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The Best-Selling Men’s Colognes in 2023

If you’re thinking of switching up your signature scent or are looking to dip a toe into the fragrance world, start with this list of the best-selling men’s colognes in 2023.
Blue Atlas

Blue Atlas

Now that 2023 is well underway, trends in the men’s cologne world are starting to take shape. If you’re thinking of switching up your signature scent or are looking to dip a toe into the fragrance world, start with this list of the best-selling men’s colognes in 2023.

What Makes a Best-Seller? Our Ranking System

When choosing the colognes for this list, here are the criteria we looked at:


  • Popularity. Of course, this is a list of literal best-sellers, so we browsed the lists of scents that are flying off the shelves this year. That meant comparing best-sellers from several popular fragrance retailers and seeing which colognes men are turning to in 2023. 

  • Positive Reviews. Best-sellers don’t always mean the top-rated colognes, so we also compared reviews to find the scents that men love best. We looked for rave reviews and as few negative ones as possible. 

  • Value for the Money. If you’ve ever browsed cologne options you’ve probably seen that prices vary wildly—from $20 a bottle to hundreds of dollars and beyond! We didn’t narrow it down to a certain price range but rather looked for colognes that gave the most bang for your buck, the ones worth every penny.

  • Originality. Best-selling colognes may be everywhere, but they don’t have to be boring. We looked for scents with a little something special, that make you stand out even if you’re wearing what thousands of other men are wearing. The goal is for your cologne to leave a strong impression, and we made sure these ones would.

  • Olfactory Experience. It’s hard to call this category “best smelling” because that title is so subjective, but we tried to hone in on the best olfactory experience. That means scents that make men come alive, that are dynamic and interesting and unfold over time. 

  • Longevity and Projection. If you’re going to spend a chunk of cash on a cologne, it better be worth your while in longevity and projection! That’s why we looked for colognes that won’t quit, ones that you’ll still smell by the end of a long day. We wanted strong projection, too, that is persistent but not overwhelming. 

What Are the Cologne Trends of 2023?

In 2023, we’re seeing a shift in the cologne scene. While light, subtle scents have been popular for a while, this year we’re pivoting toward more intense, unexpected colognes. Eau de parfums are having their moment! Tropical fruits are also making an appearance in more scents these days, as are vanilla, oud, and functional fragrances that provide calming or energizing benefits along with a lasting scent. 


It seems that 2023 is also the year of having a whole selection of different colognes at your disposal, so you can choose one for each occasion and mix it up from time to time. You’ll see that many of these best-selling men’s colognes in 2023 are on-trend, and each would make a fantastic addition to your fragrance collection! 

1. Blu Atlas Atlantis


Popularity: Blu Atlas Atlantis has garnered so much praise lately. From the glowing reviews of perfume connoisseurs to “best of” lists and more, this cologne seems to be the center of attention, and for good reason. It’s flying off the shelves! 

Positive Reviews: Here we’re talking literally dozens of five-star reviews. One enthusiastic reviewer says, “Smells AMAZING… 3 hours later and I’m still in love.” Another claims, “Atlantis quickly became my favorite fragrance.” Many men say they’ve turned to Blu Atlas Atlantis for everyday wear and can’t get enough of it. 

Value: This cologne falls right smack dab in the middle range of cologne prices, which is a steal considering its quality and the fact that it smells like a designer fragrance. Plus, the big bottle will get you far considering you only need a couple of spritzes for maximum effect. 

Originality: Atlantis marches to the beat of its own drum! You’ll definitely be drawn to it if you love fresh citrusy fragrances, but this goes above and beyond to incorporate some more sensual notes, too. 

Olfactory Experience: You can tell that this was inspired by the coastal jungle of Bali because it smells like adventure in paradise. You get a bright flash of citrus at the top along with black currant, then a sweet yet herbaceous heart of lavender, clary sage, peach, and apricot. At the base, you’ll smell a sensual mix of scents like musk and ambrette seed. 

Longevity and Projection: Expect 8+ hours of wear on this bad boy, plus excellent projection—which is great considering you’ll want everyone in the room to smell it! 

