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The 29 Best Smelling Aftershaves for Men

If you’re in need of a new aftershave, one of our 29 best smelling aftershaves is sure to catch your attention
Best Aftershaves

Best Aftershaves

Aftershaves are an integral part of a man’s self care routine. But selecting the right aftershave can be overwhelming due to the amount of aftershaves there are to choose from. From the different types of aftershaves, different prices, and different benefits, it’s hard to know where to start. Fortunately, we did some digging to find the creme de la creme of the aftershaving market.

If you’re in need of a new aftershave, one of our 29 best smelling aftershaves is sure to catch your attention.

1. Blu Atlas Aftershave

For skin that feels velvety smooth and completely free of razor irritation, you absolutely need to buy Blu Atlas Aftershave as your next shaving product. This natural, all-time favorite contains soothing aloe vera and hydrating shea butter.

As well, there’s a splash of rose flower water which quickly heals cuts and scrapes from shaving. Tired of dealing with the symptoms of post-shave irritation? Blu Atlas Aftershave has exactly what you need. 

2. PC4Men Soothe + Smooth Aftershave Treatment 

Exfoliate your freshly shaven skin with PC4Men Soothe+Smooth Aftershave Treatment. This soothing aftershave will make your opinions about aftershave do a complete 180. 

If you want a non-irritating aftershave that aims to soften skin, prevent razor bumps and minimize the appearance of enlarged pores, it’s a smart idea to buy this aftershave from Paula’s Choice. You can use this soothing aftershave even on the days you don’t plan on shaving. 

3. Afta Aftershave Fresh Skin Conditioner

No one wants their skin to feel uncomfortable after shaving, and that’s why you need Afta Aftershave Fresh Skin Conditioner. Keeping your skin smooth after a shave is simple when you have this aftershave waiting for you in your bathroom. 

If you’re someone who shaves on a daily basis, this conditioning aftershave protects and soothes freshly shaven skin. Keep your skin in shape with this freshly scented aftershave.

4. Clarins Men Aftershave Energizer

Dermatologist-tested and intensely relieving, Clarins Men Aftershave Energizer is one in a million. By using plant extracted ingredients like centella, blue alpine thistle, and purslane, this energizing aftershave won’t leave your skin feeling sticky afterwards and doesn’t contain any alcohol that makes your skin burn. 

This non-oily formula will always protect and nourish all skin types while preventing razor burn at the same time. The soothing properties of this alcohol-free aftershave are rare to find. 

5. BadgerBalm Aftershave Face Oil 

Relieve and prevent shaving irritation with a bottle of BadgerBalm Aftershave Face Oil. The benefits of this aftershave continue even after it has fully absorbed into your skin and can be used as a daily moisturizer. 

This relieving aftershave is 100% certified organic and uses only six ingredients to get the job done. Everytime you use this aftershave, you’re welcomed with a delicious citrus scent with menthol crystals that give your skin amazing cooling relief. 

6. L’Occitane Aftershave Balm 

For the ultimate protection from razor bumps and other irritation, every man should try L’Occitane Aftershave Balm. Shea butter, glycerin, and birch tree extract are the key ingredients that you’ll find inside of this calming aftershave. 

Shaving can cause your skin to feel tight, but with this aftershave, your skin will never feel tight and dry again. Instead, your skin will smell mildly of lavender and feel irrefutably smooth for the rest of the day after you start using this aftershave balm. 

7. Aveda Men Pure Performance Dual Action Aftershave

There’s no better shaving product than Aveda Men Pure Performance Dual Action Aftershave. This 2-in-1 shaving product doubles as an aftershave and moisture. 

Gentle enough to use on all skin types and dermatologist-tested, this dual action aftershave delivers unbeatable, instant relief to irritated, freshly shaven skin. Using this aftershave ensures that your skin is thoroughly hydrated, which is a must after you’re done shaving. 

