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Is San Diego Better for Tech Startups than Silicon Valley?

Olin Hyde, founder and CEO of a successful AI software company, sure thinks so.

By Sanna Coates

It’s no secret that the Bay Area, and especially the parts of it known as Silicon Valley, has become synonymous with corporate high-tech America and its ever growing number of startups. But I think most of us would agree that if it wasn’t for the lack of local venture capitalists ready to reward our solid business plans with big chunks o’ dollars, we’d rather just stay in San Diego.

And we wouldn’t be alone. Olin Hyde, founder and CEO of a San Diego-based artificial intelligence software company called Englue, believes that there is no better place for high-tech startups than San Diego, especially those focused on AI. Why? “Only in San Diego can you find a vast pool of academic support, technical talent, and a wide range of early-adopting business customers.”

Hyde’s company grew big without raising capital from investors, and by focusing on people first and technology second. In his words: “I have no doubt that it would be far harder to build our company in the Bay Area where our costs would at least double. And where would you rather raise a family? Or buy a house? Or sit in traffic?”

So let’s put it to a vote. What do you think—is San Diego a better place for tech startups than Silicon Valley? Why or why not?

Is San Diego Better for Tech Startups than Silicon Valley?

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