2. Dior Sauvage

Popularity: It’s hard to surpass the popularity of Dior Sauvage, which has been around in some form since 1966. This has been a top men’s cologne for decades, which also means you’re likely not the only man in the room wearing it. 

Positive Reviews: A reviewer calls this cologne “olfactory perfection,” which is high praise! Many users claim this scent is “attention grabbing,” and lots of reviewers love how long it lasts. 

Value: Dior Sauvage comes at a good price, and considering how potent the cologne is, it’s definitely has good value. 

Originality: The fact that this scent is not unique is hardly its own fault. Dior Sauvage has inspired many copycat fragrances over the years. It’s still one of the best examples out there of a fresh spicy fragrance, and it certainly stands out, even if it is fairly recognizable. 

Olfactory Experience: This cologne is uplifting, like liquid freedom. It all starts with bergamot and pepper, followed by two more varieties of pepper along with vetiver, geranium, and patchouli. The base consists of cedar, ambroxan, and labdanum. 

Longevity and Projection: You’ll get somewhere around 8-10 hours of wear with Dior Sauvage and moderate projection that is strong but not in-your-face strong.

3. Kiehl’s Original Musk


Popularity: Although this fragrance was released in 2004, it’s remained a constant favorite ever since, with a recent spike in popularity. This signature scent of the popular skincare brand is simple and deeply masculine, and it remains a bestseller. 

Positive Reviews: Men label this fragrance a “classic,” and several mention that it smells like bottled confidence. This seems to be a favorite cologne for daily wear. 

Value: This cologne comes in a relatively small bottle at only 1.7 ounces, but its price is fairly average, so the value is good. 

Originality: This “love oil” has been around in some form since the 1920s, spawning several generations of aromatic musky fragrances. While it isn’t exactly original anymore, this cologne is still a classic. 

Olfactory Experience: Think of Original Musk as the ultimate date night fragrance, as it combines vulnerable notes of orange blossom, ylang ylang, lily, and rose with a warming base of musk, tonka, and patchouli. Irresistible! 

Longevity and Projection: Some users claim that this cologne only lasts a few hours, although you can anticipate somewhere in the four-hour range. It has fairly subtle sillage and projection, meaning your date will have to pull in closer to get the full effect . 

4. Le Labo Another 13

Popularity: Since its release in 2010, this fragrance’s sales have remained stagnant, overshadowed by the brand’s more popular scents like Santal 33. But for some reason, 2022 started a massive upward trend in Another 13’s sales, and now it’s reaching peak popularity! 

Positive Reviews: Men call this one “light and sophisticated,” and one even compares it to “wearing your favorite person’s cashmere sweater.” 

Value: You’ll pay a pretty penny for Another 13, but if it’s your favorite scent you’ve ever smelled, chances are it’s worth it. In general, we’d say this one is a wee bit overpriced, but we love it anyway. 

Originality: This limited fragrance scores well in the originality category, and it’s sure to turn some heads. 

Olfactory Experience: The overall experience is an animalistic, mysterious one, which relies on musk along with notes like jasmine, moss, and Iso E Super for an earthy and smoky vibe. 

Longevity and Projection: We give this moderate longevity and projection. It’s intense while also coming across subtly. 


5. Versace Eros

Popularity: Versace Eros is definitely one of the most worn colognes out there. Its popularity is off the charts!

Positive Reviews: Multiple reviews label this scent a “crowd pleaser” and even “one of the best fragrances of all time.” 

Value: If you’re after a quality fragrance at this price point, there’s no better deal out there. 

Originality: Here’s the issue with Versace Ero—everyone has it. While the blend of scent notes may be fairly unique, you’re bound to smell this one everywhere. 

Olfactory Experience: Take on all the best qualities of Eros, the Greek god of love, when you wear this best-selling men’s cologne. It starts with a bitingly fresh head of green apple, citrus, and mint, followed by tonka, geranium, and ambroxan at the core and an inviting base of vanilla and woods notes. 