8. Duke Cannon Supply Co. Aftershave Balm

As one of the best aftershaves for men, we suggest Duke Cannon Supply Co. Aftershave Balm. Besides Blu Atlas Aftershave, this is the best bang for your buck. With almost all five-star reviews, you can’t go wrong with this pick. 

Sulfate-free, paraben-free, and alcohol-free, this will be your favorite skin care purchase of the year. Minimize trauma from shaving by buying this aftershave for your shaving needs. 

9. SheaMoisture Elixir Aftershave 

SheaMoisture Elixir Aftershave never disappoints, and there’s good cause as to why this remains as one of the top aftershaves available for purchase. This aftershave formula is free of harmful ingredients that shouldn’t be in contact with your fragile skin such as propylene glycol, sulfates, and nasty parabens. 

Specifically meant to hydrate dry skin after shaving, this nourishing formula aims to give your skin everything it needs to thrive like shea butter and tea tree oil. For the safest aftershave for your skin, choose SheaMoisture’s gentle aftershave. 

10. Burt’s Bees Men’s Soothing Moisturizer + Aftershave 

Freshly shaven skin is delicate, and needs a skin care product that will be nurturing like Burt’s Bees Men’s Soothing Moisturizer + Aftershave. There’s no other aftershave that’s this affordable and efficient at leaving your skin perfectly hydrated. 

Designed with aloe vera and hemp, give your skin the royal treatment by purchasing this extremely soothing aftershave that’s light-weight and made to keep your skin moisturized all day long. 

11. Clubman Reserve Gent’s Gin Aftershave Lotion

When you buy Clubman Reserve Gent’s Gin Aftershave Lotion, you’re buying top-tier hydration for freshly shaven skin. If you’re someone who gets discomfort right after shaving no matter what shaving techniques you try, we believe this aftershave will be a fantastic choice. 

This cruelty-free aftershave lotion instantly calms any uncomfortable symptoms you’re having from shaving and leaves a charming, musky scent on your skin. 

12. 212 VIP Men Aftershave Lotion by Carolina Herrera 

One of the most highly rated aftershaves, 212 VIP Men Aftershave Lotion by Carolina Herrera, promises to diminish any apparent skin irritation from shaving. 

This unique aftershave lotion will make your shave long-lasting so you can spend less time shaving and more time doing the stuff you actually like doing. 

13. Ultraluxe’s Men’s Ingrown Hair and Aftershave Treatment

Prevent those irritating razor bumps and ingrown hair with Ultraluxe’s Men’s Ingrown Hair and Aftershave Treatment. The worst part of shaving is suffering from itchy, inflamed ingrown hairs, and this aftershave from Ultraluxe is specifically formulated to remove dead skills and prevent unwanted ingrown hairs. 

Best of all, you don’t have to wait an hour to get the relief you need. This aftershave works as soon as it makes contact with your skin. 

14. Floid Vigoroso Special Edition After Shave Lotion

Originating in Spain, you’re in for a pleasant treat when you use Floid Vigoroso Special Edition After Shave Lotion. Well regarded and menthol-infused, this special edition aftershave lotion is one you shouldn’t hesitate buying. 

Every review raves about how wonderful this smells, and it’s one you have to try to fully understand the hype. 

15. Dollar Shave Club Post Shave Cream

For an effective, soothing aftershave that won’t break the bank, choose Dollar Shave Club’s Post Shave Cream. This soothing aftershave cream won’t leave your skin feeling oddly shiny after application. You’ll have skin that smells mildly of herbs and totally polished without needing to get an expensive facial. 

The hydration from this aftershave is powerful, long-lasting, and makes your shave stay extra smooth for a long time.  

16. Sauvage Dior Aftershave Lotion

Say goodbye to irritated, dry skin that can happen after you’re done shaving with Sauvage Dior Aftershave Lotion. Just-shaved skin needs the highest quality ingredients, and that’s what you get with Dior’s popular aftershave lotion.

Your skin will always end up looking as sleek and attractive as the bottle when you add this to your shaving regimen. For that fresh feeling all-day long, make sure to choose this rich and creamy aftershave lotion. 

