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Digital Advertising Specifications

Below you will find specifications for the many advertising opportunities that offers.

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  • Accepted file formats: GIF, JPEG, SWF (Rich Media) & Third Party Served ads.
  • Ads in e-mail newsletters cannot use Flash or rich media.
  • All ads with a white or light background must include a 1×1 pixel border.
  • San Diego Magazine uses Double Click for Publishers as our ad network. Rich Media and Flash Ads (SWF) require the use of “clickTAG” in place of URLs. For guidelines on how to add this, click here


  • Advertorial Max word count: 600
  • Referring embedded links: unlimited
  • Photo Format: JPG or PNG
  • File Size: For advertorial, please submit hi-res JPGs, for logos, .eps preferred
  • Photo Quantity: 1 minimum 6 max
  • Main Photo Size: 785×523 pixels
  • **San Diego Magazine will resize any images to fit upon request.
  • Video Format: MP4, FLV or YouTube or Vimeo link. Video must not contain 3rd party advertisements. Video may also be hosted from San Diego Magazine YouTube channel upon request
  • Max length 5 minutes
  • All content is subject to review and approval
  • Advertorial Max word count: 30
  • Referring embedded links: 2
  • Photo Format: JPG or PNG Max size 200×200 pixels
  • Thumbnail and Logo Size**: Please submit hi-res JPGs for images and logos, (for logos .eps preferred)
  • **San Diego Magazine will resize any images to fit upon request.
  • All content is subject to review and approval

Carousel Placement

Module Placement

Sponsored Advertorial

Sponsored Content – Enewsletter



Sizes, Submitted Creative and Third-Party

  • All Standard online sizes apply.
  • Third-party Javascript or iFrame tags are welcomed, must be Google Ad Manager compliant.
  • SWF/Rich Media ads must be supplied with a static back-up (JPG or GIF).

ClickTAG Instructions for Flash

  • All Flash (SWF) Files must use clickTAG, AND NO EMBEDDED URLS.

The clickTAG action script is designed for use with ActionScript 2.0. Please ensure that your Flash file is set to ActionScript 2.0, a static .JPG image of the Flash Ad must also accompany the .SWF file, the .FLA file must be Flash CS3 compatible or higher. Whereever your click Actions are embedded in the file, you’ll need to add the following script:


  • Vertical photos for “Stories” 1080px by 1350px
  • Photos for “Timeline” 1080px by 1080px
  • include all relevant hashtags and handles

Expandables (push-down)

  • 970×90 collapsed – 970×90 expanded 970×415 – JPEG, static image.
  • Video max length 30 seconds
  • Video file either MP4 or YouTube link.
  • Collapsed image must have an “expand” call to action/button
  • Expanded image must have “X” or a “close” call to action in the top right corner.

Internet Advertising Board (IAB) Guidelines

The following specs apply to expandable rich media ads. Please consult your account executive for expansion direction as well as the full IAB Guidelines for more information before production.

For full IAB Guidelines, click here to download the Excel Spreadsheet or visit IAB Online.

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