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Picture Perfect: Sunrise Reflections

Start of a colorful morning
Photography by David McCurry

By Lauren Craig

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Location: Lake Murray from Mission Trails Regional Park in East County

Camera: Nikon D7000. Nikkor 10-24 lens. ISO 200. 13mm. f/16. 0.5 sec

While most people prefer their beauty sleep, it’s mornings like these that show the early bird gets the worm. Point Loma Nazarene University administrator David McCurry lives just blocks away from Lake Murray. McCurry captured this image alongside other members of the Pacific Photographic Society. “I led the group over to a clearing on the west side of the lake in the predawn hours, setting up our cameras and waiting for the sun to peek over the eastern mountain range,” he says. “Just before it crested, the lake was calm. It reflected the deep blue morning sky, highlighted by a few radiant and wispy clouds.”

Picture Perfect: Sunrise Reflections

Photography by David McCurry

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