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The Best Seed Banks That Ship to the U.S.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in 2021
Best Seed Banks

Best Seed Banks

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With many states decriminalizing marijuana possession and even cultivation, more and more people are looking into how to grow their own strains and varieties. The United States federal government is even looking into rescheduling the classification of cannabis. This would be great news for big growers and home growers alike.

But how do everyday people who’d like to grow marijuana plants at home get started? That’s where seed banks come in. Seed banks are usually online stores that specialize in selling different varieties of marijuana seeds for growers of all sizes and interests.

There are tons of cannabis seed banks on the internet these days, and even though there has been progress with legalization at the state level, there are still many places that don’t allow seed shipments. If you live in the US, you will need to find a company you can trust to deliver seeds. Technically, federal law prohibits the purchase of cannabis seeds for the purpose of growing plants—although in states where recreational cannabis is legal, like California and Arizona, state law allows it. Regardless, seeds cannot legally be shipped across state borders.

If you’re in the market for a quality online seed bank that you can trust, look no further. There are dozens of reliable seed banks that ship your orders in discreet packaging and even offer additional coverage or replacements just in case federal authorities confiscate your seeds.

We have put together a comprehensive list of the most trusted and respected cannabis seed banks available today that will ship both internationally and within the US. Whether you’re ordering from a domestic or international supplier, you want to make sure you cover all of your bases.

Here’s everything you could ever want to know about purchasing cannabis seeds online, and the top seed banks where you can find everything you’re looking for.

What We Looked For While Making This Cannabis Seed Bank list? 

As we mentioned above, when you are shipping cannabis seeds online, it becomes a little murky, legally speaking. The seeds themselves have always had a relatively complicated relationship when it comes to their legality. Finding a seed bank that ships to the USA properly can not only be cumbersome, but it can also be legally ambiguous.

Some states, where the sale and purchase of marijuana plants and products are illegal, actually allow for the sale and purchase of seeds. Each state has its ruling on this issue, so you will have to check yours to see where you stand. The legality and details of purchasing cannabis seeds online will vary from state to state, and it is impossible to list all of the different rulings here.

We looked at seed banks that sold both in the US and internationally. Remember, if you are ordering from an international seller, they may not be located within the US. In that case, it might take longer than expected to receive your order.

Additionally, we only included sellers on this list that other users and we have verified. There are many sketchy sellers out there, so we weeded through them all to arrive at the ones that were discreet and trustworthy. We also looked at the user reviews for each site, both positive and negative.

Any site that had a disproportionately negative response was not included on this list. To cut down the list to just five of the best possible seed banks, we looked for stores that:

  • They offered both reliable and discreet delivery services.

  • Carried only the best top-shelf seed varieties.

  • Carried notorious strains such as purple haze and gorilla glue.

  • Provided excellent customer service, which is essential when dealing with sensitive items.

Once we compiled this list, we researched the products and talked to company representatives about any questions we had. What we were left with was the top five seed banks on the internet.

If you are ready to find the best seed banks around, here are the best five seed banks available today without further ado.

List Of Best 5 Marijuana Seed Banks Of 2021 [Full Reviews ]

#1. MSNL Seedbank: Best Seed Bank Overall

Seed Banks - MSNL

Seed Banks – MSNL

We start this list with the editor’s pick for the best seed bank. Not only does this seed bank offer a great variety, but they also have the best prices and customer support. They take privacy seriously and only offer the best and highest quality marijuana seeds. To begin our list, the MSNL seed bank comes highly recommended but users across the net.

In fact, almost anywhere you look, you will see this seed bank at the top of every list, for a good reason. They are trustworthy, fast, and reliable, and people have excellent things to say about them.

MSNL is one of the fantastic online seed banks that stands out when compared to other services on the market. They mainly serve the US regions, and they have been in operation since 1999. This company offers only the highest quality seeds, and the response from the cannabis community has been great.

They are constantly referred to as one of the best seed banks available today, and they have an online platform that is clear, simple, and easy to use. Their website prominently displays all of the information you need to get started, and first-time users will have no problem navigating this site.

