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Open House

One of San Diego's most architecturally significant homes reopens for public tours on Father's Day

By Kimberly Cunningham

It’s been touted as one of San Diego’s most architecturally significant homes, and on Father’s Day, the famed Hubbell house will reopen for a public tour. Originally conceived and built by local artist James Hubbell in 1958, the compound known as Ilan-Lael (or “the Place”) features sloped roofs, stained glass, patterned brickwork, and concrete poured into handmade artistic forms—all designed to blend with nature and the surrounding landscape. It spans 40 acres near Santa Ysabel, and still serves as the home and art studio of James Hubbell, now 81, and his wife, Anne. Tickets are currently on sale and expected to sell out, so plan ahead of time. June 16, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., $50 per person.

Open House

Hubbell house

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