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Taco Hall of Fame

20 of San Diego's best tacos
Salud's Beer-battered catfish tacos

Mariscos Nine Seas Truck: Fried fish

Tacos El Gordo: Adobada

Las Cuatro Milpas: Rolled tacos

Puesto: Zucchini & cactus

South Beach Bar & Grill: Mahi-mahi

Bracero: Mexiterranean adobada

Tacos Perla: Vegetarian

City Tacos: Pollo asado

Brigantine: “Famous fish tacos”

TJ Oyster Bar: Shrimp diabla

Salud: Beer-battered catfish

Oscar’s: Smoked fish

La Fachada: Carne asada

Galaxy Taco: Grilled avocado

Rubio’s: Original fish

Haggo’s Organic Taco: Daily catch

Lucha Libre: Queso

Cotija’s Mexican Grill: Carnitas

Aqui es Texcoco: Lamb barbacoa

Cantina Mayahuel: Carnitas


When you need a taco time-out

Feast on Super Cocina’s rich, aromatic caldos. Though the homestyle stews, a hallmark of central Mexican cuisine, aren’t labeled, the friendly staffers are more than happy to offer samples at the humble City Heights eatery.

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Taco Hall of Fame

Salud’s Beer-battered catfish tacos

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