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SDM’s Guide to Food + Drink: Arlo’s Bolognese


These are the people of San Diego food + drink. SDM’s guide to our favorite things. This fall, we’re gathering them all at The Del Mar Wine + Food Festival. Here’s what to eat in San Diego right now.

The Dish You Gotta Eat

Brick Oven Bolognese at Arlo. Beef, veal, pork, fennel seed, rosa tomato sauce, rigatoni, pecorino. Served in the almighty bread bowl. Creamy, not tomato-y. Includes a heartwarming story about a grandpa and work ethic.

The Chef: Josh Mouzakes

“I grew up in New York in a very mechanical, blue collar family,” he says. “Started washing dishes at 13, culinary school for six years starting at 16. The kitchen saved my life.” Josh has that sparkle. Low-key funny guy. Graduated from Johnson & Wales (think of it like an Ivy League for chefs). Did stints in big kitchens (French Laundry for a touch, Robuchon, Guy Meurge).

Josh is so damn good because he has all those high-end sauce-whispery techniques, but he gets weird (bone-in birria with queso, chorizo made of shrimp). And he’s got jokes and parachute-pant stories. His home is Arlo, the main dining show at San Diego classic, Town & Country Resort. Lawn movies. Fire pits. Boat drinks. Water slide. Knockout bolognese.

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