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At the Fashion Shoot

Behind the scenes of the March fashion shoot

To bring you this month’s spring fashion feature

(page 94), we sifted through hundreds of clothing items to curate and photograph the eight pages that eventually made it into the magazine. The shoot took place at Paul Body’s studio in Sorrento Valley, lasted five-plus hours, and involved all kinds of intense physical labor (but we live for it!). Here’s an inside look at some of the happenings.

The team looks on as photographer Paul Body captures an overhead shot of a leather jacket. The large flat-screen TV serves as a monitor that displays every image from his digital camera.

We were professional steamers, smoothers, and folders all day long.

Love Bird!

This Judith Leiber parrot handbag was so fabulous that senior designer Gloria Tebelman gave it a kiss. Who needs frogs?

My Favorite Things!

Style editor Kimberly Cunningham had a Julie Andrews moment when “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music

blared on an iPod. Surrounded by couture, the colors of spring, and a nearby bowl of M&M’s, she thought, “These really are all of my favorite things!’”

High-top Haute Couture

These ultra-funky sneakers didn’t make it into the story, even though we all agreed they were “high” fashion. Ultimately, we thought our readers would prefer something a little more classic. Fun game: Can you guess which one is for men, and which is for women?

Top: Yves Saint Laurent Malibu calf-hair high-top sneaker, $745, Neiman Marcus; bottom: Barbara Bui printed hidden wedge sneakers, $495, Laura Gambucci boutique


Stylist Alex Yáñez was such a natural model that we captured a flawless photo on the first take. Who thinks he should

quit his day job?

P.S. He took longer

than any of the women

to get picture-perfect.


Stylist Mahjuba Levine brought these super-cute monkey-faced cupcakes from Whole Foods to the shoot. Other snacks included mixed nuts, wasabi peas, and green tea.

Intern Shout-out

Talissa Arcangeli and Gabriella Kvarnlöf helped out by wrangling all the fashion credits, snapping candid photos, and loading

and unloading clothes from the stylists’ cars. Thanks, ladies!

Photos by Paul Body

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