17. Brickell’s Men Instant Relief Aftershave for Men

Shaving leaving your skin uncomfortable every time? Well, purchase Brickell’s Men Instant Relief Aftershave for Men to immediately take care of freshly shaven, irritated skin. This relieving aftershave works directly upon contact to rid you of shaving discomfort.

This relieving formula uses botanical extracts to provide unparalleled relief after you’re done shaving. Not only does it soothe razor burn, but this alcohol-free aftershave also won’t clog your pores, making it a top contender for those with acne-prone skin. 

18. Jovan Sex Appeal Aftershave for Men 

Applying Jovan Sex Appeal Aftershave will be the best part of your day, we guarantee. If you are interested in attracting the ladies, you’ll love this aftershave particularly designed to give you an enormous amount of sex appeal.

Your skin will smell amazing, and will be protected from razor bumps and burn everytime you apply this creative aftershave. It’ll be difficult to find something you don’t like when you add this to your bathroom repertoire. 

19. Cuba Gold Aftershave for Men 

Much like their sought-after cologne, Cuba Gold Aftershave for Men provides the one of the highest quality aftershaves for men available nowadays. Lightweight, non-sticky, and soothing, Cuba Gold won’t ever let you down when it comes to protecting your just-shaven skin.

Razor burn won’t be able to win the battle after you put on some of this delicious smelling aftershave for men. Shaving can be enjoyable when you decide to buy this aftershave from Cuba Gold. 

20. Harry’s Aftershave Mist for Men

For those who prefer their aftershaves to have a lightweight consistency, we think Harry’s Aftershave Mist for Men will be perfect for men who don’t want to get their hands dirty. Applying aftershave is as simple as a spray or two with this calming mist. 

Inside of this formula, there’s aloe and unrefined botanical extracts waiting to soothe your skin and reduce the chances of razor bumps from appearing. No matter your skin type, this paraben-free, sulfate-free aftershave is safe and gentle enough for every man. 

21. Clinique for Men Post-Shave Soother

Instant skin relief from razor irritation is possible when you already have Clinique for Men Post-Shave Soother. The best part is the relief lets you get on with your day without clawing at your face because of skin irritation. 

Cliqinue’s soothing aftershave is formulated with aloe vera that leaves your skin with a cooling tingle that feels phenomenal on skin that was just recently shaved. 

22. Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel

Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel delivers top-rated relief to tight, irritated skin from shaving. Aloe leaf juice, balm mint, chamomile, and rosemary are some of the ingredients used to achieve the skin calming properties that men everywhere fall in love with. 

Fragrance-free and alcohol-free, skin irritation and razor bumps after shaving will be a thing of the past. This is one of the best aftershaves for men of 2023, and you’ll instantly understand why after sampling this cooling aftershave. 

23. NAOBAY Aftershave Balm for Men

Rejuvenate your skin after shaving with NAOBAY Aftershave Balm for Men. This organic aftershave hydrates and soothes irritation from shaving without making your skin feel weirdly rubbery afterwards. Jojoba, pumpkin, argan, and sesame seed oils make for an aftershave dream team. 

All of those potent antioxidants mean you’re always left with smooth, hydrated skin after every shave. 

24. Backwoods Toner and Aftershave 

Give your skin a brightening, skin-smoothing boost with Backwoods Toner and Aftershave. With an average rating of 4.9 stars out of 5, this aftershave is one you need to try if you’re at your wits end with common shaving discomforts like razor burn and bumps. 

Created by men, Backwoods Toner and Aftershave simultaneously evens out your skin tone, moisturizes dry skin, and soothes inflamed skin that can drive you up a wall. Shaving can be a pleasant experience when you buy this toner and aftershave to reduce discomfort from your shaving ritual. 

25. Old Spice Classic Aftershave 

As a cult favorite in men’s skin care products for years, Old Spice Classic Aftershave won’t ever disappoint. If you’re a man who shaves, chances are you’ve either heard of or tried this well-known aftershave by Old Spice. 