Longevity and Projection: Versace Eros will take you far. About 10 hours, to be exact. The projection is big right off the bat and fades somewhat over time. 

6. Maison Francis Kurkdijan Baccarat Rouge 540

Popularity: Baccarat Rouge has been trending upward lately, by far outselling its previous records from its release in 2015. 

Positive Reviews: One reviewer calls this “a phenomenon of modern perfumery,” and another claim that it absolutely deserves all the hype and more. 

Value: This cologne is on the expensive end of the spectrum, but that’s what it takes to smell like a million bucks! 

Originality: While this woody amber fragrance may hail from a common fragrance family, it definitely offers a unique take. 

Olfactory Experience: Saffron and jasmine greet you at the head, then ambergris and amberwood steal your attention in the heart and dry down to reveal fir resin and cedar. It’s a warm cologne that provides a lot of intrigue. Everyone around you will want to get to know you! 

Longevity and Projection: This cologne is another one that lingers for around 10 hours and provides strong projection and sillage. 

7. Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt


Popularity: Wood Sage and Sea Salt has become one of the best-selling men’s colognes in 2023—a bit of a surprise for a fragrance that was released in 2014!

Positive Reviews: A user calls this an “instant favorite,” and others claim that they’ve fallen in love with this uncomplicated scent.

Value: This cologne is on the more affordable side and provides great value. 

Originality: Wood Sage and Sea Salt offers a different take on an aquatic fragrance, making it stand out among the crowd of sea-based scents. 

Olfactory Experience: Whenever you smell this cologne, you’ll be transported instantly to the North Sea. This isn’t a summertime beachy fragrance, but a more aromatic take on marine scents, with sea salt, sage, ambrette seed, red algae, and grapefruit. 

Longevity and Projection: The jury is still out on the longevity and projection of this cologne. Some users claim it sticks around for 12 hours, while others claim it fades within 1-2. 

8. Bleu de Chanel

Popularity: Bleu de Chanel might just be the most popular modern men’s cologne. No list of the top men’s colognes would be complete without it. 

Positive Reviews: Plenty of men are lifelong fans of Bleu de Chanel, calling it “fresh” and “classic.” 

Value: While this cologne really is deserving of its reputation, it’s a little pricey for what you get, especially considering that everyone else wears it, too. 

Originality: This is still the best blue fragrance out there, but it’s maybe a little tired. So many men wear Bleu de Chanel or knock offs that wearing it won’t help you stand out. 

Olfactory Experience: The head of this fragrance is bright and energizing, with citrus, pepper, and mint. The middle is where it gets interesting, thanks to a blend of melon, ginger, nutmeg, and jasmine. At the base, incense mingles with amber, patchouli, and woods notes for a powerful finish. 

Longevity and Projection: Get up to eight hours of Bleu de Chanel per application, plus moderate projection. 


9. Valentino Uomo Born in Roma

Popularity: Valentino Uomo Born in Roma is poised for a comeback after a few years of stagnation. This is now one of the top fragrances of 2023! 

Positive Reviews: One man calls this cologne “heavenly,” and another labels it a “gorgeous fragrance.” 

Value: The value of this fragrance is about average. It costs as much as you’d expect a designer fragrance to cost. 

Originality: The one drawback of this cologne is its lack of originality. This is a mainstream fragrance that will appeal to all but doesn’t make a name for itself. 

Olfactory Experience: Many men say the opening smells a little like bubblegum, with a mix of violet leaf, salt, and mineral notes. Then ginger and sage liven up the middle, and the dry down gets you woods notes and vetiver. It’s a simple woody spicy fragrance men love. 

Longevity and Projection: Look forward to anywhere from 5-8 hours of Born in Roma and moderate projection. 

10. Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Popularity: Since its release in 2015, Tom Ford Noir has enjoyed pretty steady success, with a recent boost in popularity. Expect this cologne to be everywhere in 2023! 

Positive Reviews: One reviewer calls this “richness in a bottle,” and another agrees that it’s luxurious and sensual. 

Value: Prepare to shell out for Tom Ford quality. The brand’s fragrances tend to be worth every penny, though! 

