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Music and Yoga: Riffs Studios

What began as a guitar shop in Bird Rock has grown into a thriving music store-slash-yoga studio. “There’s a fairly big crossover between the two. They’re more connected than you first think,” says Riffs Studios owner Steve Hart, 26. “Moms will take yoga while their kids sign up for music classes or the husband looks at guitars.” The yoga program started as a way to better use the Riffs backyard. Now the redwood deck surrounded by bamboo and banana trees hosts 25 vinyasa, hatha, and yinki (yin yoga plus reiki energy healing) classes a week. The evening sessions, Monday through Thursday, feature live music. Sometimes Steve himself will play. And Steve, who wasn’t originally a yogi, says, “I am now.” 5510 La Jolla Boulevard, Bird Rock

Music and Yoga: Riffs Studios

Photography by Corey Jenkins

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