For those who are already a fan of Old Spice products, this classic aftershave holds up to all expectations. 

26. Truly Coco Cloud Aftershave Serum

Your skin will feel undeniably soft after using Truly Coco Cloud Aftershave Serum. This aftershave gives you anti-aging, healing protection for freshly shaven skin that needs extra nourishment and care. 

Designed with coconut to calm inflamed skin, vanilla to get rid of bacteria, and argan oil to hydrate dry skin, don’t skip over this aftershave serum that can do just about anything you need it to do. 

27. Art of Shaving Unscented Aftershave Balm

If you prefer your skin care products unscented, check out Art of Shaving Unscented Aftershave Balm for your shaving needs. Besides being unscented, this sandalwood-scented aftershave balm provides your skin with the ultimate hydration and even reduces signs of aging from starting to appear on your face. 

Prone to dry skin after shaving? You can buy this unscented aftershave balm to fix that issue easily and get healthy, hydrated skin that will last up to 8 hours.  

28. Lumin Cooling Aftershave

Finding Lumin Cooling Aftershave is similar to finding a diamond in a haystack. The cooling effect from this aftershave works instantly to give relief from frequent razor and completely prevents ingrown hair from forming. 

Shea butter and caffeine are the main ingredients that work together to calm your skin down after you just dragged a piece of metal against it repeatedly. With all of the distress your skin goes through whenever you shave, it’s a smart idea to add Lumin’s aftershave to your shopping cart. 

29. Bvlgari Man in Black Aftershave Balm

All of the men who shave on a daily basis need Bvlgari Man in Black Aftershave Balm. Keeping your skin moisturized after shaving has never been simpler once you have this on your bathroom counter. 

Want to make your smooth shave last? This aftershave is able to extend your shave, so you can enjoy smooth skin for a longer period of time without needing to shave every single day. 

FAQ About Aftershaves for Men: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying One

This complete guide to selecting a men’s aftershave clearly answers all of the basic, commonly asked questions about using aftershave, plus gives you tons of pro-tips on how to correctly apply men’s aftershave to your current shaving regimen. 

How do I choose an aftershave that’s right for my skin?

The fact of the matter is everyone’s favorite aftershave is going to change from person to person. What works for your best buddy might end up making your skin excessively dry. That’s why it’s crucial to test out aftershaves first before permanently using one on a daily basis. 

The best aftershaves for men will always be the ones that soothe your skin. Keep in mind that shaving causes decent trauma to your skin, since you are using a sharp utensil against your skin. Aftershave is necessary to provide your skin with beneficial ingredients needing to prevent further shaving irritation like razor bumps. 

You’ll know when you have found the right aftershave when the chosen product is able to be applied to your skin without causing discomfort like dryness. Dry skin is the last thing you want after shaving, another reason why it’s important to have an aftershave that not only soothes, but also moisturizes and nourishes your skin effectively. 

What is the main purpose of using an aftershave?

While aftershaves for men normally have an alluring, masculine fragrance to them, the main purpose of using an aftershave is to give your skin nourishment after shaving.

Aftershaves give your skin the best chance at staying smooth and non-irritated. If you decide not to use an aftershave, you’ll be left with dry, itchy skin due to razor burn and razor bumps. 

What are beneficial ingredients I should look out for in aftershaves?

Just like with most skin care products, there’s going to be ingredients that work the best, and won’t harm you in the long run. For aftershaves that are gentle on your skin, see if your favorite aftershave has one of these beneficial ingredients.

  • Shea butter

  • Calendula 

  • Jojoba oil

  • Aloe vera

  • Witch hazel 

  • Coconut oil

  • Lavender

  • Chamomile 

  • Glycerin

  • Allantoin

The ingredients listed above are able to provide the well-deserved moisture your skin needs after being freshly shaven. Remember that shaving causes distress to your skin, therefore your skin will need all of the vitamins it needs to heal. 

What are harmful ingredients that I need to watch out for in aftershaves?

Adding an aftershave to your shaving routine means you need to be careful about what lies in the formula of your chosen aftershave. 