The company prides itself on being an expert on everything cannabis. These experts have developed the best seeds that allow for optimal germination. Their germination rate is higher than 90%. That’s hard to beat. They also put their marijuana seeds through extensive tests that require each strain to pass through stringent quality control processes.

This is a company that takes discretion very seriously. They also ship their products exceptionally fast, and in most cases, the product will arrive in less than three weeks. They also strive to give their customers the best possible product available. In fact, these seeds have even won awards for marijuana genetics. They are guaranteed to be top-notch.

The seeds themselves are developed by first-class specialists that work closely with the company. You never need to worry about your seeds being damaged or unusable. They employ a professional inspector that will check all of the marijuana seeds manually before packing them for shipment.

Lastly, if you are worried about discretion, this is the company for you. They place their seeds inside a random product so that it is not apparent to customs. They are committed to making sure that you get these seeds without any hassle or issues. They care about their customers so much that they will ship free seeds with every purchase. For example, most orders come with an additional five or so seeds. Their wholesale packages even include around twice the amount of seeds that you would find in a standard box.


  • They offer a variety of low-cost packs that are aimed at saving money for their customers.

  • They offer bulk prices, which is fantastic for commercial buyers and home growers alike.

  • They only carry the highest quality strains.

  • They offer discreet “stealth shipping” on all of their products.

  • They have a variety of payment options available.

  • They offer good customer service


  • Shipping is not free unless it is a bulk order.

  • Their customer service is excellent but could be a little speedier.

If you are looking for a seed bank you can trust, MSNL is definitely a great place to start.

=> Visit the official website of MSNL to know more

#2. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM): Top Quality Marijuana

Seed banks - ILGM

Seed banks – ILGM

Another excellent seed bank that we can’t recommend enough comes with the unforgettable name “I Love Growing Marijuana,” or ILGM for short. We recommend this company based on their selection and depth of knowledge. They have fantastic customer support and everything you need to grow.

ILGM is one of the most talked-about online seed banks, and they have a band of loyal customers. This is not without good reason. ILGM offers a fantastic wealth of knowledge and experience. They have a wide selection of marijuana seeds to choose from. They have affordable prices (often with discounts), and they also have an enormous collection of growing resources. These resources are offered at no cost to the customer, and they include information for new growers and experts alike.

ILGM is an international company that is based in the Netherlands. A master grower created it by the name of Robert Bergman. He is a highly skilled professional grower that has been developing marijuana strains and growing for over ten years.

This company offers its product at a discounted price, yet they do not sacrifice any quality. These high-quality seeds are not only affordable but also deliver to many different countries across the globe. You will also find a wide variety of seeds from this seed bank with plenty of guidance from their site. No matter what you are looking for, you will find something to love from this site.

If you are looking to seed banks that ship to the US, this is one of the best companies in the business. They have dozens of different hand-picked strains to choose from. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for, they also have different starter packs aimed at amateurs and professionals. You can try these start packs and see what works for you as well as what doesn’t.

They also accept a variety of different payment options. You can use a credit card, bank transfer, cash, or even bitcoin with this site. These seeds are delivered standard, free of charge, and come with a money-back germination guarantee. If the seeds do not germinate, they will send another batch of seeds at no cost to you. They have over 100 different varieties to choose from, and their website is a blast to browse around simply.


  • Your seeds are guaranteed to germinate.

  • They offer over 100+ different strains.

  • Shipping is fast, free, and discrete.

  • High-quality seeds that are backed by their germination guarantee.

  • Lots of fee-growing resources are available on their site.

  • Stealth shipping, discrete packaging, and delivery are available.

  • They offer various payment methods


  • Fewer strains than some other companies.

  • Customer service is difficult to contact.

  • If you want your shipment tracked, you will have to pay an additional $25 fee.

  • Some seeds are unbranded.

I Love Growing Marijuana will not disappoint.

