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Volunteer Diaries: Adam Young, The Arc of San Diego

Young shares his experience with the nonprofit, why he chose to volunteer and why he thinks you should as well

By Sarah Sapeda

The Arc of San Diego

The Arc of San Diego

For more than seven decades, The Arc of San Diego has been helping San Diegans with disabilities live independently and be an active part of the community. The nonprofit is one of the largest local human service agencies and offers a wide range of programs to give disabled adults and children opportunities to fulfil their potential, including life and job skills training, residential services, recreational activities, and more.

Volunteers like Adam Young, a marketing and development intern, help The Arc of San Diego increase awareness and raise money while gaining grant writing and fundraising experience.

What Made You Want to Become a Volunteer for The Arc of San Diego?

I grew up volunteering with many baseball-related organizations for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Through one of the league’s managers, I was referred to a variety of similar organizations, including The Arc of San Diego. I thought it would be a fantastic idea to work on developing important professional skills while still giving back to my community.

Is Training Required?

I am a marketing and development intern, which means I spend most of my days creating and editing content to spread the word about The Arc and our programs. This position required me to become familiar with social media planning and content calendars, as well as different marketing software such as Canva and Constant Contact.

What’s the Time Commitment?

This internship requires a minimum commitment of six to 10 hours a week for three months.

What Has Been Your Best Day So Far?

I came into this position with very little experience in design, so I had to learn on the fly. I remember how cool it was to see one of my graphics posted on our Instagram page for the first time.

What’s Been Your Biggest Challenge?

Like I mentioned before, I had to learn a lot of the necessary skills on the fly. I think my biggest challenge, was really the trial-and-error process I would go through when I first started. At first, my projects would take a lot of time and effort, but once I was able to settle in and get comfortable, everything started to come easier, little by little.

Who Should Volunteer for The Arc of San Diego?

Anyone who is looking to make a significant contribution to the intellectual and developmental disabilities community. There are so many options, whether it’s volunteering at a special event like our gala, or a PPE distribution event, or a part-time skill-building internship like mine. Contributing to what The Arc does is a great way to make a difference within the community.

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