank and provide work and home phone numbers and email addresses.

After meeting these criteria, the clients can jump into filling out the application form. The form asks for personal identification information, employer’s information, SSN, ID or driver’s license, and phone verification for information accuracy.


  • Payday loans are processed fast

  • Funding 24 hours after approval

  • Dozens of lender partners and loan offers to choose from

  • Educational articles and guides

  • Secure transactions

  • Flexible loan terms


  • The interest rates for poor credit users might be high

  • High penalties for being late or missing loan payments

=> Click here to visit the official website of CashUSA

How We Choose These Loan Companies?

Highly reputed by the clients

It might be risky to apply for a loan online and share sensitive personal and bank account information. The chances of being a fraud victim are relatively high, and we do not want to betray you. To ensure everything is safe and secure, we were searching for trusted brands that offer incredible services and use high encryption technologies.

We can see it from the customers. The more satisfied clients, the higher reputation. These five platforms are secured and trusted by millions of people who are facing emergencies and financial difficulties. All five brands have an excellent reputation that is not less than 4.2 out of 5 stars reputed.

Fast and convenient funds access

Emergencies appear unexpected. We understand that sometimes we might need some extra cash in a few days, but waiting in a bank can be really long and stressful. These brands are doing their job in a few hours. It takes a few minutes to apply, a few hours to get approval, and 24 hours to receive the funds in the bank account. These platforms are real life and time-saver, and many satisfied clients can prove it right.

Thanks to these platforms, many people received emergency funds directly from the comfort of their homes. The access is convenient and available for everyone who needs short-term loans. The rules and form requirements are not a huge philosophy, so everyone can easily understand them and get connected to a lender.

Option to choose and compare

Every lender has its own working principles and offers different kinds of loans. For example, some lenders do a credit check, while others provide loans for any credit score. It is the case with the loan terms and fees, too. So, it might happen for you to receive multiple loan offers. Check them, read them, and check the terms, fees, rules, and penalties the lender gives. You can compare the offers and choose the one that is most suitable for your financial condition.

You are not under pressure to accept an offer that has high interest rates and additional sky-high fees.

No obligation to accept offers

Because you can compare the offers and choose the best one, you are also not obligated to accept the offer if you receive only one. The loan should help you cover unexpected expenses, not get you stuck in debts. The platforms partner with lenders that do not obligate their clients to accept any offer.

You can communicate with the lender and talk about the loan terms and fees before signing the contract. If you have a fair/poor credit score, the interest rates will be relatively higher since poor credit clients are a risky category because of past irresponsibility. But, once signed offer can not be returned in the primary condition. The process begins, and you must repay the loan in the predicted time and amount.

Funds transfer in 24 hours

This was the best part of our research, and we kept it for the end. The fast funding was mutual for all five brands, and it is the most incredible thing here. You can count on these five lending platforms in cases when you need extra fast cash. The application and processing time go pretty fast, but the transfer is way faster than traditional bank approvals.

Once you sign the loan contract and make a deal with the lender you have been matched to, you will receive the money the next day. Some clients who tried these platforms and left a review mentioned that the funding process was even faster than 24 hours.

Factors to consider when applying for Payday Loan Online

The eligibility criteria

Before diving into filling out the application, you have to read the website’s terms and criteria of use. Not everyone can apply for a loan or get loan approval. These websites use safety systems, protecting the site from minors’ access. In the past, some cases found that minors requested and got approved for a loan using fake documents, and later, those teens stuck their parents in repaying the loans in enormously high amounts.

To avoid these cases, the websites require identity proof, being employed, receiving a steady income or paycheck, and being able to prove USA citizenship. The eligibility criteria differ from platform to platform, but generally, these four are the same for every website. You will not be able to fill out the form nor continue with the lending process if you can not verify the shared information.

Loan amount

Every platform offers loans in different amounts. If you need smaller amounts of $200-$300, you should search for a platform that provides small loan amounts or is not setting a minimum limit. Some platforms partner with lenders that offer a minimum of $500 or $1,000 loans, but it is not necessary to overborrow since it may only worsen your finances.

Payday loans are typically low-amount loans that can be repaid with the next salary or other income such as a pension, disability benefits, social security, etc. These loans can be maximum of $500, meaning you can not borrow thousands of dollars as a payday loan.

Loan terms and rates

Once you find the best platform and get a lender match, you will be able to inspect the offer and read all the terms, conditions, rules, rates, and fees that the lender set in the offer. This is available before accepting the offer, so think twice if the offer suits your financial power. You can communicate with the lender and discuss the offer, but once you sign it with the required e-signature, there is no back.

Carefully check the interest rates, penalties, additional fees, and other loan expenses, and calculate if your income is enough to cover the total loan amount in the predicted time. If it is not, then you better search for another lender. Be careful, interest rates for Payday loans can be much higher than traditional bank loans.

Your financial condition

You must be responsible for your financial management and determine how much you can afford for the monthly repayments. The lenders usually calculate all the rates and fees and divide the total loan amount into the set monthly payments. Some lending platforms require minimum monthly income, so the lenders can ensure you earn enough to repay the loan. Payday loans should only be utilised for short-term financial necessities and should never be used as a long-term financial solution. We recommend that you seek credit counseling if you’re having problems with your credit.

But, it is recommended not to overborrow because you might only worsen your financial condition and get stuck in debt. Calculate your expenses, request how much you need, and review the calculated monthly payments. You can determine if your income is enough to cover your monthly expenses like rents, taxes, groceries, and loan rates.

FAQs About Same Day Loans & Installment Loans

1.Will the payday loan affect my credit score?

Online loans can affect your credit score, the same as traditional bank loans. Being responsible or irresponsible in repaying your bills, rates, and debts will affect your credit score, regardless of the loan source.

Responsible paying the rates can positively affect your credit score and help you build responsible habits in the future. To avoid future credit score damage, it is good to set an autopay feature, so the bank will transfer the money to the lender on the predicted date without being late.

2.For what purpose can I use the payday loan?

  • Debt consolidation

  • Emergency expenses

  • House renovation

  • Scholarship rates

  • Vacation expenses

  • Car repair

  • Hospital bills

3.Is it risky to get a Payday loan?

It might be risky if you do not appreciate the lender’s terms and rules. Payday loans bring high interest rates and fees initially, but missing payments or being late can drastically increase the loan amount.

You will be charged additional penalties if you are not making the payments on time or you hurry and repay the loan rates before the due date. Because of that, the lender allows you to review the offer and its terms before accepting it.

4.Can an unemployed person apply for an Online Payday loan?

Unfortunately no. Almost all lending platforms and lenders require being employed or self-employed and earning a steady monthly income. Guided by the income amount, the lenders will determine if you are qualified for getting a loan for the desired loan amount.

Lenders must be 100% sure that you have a steady source of money to cover the loan expenses and rates. No lender will approve a loan if you are unemployed. Then, how will you repay the borrowed amount?

Conclusion: Payday Loans Near Me 

Online loans are the best thing for covering emergencies that require fast action. Because savings are not always enough, these lenders will feel free to give you a helping hand.

Be clever and careful. These loans are the final cure you should search for since they come with really high rates and fees. Prepare your pocket and learn how to manage your finances.

These online websites will feel happy to increase your education with excellent financial management articles and guides.

Keep stress away. Your money is on the way.

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