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The Best Natural Deodorants for Men

The deodorant space is shifting towards clean products with botanical ingredients, and men are adopting the natural lifestyle in increasing numbers.
Best Natural Deodorants for Men

Best Natural Deodorants for Men

The deodorant space is shifting towards clean products with botanical ingredients, and men are adopting the natural lifestyle in increasing numbers.  

Natural deodorants are free of hard-to-pronounce and potentially toxic chemicals like aluminum, parabens, and phthalates. Instead, they rely on natural ingredients like minerals, oils, and probiotics to deliver long-lasting protection from odor and excess moisture.  

Natural deodorant formulas are now as effective as ever, giving mainstream aluminum-based antiperspirants a run for their money.  

Like many men, you’re probably ready to give natural deodorant a shot. To help you narrow down your options, here is our expert rundown of the best natural deodorants for men that money can buy. 

1. Blu Atlas Deodorant

Courtesy of Blu Atlas 

With its clean, plant-based formulas and dedication to customer happiness, Blu Atlas is a game-changer in the men’s grooming and skincare world. The NYC brand works with top experts in the field to develop all-natural products that are effective for all skin types and accessible to all budgets.   

Free of aluminum, parabens, and other harmful additives, Blu Atlas’ deodorant formula relies on volcanic ash, corn starch, sugar cane, shea butter, and coconut oil extract to neutralize odor-causing bacteria and absorb excess moisture. The sweat-blocker is scented with the brand’s signature Atlantis fragrance, characterized by deep, masculine notes of clary sage, bergamot, and patchouli. 

Since releasing its deodorant and men’s skincare line to the public, the brand has garnered hundreds of five-star reviews. Join the growing legion of satisfied Blu Atlas customers and pick up their premium natural deodorant today.  

2. Ursa Major | Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant

Ursa Major Hoppin' Fresh Deodorant | Ulta Beauty

Courtesy of Ulta Beauty 

This award-winning deodorant has lately been finding itself around top of just about every list of best natural deodorants for men. Ursa Major’s clean formula, reliable performance, and refreshing scent make it a go-to for health-conscious men.  

Composed of 25 naturally-derived ingredients, the formula notably includes hops, aloe vera, kaolin clay, baking soda, and shea butter to take down odor-causing bacteria, reduce excess moisture, and leave your delicate skin hydrated.  

The signature scent is fresh and earthy, thanks to a blend of peppermint, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. When in doubt, go with Ursa Major.  

3. Malin + Goetz | Eucalyptus Deodorant

Eucalyptus Deodorant | Aluminum-Free Deodorant | (MALIN+GOETZ)

Courtesy of Malin + Goetz 

Malin + Goetz’s botanical deodorant is another frequent sighting on “best of” lists, thanks to the brand’s relentless strive for perfection. The aluminum-free formula is the result of years of trial and error, featuring natural eucalyptus extract and citronellyl to keep odors at bay and provide an appealing scent.  

If you’re a fan of this product, pair it with the line’s eucalyptus hand & body wash to give the rest of your body the same incredible benefits.   

4. Jack Henry | Natural Deodorant

deodorant – JACK HENRY

Courtesy of Jack Henry


Jack Henry’s stylish packaging, expert use of natural ingredients, and tantalizing fragrances have won the hearts of celebrities and regular men alike.  

Free of aluminum, alcohol and synthetic chemicals, the brand’s deodorant formula consists of bentonite clay to reduce sweat and eliminate odor-causing germs. A blend of avocado, hinoki, and eucalyptus oils is also included to nourish and hydrate your skin, providing long-lasting comfort. 

This all-natural men’s deodorant provides a light woodsy scent to undoubtedly boost your mood and confidence. 

5. Each & Every | Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Courtesy of Each & Every 

If you’re debating about switching to natural deodorants, try this pick from Each & Every and you’ll be hooked in no time. 

The brand puts a focus on ingredient transparency and includes only six natural ingredients and essential oils in their aluminum-free deodorant. The hero element is dead sea salt, which exfoliates and eliminates unpleasant odors. The formula also contains tapioca starch to absorb moisture, while a blend of sandalwood, coconut, and ginger oils leaves your skin soft and supple. 

The product comes in a variety of scents, from soothing lavender and lemon to sensual sandalwood and black pepper.


6. Corpus | The Botanist Natural Deodorant

The Botanist | Natural Deodorant | CORPUS®

Courtesy of Corpus 

Corpus’ natural deodorant is a long-lasting, effective solution with a refreshing scent that comes in a stylish roll-on applicator. 