=> Visit the official website of ILGM to know more

#3. Ministry of Cannabis: Best Cannabis Seeds Available

Seed banks - ministry

Seed banks – ministry

The Ministry of Cannabis is one company that truly lives up to its name. They are the experts in everything cannabis being the best cannabis seed bank and provide excellent resources from new growers and experts as well. If you are unsure of where to start, this site is a great resource.

The Ministry of Cannabis is based out of Barcelona, Spain, and offers one of the best services in the business. They have been providing high-quality strains of marijuana seeds online for decades. They have been creating quite a buzz on the net for their quality strains and expertise.

Over the past few years, the Ministry of Cannabis has been steadily making its mark and increasing its customer base. They have an excellent reputation as a top-notch seed bank with global stealth shipping. Their seed packages are perfect for novice growers and advanced growers looking for quality plants with an excellent yield. They also let you filter through their products to find the best strain to fit your wants and needs. If you have any questions about your product, their detailed descriptions include how to grow each variety best.

Although they do not have a free shipping policy, their delivery fees are affordable, and they can ship globally. They also have dozens of different cannabis varieties to choose from, with a germination guarantee if you cannot grow any plants. If you fail to germinate, they will send you a new pack of seeds at no cost to you.


  • They have extensive knowledge of plants and growth.

  • They offer high-quality CBD strains that are available for medical marijuana patients.

  • They have a germination guarantee for 80% of your seeds.

  • They ship globally and to the US and Canada as well.

  • They have several convenient payment options.

  • Positive customer reviews

  • Multiple payment methods


  • Their only option for shipping is not free.

  • Compared to other seed banks covered here, they have a limited selection.

They ship to the US and Canada but also offer some international shipping options. Their global orders are guaranteed to be delivered. They package the seeds with random items such as flashlights and pens to keep customs guessing. They have a variety of shipping options which include credit card, MasterCard, or bitcoin.

The Ministry of Cannabis is more than just a fun name. They are an excellent option for quality seeds internationally.

=> Visit the official website of the Ministry Of Cannabis to know more

#4. Seedsman: Free Shipping & Fastest Delivery

Seed Banks - Seedsman

Seed Banks – Seedsman

Seedsman is a trustworthy option if you are looking for various unconventional seed banks that aren’t available anywhere else. They have many options, including feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, and high THC content seeds. This site is easy to navigate and offers a wealth of information for its users.

Seedsman is based in the UK and was founded in 2003. They are widely recognized as one of the best seed banks around and offer some of the best strains available. They have a vast customer base and a cult-like following around the globe. Since their inception, they have become known as suppliers of top-notch marijuana seeds online , some of the best on the market. Out of all the internet banks we have reviewed, Seedsman has some of the highest quality options & one of the best cannabis seed banks that ship to the USA.

Another positive aspect of Seedsman is that they stock over 3,000 different specialty seeds on their site. They collect their stock from over 65 different banks from various places around the world. When you shop at Seedsman, you have the option to buy their homegrown marijuana seeds as well as seeds from different growers across the globe.

Additionally, they offer their seeds at affordable prices, so you are sure to find something that fits your needs. With a range of styles and options, you can see that customized seed that will be perfect for your growth.

They even offer different medicinal seeds that are perfect for different conditions such as aches and pains. They even stock strains that are meant for insomnia, depression, inflammation, and anxiety. Be sure to check out their medicinal page, as it has loads of information about each strain and how it works.

Lastly, they guarantee their shipping, and you are guaranteed to receive your product no matter what. If you do not receive your order, they will send a new one right away. They also have a  fantastic loyalty program and offer all kinds of discounts so you can save money if you plan on buying with them in the future.


  • They offer a wide variety of seeds, especially some that aren’t found elsewhere.

  • They package all of their products discreetly.

  • They are highly rated in customer satisfaction and have dozens of reviews on their individual strains.

  • Their website is simple and easy to navigate.

  • They also offer promotions and loyalty programs for their customers.


  • Their germination guarantee is not as extensive as others.

  • They are a bit pricier than their competition.

  • They do not make it easy to contact customer service if you have an issue.