Be on the lookout for aftershaves that are free of:

  • Phthalates 

  • Parabens

  • Acetates

  • Propylene Glycol

  • Formaldehyde 

These several ingredients are major ones you need to carefully look out for when adding an aftershave to your shaving schedule. 

What are the different types of aftershaves?

Luckily, there are options when it comes to aftershaves for men. You may find that you prefer one consistency over another. 

The 4 different types of aftershaves are:

  • Balms

  • Lotions

  • Gels

  • Mists/Sprays

Which type of aftershave that will work for you will depend on what consistency you personally prefer, and if one type works better with your skin than the other. It’s good to take note that the alcohol content of lotions tends to be higher than the other two types of aftershave for men. 

How do you properly apply an aftershave?

Properly applying an aftershave is super simple. To apply your favorite aftershave, simply put the aftershave on the area that was recently shaved. Don’t forget to apply it to your neck if you shaved there. 

Do you have to wash aftershave off?

No, aftershave doesn’t have to be washed off. Most aftershaves are meant to be easily absorbed onto the surface of your skin so you can quickly get on with what you have planned for your day or evening. 

Are aftershaves supposed to burn?

It’s not uncommon to hear about (or experience) the “aftershave shave burn”. The alcohol content of aftershaves back in the day used to produce a gnarly burning sensation after application. This is the reason for many men neglecting to use an aftershave, which is completely reasonable. No one wants to do anything that burns them.

Fortunately, aftershaves have come a super long way since then. The burning sensation has now been replaced with a soothing sensation. You can expect aftershaves with a high alcohol content to definitely make your skin burn. 

Aftershaves for men that contain witch hazel are suitable for those who are in search of an alcohol-free aftershave. 

Is it truly necessary to use aftershave?

Let’s be real – you don’t have to use aftershave; however, you should use aftershave, especially if you’re prone to redness or those pesky razor bumps.

It’s in your best interest to add an aftershave to your daily grooming ritual, we highly recommend that you take a chance and try any one of our best smelling aftershaves for men. 

What are the best aftershaves for men with sensitive skin?

If you’re a man who suffers from sensitive skin, we sympathize with you. Having sensitive skin isn’t easy, and makes finding adequate skin care products a tough feat. 

To make finding an aftershave simple for you, we suggest:

  • Blu Atlas Aftershave

  • Dollar Shave Club Post Shave Cream

  • Art of Shaving Unscented Aftershave Balm

  • Clinique for Men Post-Shave Soother

  • Truly Coco Cloud Aftershave Serum

What are the best aftershaves for men with acne-prone skin?

Acne is annoying, but choosing the right aftershave with acne-prone skin doesn’t have to be. 

In order to keep acne breakouts under control and nourish your skin after a shaving session, try out:

  • Blu Atlas Aftershave

  • Harry’s Aftershave Mist for Men

  • SheaMoisture Elixir Aftershave

  • Duke Cannon Supply Co. Aftershave Balm

  • Brickell’s Men Instant Relief Aftershave for Men

What are the best aftershaves for men to prevent razor bumps?

Razor bumps come along with the territory of hair removal. Preventing razor bumps is easy when you buy:

  • Blu Atlas Aftershave

  • PC4Men Soothe + Smooth Aftershave Treatment

  • Ultraluxe’s Men’s Ingrown Hair and Aftershave Treatment

  • Brickell’s Men Instant Relief Aftershave for Men

  • Clubman Reserve Gent’s Gin Aftershave Lotion

  • Backwoods Toner and Aftershave

What are the top-rated aftershaves for men?

We know that you just want to know what the most popular, top-rated aftershaves for men are. We promised answers, and the answer to this burning question is:

  • Blu Atlas Aftershave

  • Lumin Cooling Aftershave

  • Duke Cannon Supply Co. Aftershave Balm

  • Afta Aftershave Fresh Skin Conditioner

  • Old Spice Classic Aftershave

  • Jack Black Post Shave Cooling Gel

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