Free of aluminum, parabens, or phthalates, the formula includes only natural and skin-friendly ingredients like petitgrain, geranium leaf, vetiver root, and citrus rind for superior sweat and odor control. 

The fresh, earthy fragrance, aptly named “The Botanist,” will inspire an inner peace, keeping you calm and collected throughout the day, no matter how hectic it becomes. 

7. Native | Deodorant

Women Natural Deodorant Eucalyptus & Mint

Courtesy of Native 

With its countless fragrance options, the Native brand produces innovative natural deodorant formulas to keep you smelling fresh from sunrise to sunset. From the classic eucalyptus and mint combo to the eccentric ginger lemonade cupcake iteration, you’re sure to find a fragrance that will suit your personality and lifestyle.  

The all-natural recipe is free of irritants and aluminum and uses baking soda and tapioca starch to soak up excess underarm moisture. Shea butter and coconut oil are also included to provide lasting hydration for your delicate underarm skin. 

It’s no surprise that Native’s deodorant has garnered tens of thousands of five-star reviews across various online platforms. Give the formula a try to see what the fuss is all about. 

8. Old Spice | Original High Endurance Deodorant

Courtesy of Walmart 

The need to stay on trend and not fall behind innovative competitors has pushed mainstay brands to develop their own aluminum-free deodorant formulas. Old Spice has clearly embraced the challenge by launching updated versions of their popular deodorants—to the great delight of legions of loyal Old Spice users.  

This aluminum-free formula offers a gentle composition designed to keep you odor-free for up to 48 hours. It also works to prevent excessive sweating while actively boosting your mood with Old Spice’s trademark masculine scent. 

Note that while this deodorant does away with aluminum, we cannot truly call it “natural” due to the inclusion of artificial colors and alcohol. However, the fact that this wildly popular formula has moved closer to the target still merits its inclusion on our list.  

9. Tom’s of Maine | Men’s Long-Lasting Wide Stick Deodorant

 Long Lasting Natural Deodorant in Tea Tree - Tom's of Maine

Courtesy of Tom’s of Maine 

Next is another potent and affordable deodorant from trusted natural brand Tom’s of Maine, another example that you don’t need to rub aluminum into your skin to stay sweat-free all day. 

The natural formula combines aloe, hops, and sunflower seed oil to provide superior odor- and sweat-fighting capabilities, working to regenerate skin cells, remove odor-causing germs, and keep your underarm area fresh and hydrated. 

This pick also boasts one of the most pleasant scents on the market, with a subtle earthy aroma designed to lift your spirits for hours after application. Get this product to feel confident day and night, no matter what life throws at you. 

10. Manscaped | Deodorant 


Courtesy of Manscaped 

We’ve all been in embarrassing situations where our deodorant has failed to keep us odor-free. While sweating is a natural function, exposing your body’s odor is not always a good idea. Our next pick by grooming subscription brand Manscaped is more like a cologne for your armpits. 

The vegan-friendly recipe is free of aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and synthetic colors, making it an excellent choice for men with sensitive skin. Easy to apply and quick to dry, this deodorant is carefully designed to not leave residue or stain your favorite shirts. 

Notes of woods, citrus, jasmine, and vetiver reveal themselves with each application, forming a complex, high-quality scent that you can even sport in lieu of a cologne.  

11. Oars + Alps | Natural Deodorant

Aluminum-Free Deodorant: Men's Deodorant without Aluminum – Oars + Alps

Courtesy of Oars + Alps 

Oars and Alps’ natural deodorant is the perfect companion for men with active lifestyles, setting the bar for what you should expect from an aluminum-free product. 

The carefully-designed formula is free of aluminum, alcohol, parabens, and baking soda, containing moisture-absorbing cornstarch, anti-inflammatory aloe leaf juice, and the brand’s proprietary Alpine Caribou Moss. Delicate enough to suit any skin type, the deodorant is available in attractive scents like Fresh Ocean Splash, Aspen Air, and Mandarin Woods. 

Choose this deodorant for long-lasting performance, and be sure to check out the brand’s Subscribe & Save option to get your Oars + Alps items of choice delivered every one, two, or three months. 

12. Hunter Lab | Natural Deodorant

Natural Supply Co | Hunter Lab Natural Roll-On Deodorant

Courtesy of Natural Supply Co 

An Aussie brand that is renowned for elegant and functional grooming products, Hunter Lab is dedicated to inspiring people to take better care of their faces, body, and hair. Their natural deodorant formula is free of aluminum, alcohol, and other toxic elements, and instead harnesses the power of natural ingredients like shea butter, baking soda, tapioca starch, and jojoba oil to nourish your skin and absorb any unwanted moisture. The complex, layered scent features notes of vanilla, rum, and citrus to tingle the senses.  

