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Bike City, USA

Cycling infrastructure is coming our way in the near-ish future

In 2030, San Diego will be threaded with more than a thousand miles of bike routes, according to the recently approved San Diego Bicycle Master Plan Update. So dust off that Schwinn and prepare to break up with your SUV. Now, what will we do about all these hills?

Bike City, USA

Biking through Del Mar

510 existing miles in San Diego’s bicycle network

595 additional miles proposed by 2030

47,499 SD commuters currently biking to work, school, college, and transit stations

112,378 Commuters in 2030 who will bike to work, school, college, and transit stations (projected)

39.4 miles of “Bicycle Boulevard” proposed. What is a Bicycle Boulevard? A low-speed or residential street that’s bike-friendly and sees minimal cut-through motor traffic.

6.6 miles of “Cycle Track” proposed—zero miles currently exist. What is a Cycle Track? A bikeway on a road that is separated from vehicles by a wide raised curb, parking system, or some other barrier.

149 million Reduced number of weekday vehicle miles per year (by 2030)

121 million Reduced pounds of CO2 per year in 2030

$80K Funding San Marcos received from the State to create a new master bike plan

Upcoming Bike Events

March 1: The international Bicycle Film Festival will roll into San Diego at MOPA.

March 30: San Diego County Bicycle Coalition’s CicloSDias will hit Pacific Beach.

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