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We Buy Houses in Florida Companies Save Fledgling Homeowners from Foreclosure

Florida Homeowner Solutions' consultative approach to understanding homeowner’s situation has helped it become one of the best loan modification experts in South Florida.


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The economic downturn that happened in 2008 left the Florida real estate market in tough shape.  Homes and condo’s in South Florida lost as much as 78% of their value in one of the worst real estate recessions of all time.  With home prices at an all time high and reports of another real estate crisis on the horizon, companies in the “we buy houses for cash” industry are prepping to assist homeowners to help them avoid foreclosure.

One company leading the charge is Florida Homeowner Solutions, a company that works with homeowners who are having financial hardship or behind on their payments.  The consultative approach to understanding homeowner’s situation has helped the company gain notoriety in the local media and many of the testimonials call the company the best loan modification experts in South Florida.

If you or someone you know owns a distressed property or if you need to get a cash offer for your home quickly, you can rest assured there are many companies that learned the often misunderstood legal process of how short sales work in Florida during the last economic crisis.  These companies are positioned all around the state of Florida to help homeowners who are late on payments, nearing foreclosure, or who have homes that they simply need to sell quickly for cash.

Closing time will vary depending on the situation with your property, however many companies are able to execute a seven-day close from the time of receiving the property address and checking into any liens filed with the county.

Selling your home fast for cash in Florida wasn’t easy back in 2008, but thanks to 14 years of experience, there are companies ready to assist Florida homeowners in trouble with getting them a no obligation cash offer.  Most companies won’t even have to physically visit the property in order to provide the homeowners with an offer.  Further, you won’t have to pay any closing costs, nor will you be subject to real estate broker fees, there won’t be the need for repairs, open houses, yard signs, or MLS listings in order to sell your house quickly for cash.

Working with a real estate broker isn’t ever easy.  Not to mention, many real estate brokerages don’t work with homes that are late on payments as there aren’t many real estate companies who have short sale experts on staff to be able to work with the seller’s bank in order to get the purchase approved.

Working with cash home buyers in Florida is a huge advantage when you consider the costs and time involved with all of the aforementioned items that go hand in hand when you work with a real estate agent.  Getting a cash offer eliminates the need to pay real estate commissions that normally run 6%.  They also eliminate the typically 2% closing cost a seller pays, as well as all of the time involved in waiting for the buyer to obtain financing, which currently in a best case scenario is 45-60 days.  Being able to obtain a cash offer for your Florida home within days is helping Florida residents keep their home values intact and foreclosure numbers low.

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