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Five Fewer Fundraising Days

The Salvation Army bells ring for fewer days this year.

Five Fewer Fundraising Days

The Sound of Hope Feeds

The Salvation Army Red Kettle Bells ring out each year between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Those ringing bells, called “the sound of hope” by many people, promise food, shelter and comfort to your neighbors in need.

But this holiday season, because Thanksgiving was so late in November, The Salvation Army has 5 fewer days to ring the bells and raise money for people in need in our community.  Like so many of us, The Salvation Army will be making more from less this year.

So when you hear those familiar Salvation Army bells ringing, remember that they are helping to feed your hungry neighbors this Christmas and especially need your generosity this year.

Your gift of just $1.79 provides a nutritious meal that could feed a hungry, homeless veteran.  Or you could provide meals for a homeless mother and her children.  Maybe you’ll feed a local child who hasn’t had a meal in days.

Let’s celebrate this blessed season by helping local families in need.  Your gift goes to The Salvation Army, who has been helping those in need since 1865.

During a time of great local need — and fewer days to raise funds — please give a special gift to The Salvation Army to provide meals for local hungry people.  You’ll ring out the sound of hope to hungry children, women and men this Christmas!

Go online to find out more or to give a special year-end gift.

Five Fewer Fundraising Days

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