Overall, the Seedsman is a solid choice with tons of options to choose from.

=> Visit the official website of Seedsman to know more

#5. Cannabis Seeds Store: Best for Feminized Seed

Best Seed Banks - Vault

Best Seed Banks – Vault

The Cannabis Seeds Store may be the last item on our list, but they are by no means the least. This store offers a wide variety of seeds, including feminized seeds, auto-flowering seeds, high THC strains, and CBD strains. The variety at this cannabis seed bank seems endless, and they offer most of their products at a substantial discount.

Founded in 2012 as the world’s most renowned and respected hemp seed retailer, The Cannabis Seed Store is committed to providing rigorous customer service and the highest quality semi-gate. You won’t be disappointed with high-quality hemp seeds that are 100% discrete, safe, and specially selected from renowned European and American seed producers.

They not only guarantee that their products are of the highest quality in the world, but they also guarantee that they are the cheapest and highest quality cannabis seeds available. Cannabis Seed Store is committed to making its premium seeds the best in the business. They also have the largest selection of cannabis seeds for your needs and specialize in female and auto-flowering varieties. Their cannabis seeds are hand-picked by the best cannabis seed producers and aren’t as expensive as other sellers on the market.

They offer loyal customer discounts, serial promotions, regular contests, and giveaways. They guarantee that all of their orders are only the highest quality cannabis seeds on the market. Visit the Cannabis Seed Exchange page for the latest offers. The Cannabis Seed Store is more than just a seed shop. They claim that they are pioneers.

They are actively working to legalize marijuana and personal cannabis use, and this activity is done through lobbying and financial support to the cause. They strongly believe in educating the world to make a positive difference in medical marijuana and its benefits, and they only list quality cannabis seeds on their website.

They also offer a plethora of growing resources to get started and keep you growing. They have a ton of handy links on their site and provide some great recommendations for growing their products.


  • They offer a wide variety of payment methods.

  • They have excellent, responsive customer service.

  • They offer worldwide shipping, perfect for international customers.

  • Their shipping is discretely packed.

  • They have an enormous variety of strains to choose from.


  • They do not offer a substantial germination guarantee.

  • They do not have an extensive loyalty program.

If you are looking for a trusted seed bank with years of experience, the Cannabis Seed Store is your one-stop shop. They are especially great for those growers located in the US and Canada.

=> Visit the official website of Cannabis Seeds Store to know more

Is It Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds?

The legality of cannabis seeds is something that has long been contested in the United States. There are different situations in which it is legal to possess and sell cannabis seeds and others where it is not. In particular, you can legally buy or hold seeds for use as feed for fish and birds. Seeds that are used for these purposes are generally inferior to commercially available THC seeds. In other words, seeds cannot be used to grow high-yielding plants. So even if you were to use this loophole, the “feed grade” seeds are often not helpful in growing any flowering plants.

The interpretation of the law has changed over the years. It outlines legal guidelines for proving that cannabis seeds are allowed until they reach the stage of germination. Lack of germination is a big problem in the sense that there isn’t much point in trying to grow a seed that won’t germinate.

To further complicate the legality of cannabis seeds, some states will allow people to own or possess seeds, but they will not grow them legally. You can legally grow cannabis plants in fewer than 20 states. You can lawfully get seeds from other states, but you can’t legally plant them or grow them.

How to Know Your Cannabis Seeds are Real

Like any other crop, cannabis’ success begins with high-quality seeds, but even experienced growers can have a hard time choosing the best. To get an idea of ​​what to look for when preparing marijuana seeds to grow your garden, let’s take a look at how you can tell if your cannabis seeds are the real deal or if they are only suitable for feed.

  • Appearance and Color: This factor is the easiest to check but might be the most important. Seeds that will germinate are brow, dark brown, or even black. Immature seeds that will not germinate will be lighter in color and are usually light green, yellow, or white.

  • Size and shape: The best quality seeds will be rounded or teardrop-shaped. Any irregular seeds should be discarded as they will most likely not be able to germinate.

