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Stuck in the Mud?

Talk about a dirty trend.
Stuck in the Mud?

Stuck in the Mud?


It seems we will never be clean of mud runs. In the tradition of Tough Mudder and other soil-happy races, the Del Mar Mud Run, October 4 at the Fairgrounds, started five years ago with 5,500 participants. This year it’ll be raining mud as organizers fire off their new mud cannons over 9,000 runners.

“Social media has fueled the boom of the fun run industry,” explains Keith Cunningham, VP of events and sponsorships at VAVi, the P.B.-based production company that puts on the Del Mar Mud Run. “People want to take a picture of themselves and share how much fun they’re having. They also want to be a little crazy, but active and healthy.”

VAVi is also responsible for launching the Electric Run and ROC Race, which will be in 30 cities in 2015. The ROC (Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge) Race is a course where “you will get wet, but not dirty.” (The next one in San Diego is May 9.)

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