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The Bullring by the Sea

Plaza Monumental de Tijuana is a local legend.

By Derrik Chinn

Built in 1960, the concrete megastructure, also known as the Bullring by the Sea, stands mere feet from where the border fence trails into the Pacific in Playas de Tijuana, in the absolute corner of Mexico. It marks the upper edge of all Latin America, which makes it the northernmost bullring in the western hemisphere and the only one adjacent to an ocean.

Bullfighting season typically runs spring through summer, with matches happening sporadically March to August. Concerts both pop and banda fill in the schedule intermediately. Among the more recent names to receive airplay are Enrique Iglesias and Ricky Martin, while past shows have included Manu Chao and Pitbull. The stadium also served as the main stage for the Love Bug’s brief career as a matador in Walt Disney’s 1980 classic Herbie Goes Bananas. ¡Ole!

The Bullring by the Sea

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