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Super Awesome Mega Giveaway!

Your chance to win $5,000 in cash or one of more than 75 other prizes!

By SDM Staff


When we heard Pat Sajak was retiring, we knew it was our chance—move over Wheel of Fortune, there’s a new game in town, specifically San Diego.

Now is your chance for ridiculously generous, Vanna-approved prizes thanks to San Diego Magazine’s newfound love for ‘70s-themed gameshows (we are 75 years old after all) and the joy they elicit. We’re channeling our inner-Bob Barker, complete with tiny microphone and a camera-ready tan, just for you.

The good news is that we’re getting straight to the point: there’s no games, no trivia, no buzzers, just enter for a chance to win.

What’s our gameshow asked, pray tell? THE SUPER AWESOME MEGA GIVEAWAY.

Classy and understated, right? Not us. Enter this bombastic contest now for a chance to win $5,000 in cash. That’s right, no land yachts or washing machines here. We’re going straight for the good stuff.

More than 75 prizes will be awarded, including the main $5,000 cash prize, a luxury hotel stay at the Omni La Costa Resort, and more mind-blowing experiences worthy of our SDM readers.

So, slap on a comically large name tag and “Come on down!” from the couch to your computer to enter to win $5,000 NOW.


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