  • Hardness and durability: The seeds should come with a smoother outer shell that is free from any damage or cracking. If it is cracked, it will not germinate.

  • Age: Seeds should be stored in a dark, cool place such as a freezer. This will prevent them from rotting or developing mold.

  • Float Test: The ol’ float test is the best way to tell if a seed is still viable. Use distilled water and see if the seed has bulk enough to float or sink over the course of an hour. If it sinks, it has a better chance of germinating than a seed that floats on top.

Of course, these are just general guidelines and will not guarantee that your seed will germinate. The only way to find out for sure is to try planting and caring for your seed. If it does not sprout, you should contact the company you ordered it from if they have a germination guarantee.

Seed Bank Payment Options

Online payments are very common these days. People pay almost everything through online payment systems. For this reason, marijuana seeds are no exception to this rule. There are several ways a sperm bank can pay for your order.  If you are looking for a more anonymous option, crypto is your best bet, but there are still several options if you are unsure how to use Bitcoin or other currencies. There are many ways to pay:

  • Online Bank Transfers

  • PayPal transfer or PayPal cash

  • You can use cash in some instances

  • Most seed banks accept visas and MasterCard

  • Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum

You can expect in the future that most companies will begin to prefer crypto as their preferred payment option due to its anonymity. However, at the moment, there are still many ways to pay for your seed delivery.

Cannabis Seeds by Sex

  • Regular Seeds: This variety of seeds will produce both male and female plants. The males are culled in seedless but production. If you are a breeder, regular seeds will be the best choice for you. These seeds will give you sustainable growth through natural evolution.

  • Feminized Seeds: This variety of seeds is a specialized seed that will only produce female plants. This is made possible by breeding only two female plants together. The offspring of these plants will only inherit X chromosomes, meaning it is only female. These feminized seeds are perfect for growers who have a strict plant limit and are also great for cloning.

Cannabis Seeds by Genetics

  • Sativa Seeds: They grow into large plants with long thin branches, sharp leaves, large shoots. Sativa is native to subtropical/tropical regions such as Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central and South America. Plants naturally have long cycles of 10 weeks or more. Large foreign species are resistant to rot and disease. They can grow up to 15 feet in length! This species is rich in THC and THCV. This variety is a perfect plant to start with but can also get very intricate, depending on the strain.

  • Indica Seeds: This variety will produce small plants with fat leaves and thick brown coarse stems. Indica is native to temperate regions such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal is and Morocco. Marijuana is traditionally used to produce cannabis and is very moist, thin, and thick. Indica grows like a shrub and can produce large yields in small spaces. These plants have a fast flowering cycle. Indica plants may require low humidity to avoid mold problems. It is rich in THC and CBD. Those who want a comfortable “body high” will prefer Cannabis Indica.

  • Hybrid Seeds:  Indica and Sativa strains come in numerous combinations, and hybrids cross both varieties. Hybrid hemp seeds can grow long hourglasses that produce dense, moist Indica buds. Hybrid cannabis strains are the most popular cannabis seed category on the market today. They come in various plant sizes, flowering times, products, fragrances, flavors, cannabis ingredients, and a variety of effects.

  • *Autoflowering Seeds: This variety is a type of flowering plant that grows on its own (no bright period). These seeds can be regular or feminized. Since the self-flowering stem is made using the genus Rudralis, the seeds bloom in any light, including sunlight, 24 hours each day. The automatic branch is kept short and completes its life cycle quickly. Some die or wilt within 60 days. Self-flowering plants can put cultivated using such methods as the SOG or SCROG cultivation methods. These plants are great if you don’t plan on using a grow light on a timer.

Cannabis seeds can also be categorized by their individual traits, such as high CBS strains or high THC strains. There are also award-winning strains, landrace strains, high yield strains, and inbred strains. If you are unsure which strain is suitable for your needs, all of the sites we listed here have great literature explaining each strain to make an informed decision. If all else fails, you can contact their customer support for any inquiries you may have about which strain to buy.

