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Over 40 Gift Ideas to Inspire Your Holiday Shopping List

Items for everyone on your list—whether you’re shopping small, at the mall, or online
Holiday Gift Guide - main

Christmas tree incense holder, Thread + Seed

Whether you prefer to go big at the mall, shop small at our local boutiques, or stay cozy at home by shopping online, our gift guide this year covers all your bases. From stocking stuffers to big gift moments, you can make your list, check it twice, and let these pages be your guide for taking care of all the rest.

Shop Online

Gift Guide - Chefs Life oils

Chefs Threesome cooking oils (from Local Chef Brian Malarkey), Chefs Life $30

Holiday Gift Guide - Vamigas

Luz de Sur face oil, Vamigas, $34

Holiday Gift Guide - Pul Smartcap

Pül SmartCap, Pül Hydration, $99

Gift Guide - Chocolate Bar

Violet Chocolate Bar, Native Poppy x Deux Cranes, $12

Holiday Gift Guide - Charging Pad

Wireless Charging Pad, Hang Accessories, $25.99

Gift Guide - Sunglasses

Sirocco Fort Knocks (polarized), Knockaround, $30

Gift Guide - Cheetah bag

Cheetah Vida Bag, Rais Case, $280

Gift Guide - bracelet

AquaTerra Jasper Bracelet, LeahJessica Jewelry, $55

Gift Guide - coda wine

Coda Classic, Coda Wines, $19.95

Gift Guide - weaving kit

Frame Weaving Kit and Class, The Crafter’s Box, $65 monthly subscription

Gift Guide - Soy Candle

Luxe Collection Torrey Pines Soy Candle, Bella Vie, $52

Gift Guide - Little Renegades

Mindful Collection, Little Renegades, $99

Gift Guide - Chuza dried fruit

Spicy dried fruits, Chuza, $5

Gift Guide - Luca Hat

Luca Hat, Friends of Friends Hat Co., $180

Gift Guide - Anshi rub

Limited Edition Soothing Lavender Rub, Anshi, $29.99-54.99

Shop Small

Gift Guide - Sun Salve

Sun Salve, Sunshine Rituals, $44

Gift Guide - Carafes

Carafe and Cup Set, Clay and Craft, $135 

Gift Guide - Cheese Plate

Organic Cheese Plate, Clay and Craft, $30

Gift Guide -incense holder

Christmas Tree Incense Holder, Thread and Seed, 2-tier $26, 3-tier $39.95

Gift Guide - Coffee Bottle

Bink Day Bottle, Communal Coffee, $36

Gift Guide - Plant Babe bag

Plant Babe zipper bag, Sew Loka, $18

Gift Guide - Frida Apron

Frida Apron, Bazaar Del Mundo, $120

Gift Guide - Pearl Drop Necklace

Pearl Drop necklace, Child of Wild, $68 

Gift Guide - Nourish Serum

Nourish Serum, Saffron & Sage, $88

Gift Guide - book

Black Food: Stories, Art, and Recipes from Across the African Diaspora by Bryant Terry, Home Ec, $40

Gift Guide - slides

Solid oiled leather slides by Mohinders, Threadspun, $165

Gift Guide - Moon Candle

Moon Batch Candle, Child of Wild, $34

Gift Guide - Soap

Hand and Body Soap 2-1 Duo, The Nada Shop, $24

Gift Guide - Vodka Infuser

Vodka and Mixer Infuser, $16, Bixby & Ball

Gift Guide - bottle opener

Rattan and Brass Bottle Opener, Bixby & Ball, $15

Gift Guide - Cocktail Shaker

Cocktail Shaker with Rattan Sleeve, Bixby and Ball, $22

Gift Guide - Facial Kit

At-Home Facial Package, Shop Good, $38-100

Gift Guide - Plant

Plant, Pot and Stand, Wild Island Collective; Plant – varies, Stand – $50, Pot – $47

Gift Guide - 3 Piece set

Evie 3-piece set, Salt Culture, $94

Gift Guide - beanies

Cable Knit beanies with Rob Machado pins, Salt Culture, $35

Shop Big

Gift Guide - Diamond Necklace

Diamond Jolie Necklace, Gorjana, $250

Gift Guide - Ted Baker belt

Karmer reversible leather belt, Ted Baker (Westfield UTC), $85

Gift Guide - pet sets

Miles pet sets, Room & Board (Westfield UTC), $45-185

Gift Guide - longsleeve tee

Long Sleeve Sea Tee, Allbirds (Westfield UTC), $58

Gift Guide - Joggers

Black Camo Sunday Performance Jogger by Vuori, West of Camden (One Paseo), $90

Gift Guide - shoes

Black Pebbled Malone shoes by Clae, West of Camden (One Paseo), $170

Gift Guide - Joggers

The Jetsetter Joggers, Albion (Westfield UTC), $88

Gift Guide - candle holders

Halifax candle holders, Room & Board (Westfield UTC), $45-150

Gift Guide - Onyx ring

Black Onyx Georgia, Marrow Fine (One Paseo), $1,950

Gift Guide - Medicine Ball

Medicine Ball, Tru Grit Fitness, $75.99-105.99

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