Originality: Warm spicy accords are all the rage these days, but this is probably the best and most intense version of such a cologne out there. 

Olfactory Experience: Prepare to be hypnotized by a warm and spicy mix of fragrance notes. Like cardamom, nutmeg, saffron, and orange at the top or kulfi, rose, and jasmine in the heart. The base of vanilla, amber, sandalwood, and other woods seals the deal. Absolutely ravishing.

Longevity and Projection: Noir Extreme will stick around for around six hours, with fairly subtle projection. It’s not a loud scent but one that whispers in your ear all night long. 

11. Carolina Herrera Men’s Bad Boy


Popularity: This bold fragrance has been a steady best-seller, captivating men all over. 

Positive Reviews: Bad Boy has broad appeal, with users calling it “addictive” and “unique.”  

Value: This scent is a good deal, giving you a lot of bang for your buck. 

Originality: One of its draw’s is Bad Boy’s unique warm spicy blend, providing an interesting spin on a classic scent combination. 

Olfactory Experience: Black and white pepper dance with bergamot upon first spray, then sage and cedar take over and tonka bean, cacao, and amberwood await at the base. The result is a fragrance that is absolutely magnetic. 

Longevity and Projection: You’ll get 8-10 hours of wear out of this one but modest projection. 

12. Hermès Un Jardin sur le Nile

Popularity: Although this fragrance has decreased in popularity since its release, it’s recently seen a little extra interest. 

Positive Reviews: While Un Jardin sur le Nil is somewhat of an acquired taste, those who love it rave that it’s “a masterpiece,” with one reviewer asking “What wizardry is this? Perhaps the most evocative of any scent I’ve experienced.” 

Value: This Hermès favorite provides excellent value. 

Originality: While floral fruity fragrances aren’t novel by any means, this one is a particularly refreshing iteration that you won’t find elsewhere. Big points for originality here! 

Olfactory Experience: This is truly a scent that takes you on a journey with a garden stroll by the Nile river. It opens with an unexpected blend of carrot, tomato, grapefruit, and green mango and quickly evolves from there. The next stage of the experience reels you in with lotus, bulrush, hyacinth, and orange, which dries down to musk, incense, and cinnamon. An olfactory experience unlike any other. 

Longevity and Projection: The longevity on this one is nothing special—around 5-6 hours. The projection starts off strong and fades to leave a light scent on your skin. 

13. Paco Rabanne One Million Lucky

Popularity: This newer take on an all-time best-seller is a hit! 

Positive Reviews: Men call it the best version of One Million to be released, calling it “playful” and “quite remarkable.” 

Value: Considering the fact that this fragrance pretty much lasts forever, it’s always a good buy. 

Originality: If you’re comparing this to the first One Million it isn’t original exactly but offers a more interesting take than One Million Prive. It exudes sweetness just like the original, but with a hint of plum and some wood to make things interesting. 

Olfactory Experience: This intoxicating scent is sure to boost your confidence. It starts off with an intriguing blend of plum, ozonic notes, and citrus, then gets a nutty element in the heart with honey, hazelnut, cedar, and cashmere plus jasmine and neroli. The base is a strong blend of patchouli, amberwood, oakmoss, and vetiver. 

Longevity and Projection: No exaggeration, you’ll get up to 12 hours of wear out of this one. The projection isn’t quite as strong as with other One Million scents, but it still has some power. 

14. Acqua di Giò Profondo


Popularity: This take on the classic Acqua di Giò has spiked in popularity recently. 

Positive Reviews: Customers love this aromatic version of the original, with one saying, “The opening is heavenly… It’s taken that sparkly, citrusy, aquatic airiness of the original and amped it up.” 

Value: Average value. 

Originality: There was a period there when it seemed like absolutely every man was wearing Acqua di Giò, so if you like the original fragrance but want something a little more unique, this is the way to go. 

Olfactory Experience: This version is a little heavier than the original, diving all the way into the blue rather than appreciating it from shore. It starts off with sea notes, bergamot, and mandarin and shapeshifts into an aromatic heart of lavender, cypress, and rosemary. The base plays with mineral notes alongside musk, amber, and patchouli. 

