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Travel News this Month

Food tourism, mass transit, and more
Travel News this Month

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Travel News this Month

French Blue


Goose & Gander
1245 Spring Street
St. Helena


French Blue
1429 Main Street
St. Helena


The Thomas
813 Main Street


The Pear
720 Main Street

Food Tourism

New in Napa

The dining scene in Napa Valley is getting more and more Napatastic. Check out The Thomas, which opened this past fall. Housed in the former Fagianni’s bar, itself an old Napa speakeasy, the place is hip and upscale. Order the grilled heritage pork chop with quince glaze. The Pear opened in December, offering reasonably priced Southern fare including a perfect gumbo. In Saint Helena, French Blue (serving American and Cal-Med cuisine, not French!) offers Howard Backen-designed comfy couches and copious natural light, plus a well-considered menu. Goose & Gander, located in the former Martini House, features tasty entrees and sides, and a superb bar. Though Goose & Gander only opened this past summer, they were already in business when the foie gras ban hit California on July 1. They had wonderful goose/duck pâtés and foie gras on the menu, which they removed. However, if you ask for “Fergus” (the name of one of the two geese featured on the menu), they will bring out some delicious, and banned, foie gras. // Bob Ecker


It’s okay to pet the whales. 

Gray whales frequent Baja Sur’s Magdalena Bay late January to mid-March. Meet these people-friendly giants with Todos Santos Eco Adventures.


Duty Free

2.3 Billion

The amount spent each year by visitors who arrive at SAN, according to Airport Authority president and CEO Thella Bowen. “International visitors tend to stay longer and spend more than domestic travelers,” she says. “With the level of international service now in place, it’s the perfect time for a duty-free store.”

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