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Shopping with Purpose: How BBB Guides Consumers to Purpose-Driven Businesses

The holiday season is not just about the gifts we give but also about the impact our choices can have on the world and local communities.

The holiday season is not just about the gifts we give but also about the impact our choices can have on the world and local communities. As consumers, we possess the power to make informed decisions that extend beyond the products and services we purchase. That’s why this holiday season, Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest (BBB), a long-trusted source for identifying ethical businesses, has made it even easier for consumers to shop with purpose.

From business reviews to dispute resolution, BBB serves as a hub for fostering a marketplace where consumers can make informed decisions that align with their values of honesty, integrity and transparency. Consumers can confidently rely on the BBB Trust Seal as a sign of a better business.

But it doesn’t stop there. A growing number of consumers are placing the importance of purpose-driven commerce within their list of standards. A staggering 71% of consumers would choose a purpose-driven company over an alternative when cost and quality are equal, and 66% factor in a company’s purpose when making purchase decisions.

In an effort to help consumers choose to spend their money with businesses that are balancing purpose and profit, this year, BBB launched BBB4Good. Through BBB4Good, purpose-driven businesses can earn the BBB4Good Trustmark verifying its commitment to social good and assuring consumers they are actively contributing to positive social or environmental impact.

In a time when consumers are increasingly conscious of the impact of their purchases, BBB4Good stands as a testament to the shifting landscape of our economy. More companies are integrating purpose into their business plans, and consumers, more than ever, are seeking businesses that align with their values.

As the demand for balancing profit and purpose continues to rise, BBB4Good has become a crucial tool for consumers looking to make informed choices during the holiday season and beyond. By choosing businesses with the BBB4Good Trustmark, you are not only selecting companies that commit to operating with integrity, but also those making strides to make our community a better place. 

In San Diego, numerous purpose-driven companies have earned the BBB4Good Trustmark. From creating sustainable landscaping, volunteering to support the unsheltered, and championing inclusivity, to making the home of a cancer patient feel a bit more comfortable at no cost – the options are endless for how these incredible businesses are giving back. This holiday season, explore by searching purpose-driven businesses to choose local companies that are making a difference in your community. 

With Better Business Bureau and the BBB4Good program by your side, you can make a positive impact with every purchase. Get the gift of peace of mind during the holidays by looking for the Sign of a Better Business to find trusted companies. To search for a purpose-driven business near you, go to

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