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Volo Sports: A Game Changer in the Fight Against Social Isolation

Volo Steps Up to Foster Social Connections in the Adult Community

In 2023, the US Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek H. Murthy, released an extensive report detailing the public health crisis caused by widespread loneliness and social isolation in the United States. Countless young adults are suffering from this epidemic, which can result in an increased risk of heart disease, stroke, anxiety, depression, and premature death.

Adults today often struggle to make new, lasting friendships due to the lack of consistent, in-person interaction with others. Think back to your childhood friendships; bonds formed from seeing one another day after day at school, and strengthened through time spent together at sports or activities outside of school. With more and more adults working remotely post-pandemic, there’s fewer opportunities to form connections organically in the workplace like we did with childhood friends at school.

Enter Volo Sports. At a time when there’s a greater need than ever to bring our relationships out of the digital world and into the “IRL” world, Volo leads the way in offering opportunities for social interaction in San Diego and 8 other major cities across the US. Through recreational sporting and social events, adults can build meaningful relationships, enhance their sense of community, and improve their physical and mental health. Volo’s focus on inclusivity and fun ensures that people of all skill levels and backgrounds can connect in a supportive environment, fostering a sense of belonging and reducing feelings of isolation.

Much like attending school as a child, playing in a Volo league provides the structure and consistency needed to build new social connections. Volo’s professional staff is on site at every program, and are trained not only in the rules of the game, but also on how to create a positive and welcoming environment. Offering traditional sports like soccer, volleyball, and basketball as well as more social sports like kickball, cornhole, and bocce, there’s a sports league to fit every personality type, no matter your interests or experience level.

Playing in a league isn’t the only option Volo offers to help adults find their community. After learning that many aspiring players couldn’t join a league due to their busy or inconsistent schedules, Volo introduced a new product they refer to as daily play, an opportunity to play on demand without the weeks-long commitment required to play in a league. Daily play programs allow players to participate at the times that work best for them. Volo’s daily play options range from volleyball and soccer pickups, to drop-ins (subs) for kickball, softball, and basketball leagues, among others. 

While Volo leagues and daily play programs require no experience and welcome players of all ability levels, Volo understands that some people just aren’t interested in getting out on the field or court (no judgment here!). Those exclusively interested in the social side of the Volo experience can take advantage of their hosted events, which range from weekly happy hours, beer and wine tastings, watch parties, and more. 

By providing a variety of social and recreational activities that encourage face-to-face interactions, Volo is at the forefront of tackling the loneliness epidemic in America. With an emphasis on inclusivity and fun, anyone can participate, regardless of their skill level. Beyond sports, Volo’s social events offer additional avenues for community building. These initiatives not only foster social connections but also contribute to improved physical and mental health, addressing the critical public health crisis detailed by the US Surgeon General in his recent report.

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