FAQ about Best Seed Banks

You may have some questions about the legality of seed banks or how they work. We have compiled the best questions and answers regarding seed banks in the USA and abroad.

Q. How do Seed Banks operate in the USA?

A:  Most seed banks use old recall laws to avoid legal barriers to trading, as each state has its own marijuana seed laws. You can send it to yourself as a souvenir or as a bird/fishing bait until the seeds germinate. When you visit a large banking website like ILGM, you’ll see a warning page detailing all of the ways you can avoid legal ramifications. Additionally, many companies take great caution when packing your seeds and will often hide them as some other object such as a pen or other items. Seed banks are well aware of the legality, but you should also take some caution when you are ordering online.

Q: Is It Safe to Buy Seeds Online?

A: With so many sketchy vendors selling mediocre products, it’s good to be curious about whether it’s safe to order seeds online. Fortunately, the risk of ordering online from large banks is minimal. Customs laws shouldn’t be an issue either. Some are afraid that if the order is intercepted, they may not be on the right side of the law, but the seeds are not found in most cases.

To ensure this, most seed banks offer confidential delivery services to customers so that their order is protected and unassuming. This is a secret method for shipping orders, where the seed is inserted into random items before shipping, such as DVDs. That way, there is no question about this package, but experts advise customers not to ask for fast delivery times or delivery methods that require a signature.

This will make sure not to draw attention to the package by not requiring a signature for delivery. Also, if there is no signature, there is some plausible deniability in the exchange. People also need to think about which payment method to use. Bitcoin is generally recommended because it is encrypted and cannot be traced. However, you can pay by credit card for safe shopping as well.

Q: Are there many seed banks in the United States?

A: The cannabis market is growing rapidly in parts of the United States, and American producers grow world-famous hemp. The problem is with the US federal government and the current legal situation of cannabis and THC products.

Marijuana and its derivatives (including seeds) are considered one of the Schedule 1 drugs with little or no legal use, making it impossible for seed banks to operate in the United States and states. -United States, Netherlands, Spain, or Canada (representing a legal loophole or full legalization).

While this might change in the future, there are still too many laws governing the sale and possession of cannabis seeds. Many companies simply do not want to take the risk, so they set up shop elsewhere.

Q: What seed bank has the most genetically pure seeds?

A:  When buying cannabis seeds, make sure you look for the best genetic factors to get the most out of your plant. This is a great way to check the balance of the sperm bank you are buying. We have only included the best genetically grown seed providers on this list, so you don’t have to do any legwork. If you order from any of the companies we have included, you can guarantee that you are getting the best and highest quality genetic strains available.

There is a lot of misinformation on the internet, and we compiled this list to give more accurate and easy-to-find information on a challenging topic.


Whether you are looking to improve the genetics of a plant that you are already growing or hope to grow a seed from scratch, you will need the very best cannabis seeds you can get your hands on. To find the best cannabis seeds, you will need to find the best seed banks with products you can trust.

No matter what your plan is, you need to know where to start. Many of the online seed banks we came across were disappointing in both service and offerings. There’s nothing worse than making a purchase only to be disappointed. That won’t happen with the selections on this list. These seed banks are all top-notch, and top-rated suppliers that can cover any grower’s needs.

Although we love all of the seed banks on this list, we tend to lean toward MSNL seed banks to improve their product and service quality. They have a large variety of strains to choose from, and their reviews are glowing everywhere we look. They also have a lot of helpful information for new growers or those who aren’t sure how to grow certain strains.

Whichever bank you end up using, you must buy seeds from a seed bank that you can trust. Remember, this process is in a legal gray area in most places, so you want your seller to be one that you can trust. This will eliminate any fears you have about the process and make growing more fun. After all, fun is what growing is all about.

All of the seed banks on this list will be able to deliver to the US, and most of them offer a germination guarantee. Every bank included on this list has been vetted for quality and customer satisfaction. All of them have also reported high germination success rations. If you are looking for a worry-free seed transaction, using any of the companies on this list will deliver discrete, high-quality seeds directly to your doorstep.

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