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Letter from the Editor: Ready for the World

Editor in Chief Marie Tutko dishes on the June issue of San Diego Magazine

For the first time in over a year, we’re ready to get on an airplane and go beyond the West Coast in our travel coverage. Although staying close to home gave us a new appreciation for the beauty that’s right in our backyards, many of us are ready to get out of town and we were excited to put together this special summer travel issue. It features a mix of about 15 destinations that are a short direct flight from San Diego and ones that can be reached by car if you’re not quite ready to board a plane. While some of the towns, like Los Cabos, are familiar go-tos for R&R, other cities we’re featuring may surprise you, like Austin, Texas; Denver, Colorado; and Nashville, Tennessee. In “So Long, SoCal,” Associate Editor Erica Nichols guides us through these three cities because they’ve captured the hearts of California expats. If you’re curious to move there, or are considering relocating, why not visit and take a test-drive first? (But we hope that you decide to stay in town!)

The second part of the story is devoted to exploring more of the Golden State, which we will always say is the best place to be. Writer Jackie Bryant visited Humboldt County to cover how it’s evolving into a cannabis tourism destination (some hotels even offer “weed turndown service”). Christine Hitt gave us the latest scoop on Disneyland and what to see in nearby Santa Ana. In the inspirationally titled essay “Go Stare at a Rock,” Food Critic Troy Johnson shares why every Californian absolutely must make the trek to see Yosemite Valley and its famous granite. We also have the latest news on what to see in Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, and Healdsburg. And if wide-open space is what you’re looking for, have you considered a trip to Montana? Big Sky Country should be on your list, and airlines have five seasonal summer flights operating from San Diego International to get you there fast.

Although domestic travel is picking up and more of us will be venturing out this month, one of the city’s most celebrated events, San Diego Pride, will look a little different this year. The annual Pride parade in Hillcrest has historically drawn double the participants of Comic-Con (yes, really!). In “Power to Pride,” writer Jennifer McEntee spoke to prominent Hillcrest business owners and community leaders, and learned how they turned Pride into the county’s largest civic event—and why it’s so important. She also delved into the history of how Hillcrest became the city’s “gayborhood” and safe haven for our LGBTQ community. Even though the 2021 event will be a mix of virtual and smaller in-person events, the party isn’t stopping, and you can still show your support in a variety of ways.

It’s about time we stretched our legs. Whether you’re kicking off summer close to home or across state lines, be sure to send us a postcard when you do. Bon voyage!

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