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What We Learned

What We Learned

What We Learned

Repeat Riders

After our experiment, three staffers repeated their routes and ditched their cars again

“It was much easier the second time around.”


“I tried it again and I like to think I’ll keep it up at least once a week.”

—Erin S.

“It was very convenient when my car broke down.”

—Erin G.

“The Last Mile” Needs Some Attention

“We are a region of mesas, canyons, and coastal plains…our communities have clustered along corridors providing livable enclaves or ‘villages’ for bicycling and walking. But these are often disconnected from each other. Therefore we need to create ‘livable last mile’ solutions to bridge these barriers, whether created from topography (going from the canyon to the mesa), hazardous intersections, or distance because of our imbalanced land use and transportation condition.”

—Bruce Appleyard,  PhD, MCP, Assistant Professor, San Diego State University

Big Outstanding Questions

Why do all MTS fares cost the same, no matter how far or near you go?

Why is MTS technology so clunky and outdated?

Why don’t any trolley routes take you to the airport or the beach or Balboa Park?

Why don’t more people ride?

Issue: Gender Equity

Stopping Traffic

Jay Reilly

Stopping Traffic

Issue: Gender Equity


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