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That’s What SHE Said: Welcome to the Social Club

The rumors, events, people, and stories keeping the Mesa interesting

By Amanda Caniglia

Upcoming events on the Mesa (I’ll be at the fun table…)

  • Genomics Open Coffee Club
    So these three cats, Brendan, Michael y Carlos, head up the Genomics Open Coffee Club at Bella Vista every other Thursday early a.m. while others are still sleeping it off.  Their mission is to “foster an ecosystem where business/academic competitors can also be friends and collaborators.”  Brendan my friend, you have come to the right city and the right neighborhood for that matter.  Want to know more about these three hosts with the most?  Check out their website.  Or better yet, come find out in person. Typical meetings includes intros to new kids on the block, jobs intel, and current news in the world of Genomics.  Special guests speakers pop in as well.
    September 3, 8-9 a.m., Bella Vista Social Club & Caffé

  • SD 2600 SD Hackers Group
    Hacker meet up? I’m game. This group meets every first Friday of the month over pizza and calzones. You can roll incognito, using your handle name instead of revealing your true identity.  This is a very un-structured event in which you can slide in and out of several different smaller group discussions. Topics include latest security exploits, cryptography, latest tools or techniques, lock picking… Lock picking? Says on their site someone usually brings a few locks with them. SOLD! Lost that damn new pool key. My next business… a key shop named “Do NOT Duplicate.” To our favorite usual suspect… Cooper from UC San Diego IT security, this one’s for you!
    September 4, 5-10 p.m., Regents Pizza

  • Software San Diego Operations/Manufacturing Roundtable presents: Supply Chain 2015 Strategic Sourcing
    I’ve got three words for you. Supply chain experts. You want to become a banana master as well? Then register for Software San Diego’s Operations/Manufacturing Roundtable. They will focus on the benefits of Strategic Sourcing. Brings me back to a recent intro I set up with local VC/Entrepreneur Zeyad Moussa of Ginger Shots. Got to learn about the journey of “la banana” from Central America, to the ship, dock, truck, factory, truck, retail shop… Who knew the amount of work and moreover crucial role logistics plays in banana manufacturing.  Fascinating the science of it all.
    September 9, 7:30-9:30 a.m., UC San Diego Extension

A hop, skip, and 10 minute sans traffic drive from the Mesa but so caught my attention:

  • SGG&E Presents: Introduction to Biomimicry
    Do you believe that most of the problems that have ever existed have already been solved by nature? This course, taught by Jaques Edouard Chirazi, will give you a clear definition of Biomimcry. It will identify its core values and provide relevant case studies. Chirazi, a certified Biomimicry Professional, has been the main man managing San Diego’s Clean Tech Initiative since 2007. Another local expert, Tamsin Woolley-Baker, introduced me to the concept. Look out for her collaboration with John McDonald of Mycologie SPC. 
    September 8, 7:30 a.m.-4 p.m.

Food for thought

“You know what is different about this table and this restaurant?” asked Executive Vice Chancellor Suresh Subramani and Roger Bingham last Friday night. Hmmm… No tough questions once I start drinking. “Not one person at this table (of 20+) has a cell phone out.” Damn. Good point gentlemen. My friends… We have arrived. Welcome to the Social Club.

Come sit by me…

Just when I thought my week couldn’t get any better… in walks this taller than tall sweet man named Mark Lovett. Shit! I forgot I have a 3 o’clock and it is with none other than the organizer of TedX San Diego. Smooth move Amanda. Extreme heat, over exhaustion from celebratory cartwheeling after killer meetings (yipeeeee) and then not so great news regarding business (wah wah… thumbs down) had left me a bit scatter brained. Mark was patient, forgiving, and absolutely intrigued by all the action going on up here in La Jolla. During his visit he got to meet all the usual suspects and even talk with Jason Vorderstrasse of the US Consulate Tijuana. Jason was connecting two “acuacultura” specialists from both sides of the border to collaborate on a recent dilemma in which an endangered fish, the totoaba, is being sold for major bucks as a delicacy abroad. But I digress…

TedX San Diego. “A catalyst for spreading ideas that change our world” are the defining words for this organization.  What better place to land Mr. Lovett than in the heart of the Mesa on your journey for game changing pioneers! (We’ll be holding open auditions daily at the café 😉 TedX plays an integral role in bringing big thinkers and activists to the masses. What better avenue for us to share the success stories of the Mesa than through TedX San Diego? Mark and his group are pioneers themselves, as they host the first ever bi-national TedXMonumento on the border this Friday. If you can’t score tickets, there will be a screening of the event at the SD Public Library. If this event is a success, other cities such as TedX Tucson and TedXABQ (Albuquerque) may apply for licenses from TedX to host cross-border, bi-national talks as well. High five Mark for being a trendsetter and paving the way for collaborations between two great countries.

Mark is also orchestrating an epic TedX San Diego event this fall. On October 17th, John Iversen, a brilliant mind from our hood, will be one of 12 hand picked speakers.  Iversen is an Associate Project Scientist at UC San Diego in the Institute for Neural Computation. The SIMPHONY project, a study of the impact of music training on the brain and behavioral development in children, will be in the spotlight. Old friend and President/CEO of the San Diego Youth Symphony & Conservatory, Dalouge Smith, will also be on stage talking about his new program and students are set to perform. The list goes on and we are amped about what Mark and TedX San Diego are bringing to our Mega Region.



That’s What SHE Said: Welcome to the Social Club

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