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New and Noteworthy in San Diego Wine

A speakeasy for wine lovers, a winery reinvention, and more.

A Speakeasy for Wine Lovers

Fernando Gaxiola, Baja wine expert and curator of cool, is rocking the vino scene with new secret sipping spot Enigma, a speakeasy tucked into one of the oldest houses in Barrio Logan. This invite- and members-only private club hosts winemaker evenings, vertical and horizontal tastings, taste-offs between Baja varietals and other regions, cross-border culinary events, and art shows. Request an invite, as there’s no website or phone number.

A Syrup from Napa Grapes

US Grant hotel sommelier, cicerone, and cocktail maestro Jeff Josenhans and his nutritionist wife, Emily Gurgon, have created a new nectar from Napa Valley grapes, loaded with antioxidants to sweeten cocktails and foods or use as a syrup. They call their company Domaine Santé, or “domain of health.”

Their Bored-O Blanc, made from sauvignon blanc and sémillon, adds pizzazz to summer cocktails, teas, and marinades with its stone fruit and citrus notes. Bored-O Rouge, derived from cabernet, malbec, and merlot, adds a healthy, sweet kick to sangria, coffee, and chocolate baked goods. Drizzle on cheesecake or waffles, too.

Find it at the North Park Thursday Market or online.

A Cross-Border Collaboration

When he’s not orchestrating the wine program for the Cohn Restaurant Group, Maurice DiMarino invests his energy into bridging the gap between Mexican and American winemakers. His latest project is Costa Tierra, the first Baja wine made by an American restaurant group.

Working with Santo Tomás, founded in 1888 and Baja’s oldest winery, DiMarino has created a red blend with equal parts tempranillo, syrah, and barbera that pairs well with Mexican food. Try this easy sipper at Island Prime, Bo-beau kitchen + garden, Indigo Grill, and Vintana, or take home a bottle for $18 at Coasterra.

The Next Era of Romana Wines

The 110-acre Milagro farm and winery in Ramona, a producer of 11 wine varieties, is undergoing a reinvention. Baja’s globally respected Hugo D’Acosta, the key player in Valle de Guadalupe’s epic evolution, will act as Milagro’s consulting winemaker.

Beyond tasting, guests can meander or hike through the grounds, ride horses, play bocce, and enjoy farm-fresh eats from rotating food trucks. A 1-acre organic farm will also provide produce for Whisknlade Hospitality’s restaurants, since CEO Arturo Kassel is now a co-owner with three other families.

New and Noteworthy in San Diego Wine

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