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Second Chance, Silver Lining

A car accident was the catalyst to a spinal surgery that likely saved a woman’s mobility—and her life
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On October 19, 2020, Vivian Cortes-Addeo’s life changed forever. The vehicle she was driving was hit from behind by a fast-moving car. That accident set in motion a series of events that put Cortes-Addeo’s health in the spotlight, and uncovered answers to a medical mystery that had been long plaguing her. For years prior to the accident, Cortes Addeo had experienced symptoms that her doctors attributed many to hormones or stress. Then the accident happened, and a subsequent MRI revealed a tumor on her spine. She was then referred a Scripps Clinic neurosurgeon specializing in spine surgery. Click here to find out how her Scripps team navigated the complex cervical spine surgery and supported her recovery.

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