If you’re looking to spoil yourself with one of the most luxurious and best natural deodorants for men on the market, this one is definitely worth considering. 

13. Jack Black | Pit CTRL Aluminum-Free Deodorant

Pit CTRL® Aluminum-Free Deodorant | Jack Black

Courtesy of Jack Black 

Finding a natural yet potent deodorant does not have to be time-consuming. Just give Jack Black’s aluminum-free Pit CTRL formula a try, and your search will be over. The deodorant promises all-day freshness thanks to starring ingredients like baking soda and cornstarch to tackle sweat and odor, and jojoba and sunflower seed oil to calm and hydrate delicate underarm skin. Rosemary, eucalyptus, and juniper berry notes are present in the refreshing and energetic fragrance.  

This dermatologist-endorsed formula is a must-have if you’re looking for a reliable deodorant that will let you power through any activity or errand while smelling fantastic. 

14. Hardworking Gentlemen | Natural Pinewood Deodorant

Men's Natural Pinewood Deodorant | Organic | HWG - Hardworking Gentlemen

Courtesy of Hardworking Gentlemen


From a brand with a name like Hardworking Gentlemen, it is reasonable to expect a formula that works just as hard as you do. And that is precisely what this product does, with a formula composed of aloe vera, radish root, and vitamin E to keep you smelling fresh and your skin supple and irritation-free. Free of aluminum, parabens, and baking soda, this HWG deodorant has a refreshing pinewood aroma that will keep any undesirable odors at bay. 

Presented in sustainable post-consumer-recycled plastic packaging and available at a discount with a “subscribe and save” option, this natural deodorant should be on every hardworking gentleman’s watchlist. 

15. Herban Cowboy | Dusk Deodorant : Herban Cowboy Deodorant, 2.8 Ounce (Dusk, 2.8 Ounce) : Beauty & Personal Care

Courtesy of Amazon 

If you are looking for a natural yet affordable solution for your underarms, check out our next pick from vegan-friendly brand Herban Cowboy, built on the sustainable sourcing of botanical ingredients. Free of aluminum, parabens, synthetic colors, and phthalates, the Dusk formula is a soothing plant-powered mix of rosemary, sage, and aloe vera, designed to leave your skin clean, soft, and revitalized with each application. Delicate notes of sandalwood and cedar leaf provide a scent that will pair well with just about any masculine cologne.  

If you’re a fan of eco-friendly grooming, check out the brand’s full product line, which also includes plant-derived body washes and shaving creams.   

16. Grown Alchemist | Roll-On Deodorant

Aluminum Free Roll On Deodorant | Grown Alchemist

Courtesy of Grown Alchemist 

If you want a high-end deodorant that is both natural and enjoyable to use, this is the product to get. This Grown Alchemist odor-blocker boldly stands out from the rest with its stylish packaging, skin-loving composition, and head-turning fragrance. Free of aluminum, the all-natural formula includes Icelandic moss extract to destroy odor-causing bacteria and licorice extract to soothe skin irritation. Plus, a sage complex provides a subtle earthy scent while disguising undesirable odors. 

All said and done, this is a luxurious roll-on deodorant designed for men who demand nothing but the best. 

17. Barrel and Oak | Bourbon Cedar Aluminum-Free Deodorant : Barrel and Oak - Aluminum-Free Deodorant, Deodorant for Men, Essential Oil-Based Scent, 24-Hour Odor Protection, Cedarwood & Bourbon Aroma, Gentle on Sensitive Skin, Vegan (Bourbon Cedar, 2.7 oz) : Beauty

Courtesy of Amazon 

If you’re tired of the same old deodorant fragrances and want something a little more daring, check out our next option from the acclaimed men’s grooming brand Barrel and Oak. The distinctly masculine bourbon aroma readily emits notes of patchouli and cedar.  

The vegan-friendly formula features aloe leaf juice, witch hazel, hemp seed oil, and birch leaf extract to safely fight odor-causing bacteria and leave your underarms moisturized and smooth. You can expect 24-hour sweat and odor protection, which is admirable for an aluminum-free product. 

If bourbon is not your thing, try the brand’s Black Oak or Mountain Sage versions for an equally appealing and effective odor-stopper.  

18. Method Men | Deodorant

Courtesy of Amazon  

You no longer need to visit an upscale department store to stock up on natural formulas. Method Man is a wallet-friendly, all-natural brand whose grooming and skincare products are available at your local CVS or Target. Free of parabens and aluminum, Method Men deodorant is presented in attractive packaging and features odor-fighting tapioca starch and a hydrating blend of coconut, sage, and sunflower oils. Choose between the sea and surf, cedar and cypress, and juniper and sage fragrances. 