Longevity and Projection: 6-8 hours and mild projection. 

15. Byredo’s Mojave Ghost

Popularity: This cologne is hot hot hot! Mojave Ghost is quickly becoming Byredo’s most popular scent.

Positive Reviews: Multiple reviewers call this their “signature scent,” describing it as “comforting” as well as “sensual, strange, and mystical.” 

Value: This cologne is by no means cheap and may not be worth shelling out for when there are other fragrances in its league for less.

Originality: While Mojave Ghost brings up all kinds of comparisons, we just can’t pin it down and think that it is unique, especially since it comes across differently depending on who’s wearing it. 

Olfactory Experience: There’s a delicate element to this cologne that brings to mind wide open spaces and endless potential. That comes from sapodilla, ambrette, floral notes, sandalwood, and ambergris and cedar at the base. 

Longevity and Projection: Expect around seven hours of Mojave ghost and moderate projection for about 2-3. 

16. Clinique Happy for Men

Popularity: This cologne spray has been around for a while, but 2023 might just be its year! 

Positive Reviews: Many reviewers say that the name “Happy” is a great fit for this cologne, calling it “a sweet daily reminder to cherish life.” 

Value: This cologne is fairly affordable and is a great deal. 

Originality: While citrus fragrances are nothing new, the way Clinique goes about this one makes for an unexpected experience.

Olfactory Experience: Happiness is hard to define sometimes, but it probably smells just like this. Citrus notes blend with green and sea notes at the top, followed by a heart of florals that fade into a woodsy and musky base. 

Longevity and Projection: This cologne provides a short but sweet performance at about three hours, with well-balanced projection. 

17. Givenchy Pi

Popularity: This classic from 1998 is still going strong! 

Positive Reviews: Reviewers agree—Givenchy Pi is “something special.” They also acknowledge that it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. 

Value: This uniquely crafted men’s cologne is a steal! 

Originality: Givenchy Pi is definitely one of a kind, although more recent fragrances have tried to emulate it. 

Olfactory Experience: Warm, sensual, unexpected—Givenchy Pi envelops you in courage as you chart a new path through life. Mandarin orange with herbs at the top piques your interest, then lily of the valley, geranium, neroli, and anise make for a fascinating middle. The base is all things warmth and masculinity thanks to tonka bean, vanilla, almond, and cedar. 

Longevity and Projection: With Givenchy Pi, you’ll get about 6-7 hours of wear and decent projection throughout. 

18. Montblanc Explorer

Popularity: Montblanc Explorer has seen a recent spike, ensuring it will continue to be one of the best-selling men’s colognes in 2023. 

Positive Reviews: One reviewer puts it best: “It smells clean, masculine, and also sophisticated.” Others echo these sentiments and praise the cologne’s versatility. 

Value: This is a great cologne at this price point! 

Originality: Many call this a Creed Aventus clone, although there are some who claim it shows no resemblance. If you like Creed Aventus, you’ll likely love Montblanc, which is a subtler cologne with a similar vibe.

Olfactory Experience: With Explorer you’ll get a breath of fresh air in the form of bergamot, pink pepper, and clary sage at the top. Then vetiver and leather deepen the experience in the middle and woods notes mix with cacao pod at the base. 

Longevity and Projection: Expect moderate projection and longevity with this one. 

19. Allsaints Sunset Riot

Popularity: This amber fragrance has been dominating the charts for a while. 

Positive Reviews: Men love the “beautiful, juicy opening” and one reviewer calls this “an intimate scent.” 

Value: This cologne comes at an agreeable price that is totally worth it! 

Originality: Some people compare this scent to Baccarat Rouge 540, which is an apt comparison, but Sunset Riot has a little something extra that makes it more modern and edgy. 

Olfactory Experience: This cologne is all about contrasts, which you get with warm scents like amber juxtaposed with pink pepper and rose. 

Longevity and Projection. You’ll get your money’s worth in longevity and projection! Many users say that this lasts all day and through the night, too.

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