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Fall Arts: Rockin’ Again

The historic North Park Theatre is under new ownership—and now the Casbah's Tim Mays handles the bookings. He tells us why we should all get excited.

By Claire Caraska

What makes the North Park Theatre a great live music venue?

It’s in a central location, has great sight lines, really cool architecture, a large stage, parking, and air conditioning.

What’s changed? 

Seats have been removed to increase capacity to 1,100 standing general admission. They can also do seated events with 550 capacity. There is new sound and lights, and they added three tiered levels in the back of the room so everyone has a view of the stage.

Coolest feature? 

Air conditioning comes up through vents in the floor, which are spaced about every three to four feet.

Little-known fact?

I did a show with the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the North Park Theatre in 1986, just before they got huge. It was a seated theater at the time, and the crowd got pretty rowdy and a lot of the seats got trashed. I wasn’t welcomed back for many, many years after that!

Which shows are you looking forward to this fall?

Lykke Li in September, Washed Out in October, Rhye in November, and John Waters’ Christmas show in early December.

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Fall Arts: Rockin’ Again

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