Some reviewers observed that the formula works just as well as that of any luxury brand. It’s no surprise that Method Men deodorants sell out quickly, so if you see one on a store shelf, don’t hesitate to grab it. Just thank us later. 

19. Every Man Jack | Activated Charcoal Deodorant 

Cedarwood Deodorant - Travel | Every Man Jack

Courtesy of Every Man Jack  

Perhaps you believe that natural deodorants work only to mask odors, and are useless for excess sweat protection. If so, we take it that you have never tried this Every Man Jack deodorant, which accomplishes both. 

The formula is centered on activated charcoal, renowned for its extraordinary ability to absorb moisture many times its weight. It also has detoxifying properties and works to remove dirt and bacteria. The hero ingredient is complemented by anti-inflammatory tea tree oil and soothing coconut oil. 

This deodorant is perfect for men who are serious about reducing underarm wetness while staying natural.  

20. Baxter of California | Aluminum Free Deodorant

Colorless Citrus & Herbal-Musk Deodorant, 34ml | Baxter of California | MR PORTER

Courtesy of Mr. Porter 

Baxter of California is a men’s grooming brand that is recognized for its premium-quality formulations at reasonable prices. This aluminum-free pick is engineered to soothe angry skin with hero ingredients like chamomile leaf extract and witch hazel. You can also say goodbye to body odor thanks to the powerful antimicrobial action of tea tree oil.  

With a fresh and herbal scent that will please the most distinguished of gentlemen and their companions, this Baxter of California product rightfully earns this last spot in our list of the best natural deodorants for men on the market today. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is natural deodorant?

As a rule of thumb, natural deodorants do not contain aluminum and instead rely on natural ingredients such as herbs, plant extracts, minerals, and essential oils. 

For example, to combat sweat and moisture, natural deodorants may contain baking soda, arrowroot powder, tapioca starch, magnesium, or activated charcoal. To kill odor-causing bacteria, a natural deodorant might contain antimicrobials like tea tree oil, aloe leaf, coconut oil, and green tea elements. Essential oils of lavender, sandalwood, and bergamot are often added to keep you smelling fresh all day. 

However, a natural deodorant can still irritate sensitive skin, especially if it contains baking soda. Choosing the right product is a trial-and-error process that will be based on testing products based on your needs and skin type.

Why should I use a natural deodorant?

The majority of classic “off-the-shelf” deodorants or antiperspirants contain aluminum, which  clogs pores and completely blocks perspiration. However, a number of scientists have pointed out that aluminum buildup in your system can cause major health issues.  

Depending on your body’s chemistry and the formula, natural deodorants can work just as well as a traditional one but will not contain any difficult-to-pronounce chemicals. Natural deodorants feature only natural components that are gentle on your skin and promote overall health. 

As we all start to take our health more seriously, it only makes sense to transition to all-natural grooming products.

How do I transition to a natural deodorant?

Some men believe that natural deodorants aren’t for them—after trying just once. It is easy to give up after feeling excess sweat and body odor during the first few days of a transition to a natural deodorant. However, natural deodorants are designed to work on anyone; you just need to be patient and allow your body a few weeks to get used to an aluminum-free formula.


A natural deodorant will not block your sweat glands. As a result, your glands will naturally begin to release aluminum buildup, resulting in increased sweating and body odor. Don’t worry; you’ll smell amazing after your body adjusts to the change.


While you’re adjusting, it can be a good idea to use antibacterial soap or shower gel, which can help eliminate odor-causing microbes.

What is the best natural deodorant for men?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to natural deodorant. But with so many options now on the market, it won’t be hard to find the ideal one for your specific needs. Consider your price range, level of physical activity, preferred scent, and desired deodorant format before selecting a product that closely matches your criteria. 

Finding the best natural deodorant will require some trial and error. If one is not working for you, it could be that the brand or combination of ingredients does not match your skin’s chemistry. Experiment with different ingredients and brands to find your perfect natural deodorant.

How do I apply deodorant?

Remember to apply deodorant on clean and dry underarms for best results.  

So, the first step is to take a shower with antibacterial soap. Then, pat your armpits dry with a towel. Remember that if you apply deodorant to moist skin, it will not penetrate properly, and this may prevent the product from working.  

When ready, apply the deodorant directly to the armpit area. When it comes to natural deodorant, less is more, so you’ll generally only need one or two swipes per application.  

If you find that one application in the morning is not enough to keep you fresh all day, feel free to reapply as needed.

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